Do people really like the taste of alcohol or are they just enjoying the feeling after drinking?

Do people really like the taste of alcohol or are they just enjoying the feeling after drinking?

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  1. I’m a man who is well accustomed to the flavor of clean liquor and who actually enjoys it, and I’ll be the first to say that it tastes like shit. It’s paint thinner. We can go on and on about “subtle hints” of this and that, but in the end, we’re only justifying how we’ve become accustomed to the awful flavor of high-proof ethanol and have developed a sort of Stockholm Syndrome in its regard. I like the taste of vodka because I’ve gotten used to how terrible it tastes. I enjoy the taste of bourbon because I’ve adopted a battered housewife love/hate relationship with the smoky flavor and stringent kick. There’s a reason why cocktails exist. Same reason for coffee. Even the finest coffee still tastes chalky and bitter. Coffee creamer exists for a reason.
    It’s perfectly fine to dislike drinking what is basically antiseptic in terms of flavor. It doesn’t make you immature. It doesn’t make you uncultured. Dumping orange juice into your glass of vodka doesn’t make you a sissy, little girly man. You’re trying to get shitfaced like the rest of us, and you don’t want the taste of fucking paint thinner making you gag.
    The best neat alcohol is beer. It takes like bread. Refreshing, bubbly bread. With a kick.
    At the end of the day, we’ve just grown accustomed to the taste of strong alcohol. It does not taste good. Let’s face it. You know what’s delicious? Grape juice. Know what isn’t? Maker’s Mark. Yet I love the taste of Maker’s Mark because I’m so used to it. People can get used to anything.

  2. When I was a kid, it was for the buzz and we bought the cheapest high volume, high alcohol crap we could find.
    I am a long way from a kid now (thankfully sometimes and to my regret other times) and and I now drink for the pleasure of the drink. I enjoy good whiskies, fine red wines and craft dark ales.
    Ironically, I probably spend the same (corrected for inflation) as I did buying the cheap crap but my head is better in the morning.

  3. Think of your question this way: do people really like the taste of spicy food or are they just enjoying the feeling of heat after eating? After all, a large component of spiciness is literally just pain. Am I secretly a masochist? (Maybe!)
    So let’s talk alcohol. Do I enjoy the taste of 100% pure ethanol? Of course not! If I’m drinking anything in the 160- to 200-proof range I’m probably not remembering how I got back home the next morning.
    Do I enjoy the taste of alcoholic beverages? Many of them, yes. Alcoholic drinks open up a huge range of flavor profiles that don’t always have non-alcoholic equivalents. If you believe variety in experience is the key to finding the best things in your life, why would you leave out alcohol (or meat/fish, or a good cigar, or travelling to a different country)?

  4. I believe some people learn to appreciate the taste because they associate it with the buzz. Similar to how some former junkies claim they still like the feeling of a needle in the arm (!!!) or smokers enjoy their lungs filling up with smoke.
    That said, there is a lot of variation in the tastes of different alcohol. Things like wine — not to mention brandies and whiskeys — get much of their dimension and flavor from the alcohol. And t…

  5. In my twenties, I drank for the buzz. It was all about getting into a party mood. As a result of those days of drinking and partying as a twenty something, I apparently acquired a taste for certain beers and liquors. These days it is strictly for the taste. I simply enjoy the taste of a good beer and a good bourbon.

  6. Depends on the person. Some enjoy the taste, some want to get drunk.
    There’s wine and scotch and beer connoisseurs for a reason.
    Younger people tend to go more for getting drunk. Also alcoholics.

  7. Of course people drink to get a buzz. Do you think anyone would drink tequila or whiskey if it didn’t get them drunk? Think back to the first time you tried beer, did you exclaim”this is delicious”? People might develop a taste for different boozes later but it is always about the buzz.

  8. I cannot stand hard liquor straight, but I love it with a mixer. I love the taste of beer as long as it is not dark beer which I cannot get over the bitterness.

  9. This is more complex.
    If person is addicted to alcohol, they actually start to like it, but not taste wise, but addiction wise.
    If person is not addicted to alcohol, taste wise alcohol is disgusting, because its a neurotoxin and body naturally knows this so it reppels it + it dehydrates, removes minerals from your body etc..
    But a small ammount of alcohol can make things taste better. It is used in many dishes, but the ammount is ussually low. But again alcohol in small ammounts can disinfect your stomach, prepare the enzymes and kick up digestion, help with digestion of certain foods, thats why aperitif and digestif was born, disinfect large and small intestine, increase bloodflow. Red wine was proven to be good for heart, while many herbal spirits amplify the effects of those herbs…so in small ammount it can heal, but in larger it destroys you. Like there is a saying in my country:”If you dont know how to drink, dont drink at all”.
    There are cocktails, in my personal opinion normal cocktails wich have alcohol taste a little better, because you have that little kick in the background, its like with chilli, you dont like the taste, but you like what it does to your body. And cocktails are really tasty and to hell with those who think its unmanly, those people just have personal issues with their masculinty.
    Even with beer, good quality beer either incorporates taste of alcohol to its advantage again it gives it that warmth when goes trough your body, how it pumps you up a little or you dont taste it at all. For start I hated beers, but then I found out it was because I was drinking those cheap piss ass beers, now I found out wich are tasty and wich are not, its personal preferrence.
    Then spirits/liqours/destilates etc. alcohol volume 20%+, again when I was younger I drank spirits, because I wanted to get drunk, nowadays I do that too. But now to the point I want to make, when I was younger spirits were disgusting, horrible, undrinkable….but when I got older cheap spirits are revolting. Now high quality spirits are different you know. For instance vodka, cheap vodka is revolting disguting, but high quality vodka doesnt have that backlash that makes you throw up. Ideally vodka is like this, first it tastes like water, then a little warmth and sensation on your tongue, then it starts the fire in throath and the fire goes all the way down to stomach where it leaves nice warmness. This goes for other spirits too, but if they are herbal etc. I am sucker for herbal spirits, the taste of the herb is amplified like 10x if its good quality. It actually is tasty and the experience is literally warming. Now dont get me wrong, you dont drink spirits like water, you just take half a dcl and take shot or mix it with water, juice, cola whatever you like. And mainly if you dont want to get drunk, you take daily one to three shot maximum, ussually before food or after food, thats the best time, or before bed. Many times if I am ill on stomach or such, my mother used to give me little of herbal spirit before sleep and tommorow I was a new man. Or many whiskey/cognac/brandy drinkers, drink it to look cool, not because of taste. Some actually like the taste, but really look at those who like the taste, they only sip small amount and ussually mix it up with water, ice, cola, ginger ale…personally I was against whiskey and such, I thought it was just snobbery and looking cool. Than I just actually tried whiskey to see whats the buzz about, I tried Jack danielsthe cheapest one. From start it tasted like cheap vodka, but then after the backlash ended an awesome taste never tasted before has emerged, it is just undescribable, it was delicious. I than had to take another sip again bad backlash after that the delicious taste stayed in my mouth. Then I understood what was behind the whiskey, I looked upon many videos about whiskey and few those who trully drink it for taste all made the same statement. That they drank only a little, drinked it either neat or with something and said not all tastes suit everyone…
    Now on non alcoholic beverages, great example is tea. From start I couldnt drink tea without sugar, it was neight impossible. I hated black and green tea. But then few times, my mother bought home some high quality tea samples. I tried them and they were marvelous. I then bought highest quality green teas you could find and they were a bliss to drink, this goes for black teas too. And I understood what was the fuss about teas and I became tea addict since.
    So its quite complex, on one hand you have alcoholics who are addicted to alcohol and need their daily intake of alcohol because their body is addicted to it. On other hand you have posers, who compensate their manliness and ego with alcoholic drinks, it makes them feel tough when they drink strongest beverages or more than others, or they want to fit in or peer pressure, they dont want to be labelled and outcasted. Then a normal person, may or may not enjoy beverages, its personally up to them, but I highly recommend you to try them, dont knock them till you try them. I was too sceptical why would anyone pay so much for tea,beer,spirits,liqour, whiskey, cognac etc. now I understand why, because they give you flavours and experiences others cannot…but again only high quality, but again high quality doesnt mean high price, there are many things that are overpriced or underpriced. So seek out high quality drinks alcoholic or non alcoholic and go into the wonderfull world of different flavours. But everyone can agree that pure alcohol is disgusting, revolting.
    Dont hate alcohol as its not its fault people do bad stuff, if alcohol was forbidden people would find another drug or do it illegally. Its about people, guns dont kill people, people kill people.

  10. Certainly there are those people who drink purely for the feeling of intoxication. Those people tend to drink whatever is cheapest, often vodka, and often mixed with other things to hide the taste of alcohol and ice to dull their taste buds.
    There are also people who drink purely for the taste of the beverages. They won’t even swallow, they taste the drink and then spit it out, like wine judges at a competition.
    There’s also a lot of people who enjoy both, together, with more emphasis on one or the other based on their mood, social context, and overall preferences. At times they may drink just a little bit, over a long period of time, purely for the taste, and not even feel the effects. Other times they might drink quite a bit for the express purpose of getting drunk, but enjoy the taste as they drink it, for at least as long as they are sober enough to pay attention to their senses.
    I would describe myself as the third type. I’ve certainly nursed a glass of fine Scotch for an entire evening, and probably a decent bit of the alcohol in it evaporated by the end, and I drank it all so slowly that my body metabolized it faster than I was imbibing. Not even a buzz, but I enjoy the experience immensely. I’ve also, at times, felt a desire to get to a certain level of intoxication, and I was less particular about what I was drinking after the first or second glass.
    One time I even volunteered to help the police trainees at the local community college practice their sobriety tests, which involved a somewhat scientific administration of alcohol for participants to reach specific BAC percentages and then perform various tasks and take a breathalyzer over and over again so the future patrolmen could identify drunk drivers (we of course had to have transportation home afterwards already arranged). It was for a good cause, but the alcohol they gave us was far from top shelf and taste was not a consideration in the least.
    The world of alcohol is about as diverse as the world of food. There’s an infinite selection of flavors, aromas, and other characteristics, and there are more of these present in a single glass of the right alcohol than there is in many dishes of food. Of course, pairing food and drink is an art in itself, and a nice glass of wine or beer can enhance a meal in ways that you can’t even imagine if you haven’t experienced it for yourself. Likewise, the right food can bring out flavors in a complex alcoholic beverage in unexpected and delightful ways as well. Food and drink developed side-by-side all through human history, and the creators of each were always trying to make them better together. Some of the people at a fine restaurant probably are looking to get at least a buzz when they order some wine, but a lot of them are really just trying to enhance the flavors of their meal.

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  11. There is a lot of both.
    Many people like the buzz and will go to great lengths to get it, even distilling on their own – with results that don’t taste good at all, even to themselves. This happens especially in places like army units that are not near any source of “regular” alcohol, prisons, and so on.
    On the other hand, when given a choice, many people will pay extra (often a LOT extra) for the booze of their choice. Whether it is wine, beer or spirits, the price range is enormous. I, personally, like craft beer. I often pay a lot extra for it because I like the taste of it better than the mass market beers that are cheaper.

  12. I drink for the effect. I go through 8-10 cans a night and craft beer would be prohibitively expensive at that rate. There is a fair selection of palatable beer priced at about $1.00-$1.10/can. It is best consumed at 1 degree above freezing.

  13. Alright, here’s the deal. Why is it amazing is the fact that the people have devised complex techniques to get drunk over centuries of effort, and it is now damn great at it.
    Take java. It’s just fermented grape juice, right? But once you acquire only the very first level of preference for wine, then you start perceiving fifty different tastes in it, and pairing them together with dishes is extremely enjoyable. After a time, your palate may (or may not) figure out how to recognize more subtle tastes in wine, a lot like a second level of acquired taste. It’s education.
    The same is true for most elaborate liquors and drinks: great beers, good whiskeys, excellent cognacs, etc. . have a great deal of flavors and nuance in their brewing procedures.
    Other alcohols, such as cocktails you’ll find in nightclubs (mojito, sex in the beach, screwdriver, and so forth ) are mostly made to create a good deal of alcohol easy to drink if you care about the drunkenness, however, maybe not of a complex and rich taste. They hide the flavor of alcohol supporting sugar along with a few basic but easy aromas. Nothing wrong with that, being buzzed feels great!
    Unless you like alcohol, however, you want to drink it to the effects for you, here is another mojito. It’s really a great solution to hide the taste of alcohol while delivering a good dose of alcohol to their own body. If you do not want the ramifications particularly, remember you do not need to drink to be cooler and do not drink if you never enjoy it. This shit is expensive and certainly will allow you to extremely idiotic.


  14. Let me tell you a quick story that may shore this up well. I’ve been drinking for a long time, and always had a pretty good handle on my limits to prevent over drinking.
    I like strong dark beers, and one really good one, if not a bit on the more alcoholic end of beers is called Mepistopheles. It clocks in at 14.6% Alcohol by volume, and most people can smell the alcohol vapors when this bottle is cracked. Most people except for myself. My roomate and I were splitting a bottle of this wonderful beer, but she wasn’t able to drink it because of its bite, while I was completely oblivious to it. This lack of being able to taste tor feel the alcoholic astringency has came with me getting older, and from drinking more higher proof liquors. Back when I started drinking I could barely touch a bottle of whiskey, but now I can sip it from a glass without a wince. I like the taste of alcoholic drinks, and will enjoy them in my spare time. The feeling of being buzzed is just a happy addition to the drinking.
    In short, I like the taste of various spirits and drinks because they taste good to me, not because of the effects of alcohol.

  15. Not a drinker of anything containing a hint of alcohol. I Don’t like the taste not even in cough syrup.please don’t feel obligated to drink A.if you don’t like it then don’t do it.I have watched shows where they glamorize the stuff even though they are only drinking tea or grape juice.

  16. Yes. Most of the people who say they dislike the taste of beer and other drinks are children who have yet to develop a taste for bitter things, like hops and tonic water. Usually (if not always) their experiences have been with the megabrews, rather than with good beer. I was the same, until a friend introduced me to bock when I was about 17 or 18. Bock is still my favorite family of beers.

  17. There’s a pretty significant difference between a bottle of Glenlivet and whatever whiskies you find in plastic bottles. The people who drink the latter aren’t in it for the taste; the people who drink the former are.

  18. Personally, I enjoyed the taste. I would try a few brands or styles in different types of liquors and compare the taste to see which I liked bets.
    I’ve done this with single-malt Scotch, Bourbon, Absinthe, Tequila and to a lesser extent, Rum. I’m not a big fan of Gin, and Vodkas seem too similar to me. I’ve tried several wine and beer styles also, but there are far too many to become very knowledgeable.
    So, yes, some people really drink for the taste. I believe it is also better to enjoy it in moderation, because too much at one time dulls the senses- not to mention other problems it can cause!

  19. I’m not much of a drinker, but when I do drink, it’s for the flavor. I hate the feeling of being drunk and avoid it like the plague.

  20. I can’t answer for people in general, obviously.
    Personally, I wouldn’t say I like the taste of pure alcohol as such. I do like the sensation of drinking, and taste of relatively pure distilled alcohol diluted with water (aka vodka and others) every now and again.
    And I do think alcohol is a beneficial component of many alcoholic beverages’ overall taste. Non-alcoholic beer and wine, for example, while often pleasant enough, lack a certain something. Depth? Complexity?
    Whether that is due to the alcohol’s taste in a strict sense, I don’t know. Might as well be that some aromatic substances in them are soluble in alcohol but not water and thus missing from the de-alcoholized versions, or that the alcohol makes our ‘taste buds’ more or less sensitive to certain components of tbe taste…


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  22. I like the flavor of beer, wine, and “good” liquors. I especially like Bombay Sapphire Gin and Meyers dark rum.
    I mostly drink non-alcoholic beer; non-alcoholic wine is usually sickly sweet. I cook with a lot of wine (not cooking wine). A bout once a month I will have a hard drink, usually creme de cacao and Grand Marnier. When my mouth hurts, I will take a sip or two of liquor and then swallow it.

  23. It’s boring to go into such detail about your preferences for this addictive, depressant drug. No matter how you disguise it, flavor it and/or glamorize it, it’s just habitual—although legal, since the powerful alcohol companies would never allow it to be otherwise—drug use, period.

  24. I’ll just speak for myself and say that I enjoy a broad range of (quality) alcoholic drinks: craft beer, wine, bourbon, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and many others. I do also like a light buzz, but that’s not why I drink.

  25. I went through a two phase system. When I started drinking, I drank because I generally became a more entertaining person with a buzz.
    When I turned 21 and was able to easily get quality beer, you greatly appreciate the diversity of flavor that you can capture in spirits. Furthermore, once you get adventurous with food pairings, it makes the combination of food and alcohol much more enjoyable.

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  26. Yes, very much. Wine beer whiskey an gin. Cheep or expensive. I’m all about that burning in my chest. I want that alcohol to burn as it goes down.
    I don’t usually get drunk when I drink.


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