Do Tim Hortons points expire?

Do Tim Hortons points expire?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “tim hortons coffee expiry date

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  1. They have shelf life of 12 months.
    I suggest you Google “tim hortons points expire” and obtain a more comprehensive answer directly from the Tim Hortons FAQ page.

  2. From early 2005, when I started my self-employment after spending 30 years in paid jobs in the Canadian food/dairy/flavor industry, I spent a fair amount of time in Tim Horton in the beginning years.
    From that time of beginning years and up till now, I visit Tim Horton, at least once, due to the convenience of meeting place with people in my line of work.
    I did not see very many give away during all this time, other than Roll up the rim, and two for five, breakfast sandwiches and the only points I know of are seven visits and one coffee/tea drink free.
    In case you are talking about this point system, I do not believe these points are much of value, JUST ONE CUP after SEVEN visits. And believe me, Tim Horton does not give two hoots for this bit of coffee and hot water. They will honor it indefinitely. They are raking in Billions; rest assured they are not suffering.
    Their main forte is locations, convenience, and extremely quick service. I do not believe they give away much for free. And in my view, one cup free after seven they will not cause a storm whenever you claim.


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