Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

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  1. I have thought about this, long and hard.
    Ultimately, it depends on which country you live in. Quality of coffee differs greatly from one country to another. And keep in mind that the hands of the barista play an important part in determining how the coffee will taste. Where I live, I rarely order coffee when I visit Starbucks, I’ll just order their non-coffee drinks such as green tea latte or some blended chocolate. Their coffee is just…. wrong. I find the consistency not rich enough, too runny and you can hardly spot the oomph feeling you usually get when the caffeine kicks. Meh.
    However, I experienced something very different in Germany. I made a quick stop at a Starbucks in Friedrichstraße, and ordered flat white. Boy, was that coffee good. The moment I took a sip, it was just right.
    Some people visit Starbucks so much for the convenience factor, but not necessarily for good coffee. Starbucks stores are everywhere, and they are usually spacious, so people do not have to worry about not getting a seat or running out of power stations to charge their electronic devices.

  2. who said Starbucks sells coffee?
    They lend workspace equipped with charge and Wi-Fi for few bucks with a complimentary coffee.
    Most people don’t generally complain about the goodness of complimentary goods.

  3. I don’t know if you remember coffee culture before Starbucks but it was considerably smaller. Most people were content to drink terrible coffee from whoever made it or just drank instant coffee.
    In all honesty, Starbucks elevated the quality of coffee across the world. Not because they have the best coffee but because they have the widest reach, by far.
    Through a combination of ‘good enough’ coffee (and popularizing easy-to-drink milky and sugary coffee drinks), standardized experience, moderate pricing and convenience, Starbucks converted more people to start drinking ‘real coffee’ than all the upscale enthusiast coffee shops combined.
    So in the end, people DO go to Starbucks for ‘good coffee’. It might very well be the best coffee they know. Or it’s the best coffee they care to learn about. Or it’s the flavor of ‘good coffee’ that they’re comfortable with. Or it’s the ‘good coffee’ they can afford to drink every day.
    Full disclosure: I like coffee a lot (I’m dead without caffeine) but I drink Starbucks a lot. It’s not that they have the best coffee but certainly, I can always find a Starbucks, it’s cheaper than the truly good coffee and their coffee is good enough. It’s certainly better than the coffee I can buy at some random coffee shops and corner stores served out of pump flasks. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good cup of coffee at a proper coffee shop from time to time.
    Like it or not, Starbucks is now the standard baseline by which all coffee is judged against. Like every other standard, there are high-quality products that are superior for enthusiasts… but enthusiasts are usually small niches. For most people, Starbucks is good coffee.
    Starbucks only seems overrated because of the sheer number of people who drink their coffee.

  4. No. I almost never drink their coffee.
    I go there to gather my thoughts for my next meeting or to write up notes on the meeting I just finished. I drink Pellegrino water and occasionally eat a protein snack there. I check in on the Facebook groups I follow and manage. I check in on Quora.
    The great thing about Starbucks is that they are all the same. It’s the sameness of McDonalds or Whole Foods or the Christian Science Reading Room. Knowing exactly what to expect reduces my stress.

  5. I am morally opposed to the evil tax dodging scam artists so no I will not until they stop all the bullshit so that will be never.
    The bastards send all the money they make in Britain out of Britain then declare no profit for the year.

  6. Depends on the idea of “GOOD COFFEE”
    Starbucks makes syrup coffees, more that just plain coffee.
    I drink Peet’s Coffee.
    That is the place that EMPLOYED the person who later to become CEO of a start-up called Starbucks worked. I believe several of the Starbucks start-up team worked for Peet’s Coffee.

  7. Some days are good depends on the barista and machine calibration. The cappuccino or espressos sometimes tastes good, sometimes not. The latte art is very optional, you’ll get it if you’re lucky.
    It’s good place for meeting folks. You can call someone to meet at example 4th & King Starbucks easily and if it’s some other place they might have trouble finding.
    If you’re in Italy and you cant find any coffee shops around and you only see Costa Coffee, you will really really love Starbucks.

  8. They go for a number of reasons. I go because I can find healthy and tasty drinks there. I made this video about there healthy secret menu drinks. Take a look!

  9. Good coffee is definitely one of the main reasons, but it’s that community experience that create the recurring visits to the local Starbucks stores.

  10. I have never bought anything so far Starbucks in India . I treat it as a public conference room and I go there to meet people!
    Starbucks should change their tag line to “Everything else and sometimes coffee”

  11. You need to broaden your interpretation of what the words ‘good coffee’ mean.
    If you’re an Italian purist it means the quality of the bean, where it’s bought in from, how it’s pressed and then served into the cup.
    But c’mon?
    You (I’m taking leap here) live in NON-MEDITERRANEAN country.
    If you do. Here is what ‘good coffee’ means:
    Finding a convenient ‘reason’ to sit, relax and do nothing with the people you love/care for

    So yes. Starbucks do do ‘good coffee’.

  12. I can’t say about others, but I have certainly enjoyed my time at Starbucks more than others. Reasons being the following.
    Their beans are definitely superior.
    They have a good collection of other drinks apart from good coffee
    Wide selection of sandwiches and cakes etc, I particularly enjoy their almond biscotti.
    Ambience is great
    I love the fact that they don’t force me to drink my coffee in a takeaway when I want it in a proper cup
    I also like that they offer you RO water when you want it and don’t force you to buy bottled water, something which I don’t appreciate about most of the establishments, it’s like a forced purchase.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

  13. I like Starbucks just fine. They’re my go-to coffee shop. My usual drink is a latte, and I like the way they make them. They’re not the best in the world, but they’re consistently good and you could definitely do worse. I also take my laptop there to work sometimes, so it’s about more than the coffee, which I know is no accident as Starbucks gives a lot of attention to brand engineering. So along with the drinks, I go for the Wi-Fi, the comfortable chairs, and the (usually) friendly and service oriented staff.
    Since we’re on the subject, there are a few areas of bogosity that I don’t care for. The faux Italian names for drinks, which several others have already pointed out. Plus, I don’t like the cashier asking my name (I’m buying a freaking drink, not a plot of land). And for some reason, I don’t like about 80% of the music they play, which is nearly always turned up too high. Lastly, the stores in Singapore have removed most of their power outlets. That is petty, and bloody annoying.
    If you’re still reading this, thank you for letting me venti.
    But overall, I’m glad Starbucks is there. They do care about quality and I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs in several different countries since the mid 1990s.

  14. Nope! Not a coffee fan, never have been. Plus, it hypes you up and makes you jittery, but lacks the calming effects that tea gives you.
    I get little enough sleep that I’m pretty sure if I were to start drinking coffee I would become addicted, and I don’t want the side effects of that (headaches, shakes, anxiety, etc.)
    Pretty much the only reason I go to Starbucks is for the egg bites. The tea is mediocre.

  15. I posit that that’s why they THINK they go, but they really go for another reason.
    Here’s what impresses me most about Starbucks: every time I go, whichever one I go into, here’s what will happen. I will be treated properly. No, I am not seeking a downtown abbey experience, a “yes sir” “no master” thing, that’s not what I mean. But I will not be allowed to stand in line for a long time; I will be treated politely by each person with whom I speak; my coffee will be as ordered or will be replaced without judgment or hassle; and the place will be clean. The whole experience is so, so civilized . That is so rare, everywhere one goes–the bank, the library, the gas station, whatever. None of them is just, consistently, right . And THAT, I say, is what keeps people coming back. Decent coffee is fairly common now, but the experience I describe, not so much.

  16. As a barista (who happens to be from Seattle) I’ve had my fair share of Starbuck’s coffee (and no, I never worked there). I believe the reason so many people enjoy it is because Starbuck’s espresso is a dark roast with a strong (dare I say bitter) flavor to which, when you add sweet and creamy ingredients to, you can still taste the coffee. That’s key. Starbuck’s coffee goes well with cream and sugar, if you’re into that. It’s the kind of coffee you doctor up. It’s strong and bold no matter what you do to it.
    In my experience as a Barista (working with beans from Counter Culture and Intelligensia) I’ve tasted some beautiful, single origin coffee beans, medium roast, they had interesting and varied flavor profiles (sometimes “tea-like”) etc. and they were all delicious as is, black, but it (practically) ruined them if you add cream and sugar.
    If someone likes a strong cup of coffee, to which they like to add cream and sugar to, they would typically complain about a light or a medium roast.
    Ultimately, people like what they like, and they don’t really care why ☕️

  17. I thought people go to Starbucks to take pics and upload them in social network sites with check In…, OMG, do they sell coffee there…???

  18. Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee. It sells the blissful atmosphere in a hotshot area where you can read, work or simply relax. The coffee is just a bonus.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    In a city like Mumbai/Delhi where else can you get that for such a small price. So just enjoy the EXPERIENCE.

  19. I have not personally experienced Starbucks. However, seeing as I am Australian, I am aware that Australia is a country that Starbucks has failed in. We have a culture of fantastic cafes that all create amazing coffee. I know we are sometimes seen as coffee snobs, but that simply means we do not settle when it comes to coffee. So when Starbucks tried to crack the market here, boy oh boy did they fall on their faces. So as a whole, we are a coffee loving nation, and we couldn’t stomach Starbucks- says a lot, right? Anyway, I also have to agree with you on the whole ‘Grande’ thing. I’m pretty sure only American’s say ‘grande’. In Australia that would be pronounced ‘grand’. I wouldn’t know where to start if I were ordering a coffee in America. I implore that you visit ‘down under’ and try our coffee- its rather good.

  20. Here is my complete (Canadian) list of preferences when it comes to coffee. Note: I will exclude small local coffee bars and stick to the franchises.
    Home brewed coffee

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    I use Kicking Horse Coffee beans and they are delicious… I can make it as strong as I like… and I like it strong. My favorite way to make coffee is to brew it in a pot on the stove… something like how they used to do it before they invented all the different doohickies for brewing coffee. Coincidentally, there are LOTS of ways to make coffee: Brewing Guide Learn To Brew the Best Coffee
    2. Second Cup

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    It’s more expensive than some other places, but very worth it in my opinion. The flavor of the coffee here matches best what I make at home. It isn’t as popular as starbucks, but there is usually at least ONE in town.
    3. Tim Hortons

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    It’s nice because it’s everywhere. My current University has one, my last university had 3! The city of Fredericton has a population of 56,000 people and there are still 5 Tim Hortons! The flavor is not as nice as Second Cup, but it is still acceptable. It’s hard to avoid the donuts though…
    4. Mcdonalds

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    Yes… Mcdonalds rates higher on my coffee places list than starbucks. Their coffee is actually pretty decent for a burger and fries place. Plus, every now and then they have FREE COFFEE DAY!!! If the line at Tim’s is too long, I have no problem being a line-snob and walking next door to mcdonalds.
    5. Starbucks

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    It tastes burnt. Like… All the time. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cup of coffee from starbucks that didn’t taste like it had been left in the roaster just a little too long, or at a little too high a heat. That being said, I can still drink it black, which means that in a pinch it is acceptable.
    6. Van Hotte’s/Seattle’s Best/Gas Station Coffee

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    Yuck. It literally feels like I’m drinking toilet water. I feel bad for seattle if this is their best coffee. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever buy coffee from a gas station. Unless you are about to DIE from caffeine deprivation, just don’t do it… Keep driving, there will be another option along the road somewhere.

    So there you go. Starbucks ranks below everything except gross toilet coffee. So no. In my personal opinion, people do not go to starbucks for good coffee. I’m pretty sure they go for Wifi.


  21. The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. So people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino.

  22. Do people go to McDonald’s for a good hamburger? Or they go there because it is a convenient luch option nearby?
    Some people like the taste of McDonald’s hamburgers, others got used to liking the taste of their hamburgers. The same result, but different path to the result.
    The first group goes there to eat because they love it. The second group goes there because they made it a habit going to the nearest hamburger joint, or burger chain and that happened to be a McDonald’s. It could have been Burger King or Carl’s Jr.
    The same thing with Starbucks.
    Some people love it. Some got used to liking it. But since they have the most locations vs other chains, most people go there, statistically speaking.
    When “most” people do something or buy something it becomes some sort of a standard in society and people compare the competitors’ products and/or service to it.
    I think this is where Starbucks is. It is the standard for coffee drinkers.
    Are there better coffees out there? Most likely yes. But with their market share via their lots of locations, and them being…

  23. Depends on your location. I live in San Francisco, where it is very easy to get excellent coffee, so I never set foot inside a Starbucks when I’m at home. I’m sure it’s the same way in other big cities like New York or Seattle. Another poster already mentioned Four Barrel and Blue Bottle; at least in SF, Sightglass is another excellent choice.
    When I go out of town, it’s a different story. The fact is, in many parts of the country such as the ‘burbs or small towns on the highway, Starbucks is the best coffee available (and no, that’s not saying very much). I never thought I’d see the day when I would be frantically looking for a Starbucks, but that’s what happened once when I was staying in a working-class part of Long Beach. I ended up having to settle for coffee from the local 7-Eleven.
    And I’ve found that as a whole, independent and/or mom-and-pop coffeehouses can be very hit-and-miss in the quality of their coffee. The quality of coffee at independent cafes can vary wildly, ranging from finely-crafted gourmet fare to truly disgusting piss swill. And don’t always assume that upscale cafes will necessarily have better coffee than some hole-in-the-wall. Starbucks doesn’t have the best coffee by any stretch, but it is reliable and consistent.

  24. I’ve lived in Seattle for a few months.
    It’s home to the largest coffeehouse population on earth.
    There is, literally one on every corner. I’m not even kidding, because sometimes there are two.
    Is the Starbucks there good? Yes. Roasted Starbucks coffee is very good. Are frappuccinos and random shit good? No, they’re disgusting. I don’t know who came up with frappuccinos but they should go to coffee hell for it. I remember when I first went to Starbucks in America with American friends and they excitedly ordered me a special frappuccino. I actually threw it away after two sips. It’s utterly undrinkable.
    And while Starbucks does make good coffee, (especially STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERY), it is not THE best coffeehouse I’ve been to. And Pike Place Roast is actually pretty good.
    But for good coffee, actually order good coffee. Don’t order a crap cup of syrup, ice, and cream.
    My favourite Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room coffee is this

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    The iced drink in the middle is an iced mint dark expresso

  25. Well, the answer to this question can be retrieved from the Unique Selling Point of the business itself. What makes people pay a relatively higher amount for the same cup of coffee??
    Well the answer is quite simple, what Starbucks primarily provides is not coffee but a medium/place for people to network and interact. As such ‘Selling Grande Coffee’ was never their prime target, but to provide a great experience for customers.

  26. Not all of their coffees are good, but a few are genuinely tasty. The Tribute Blend that came out a couple of years ago was as good as any boutique roast I’ve ever tasted.
    Just drink what you like. There’s no reason to swear your allegiance to it against anything.

  27. I drank the best coffee I ever had in a Starbucks.
    It was the mid-80s. I no longer know why or how, but several Seattle Starbucks stores got limited shipments of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, often regarded as the finest in the world, not often found in the US. A cup was several times the usual price, and was smoother than silk.
    That obviously isn’t normal. But everyday, I enjoy Starbucks coffee. I enjoy going to Starbucks even more. I enjoy the workers, the convenience, the consistency.

  28. I’m with you.
    I actually find it hard to believe just how bad Starbucks coffee is.
    I’m an espresso drinker. Starbucks coffee is pretty much my benchmark for “bad”.
    It is extremely rare to find coffee worse than what you get at Starbucks.
    If it’s worse than Starbucks, it’s usually actually because somethings gone wrong. Like the beans were over roast, or someone who doesn’t know how to use a proper coffee machine made it.
    But I do still go there.
    Because they are everywhere, they are landmarks, and for some reason, people seem to like them.
    Most people aren’t coffee connoisseurs. They don’t like taking risks, they know exactly what they are getting at a Starbucks, and for most people the atmosphere of a coffee shop, the seating, and the element of familiarity are more important.
    For those reasons, I still meet people in a Starbucks from time to time.
    It’s a very “safe” place to meet someone, be it a date, a friend, a family member, or a work colleague.
    Starbucks make very good meeting places.
    I have no idea why they make the coffee so bad. I’m sure they know it’s bad, and it would probably cost them pennies more to serve high quality coffee so why wouldn’t they?
    I don’t get it.

  29. Well depends on the person and what they’re going to order. In general the lattes and the cappuccinos and even Frappuccinos are similar to whatever other coffee shops are doing with chiladas or whatever you call them. The coffee is strong and bold and a lot of people like it that way. Some people just come in to get a coffee so they can use the wifi.
    I like to brew my coffee at home and then that work get free lattes and espresso but that is the benefit of working there.

  30. You are not alone at all. Starbucks coffee isn’t good by most coffee house standards, it’s just mainstream. Kind of like how McDonald’s became popular for hamburgers. I prefer independent shops, the coffee is always better in my experience.


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  32. “Am I the only one who refuses to say “Grande” and believes Starbucks coffee is highly over-rated?”
    No. In fact, you’re one of many . And for some reason every person who thinks this also thinks “I’m the only person who sees this…” even though it’s quite common.
    I dated a Starbucks barista for many years, so I got to talk to a lot of the employees at different stores around the country on their breaks and off the clock. The guy-who-thinks-Starbucks-is-pretentious-and-mediocre-and-wants-you-to-know-it is a common sight for baristas working the cash register, and it’s one of those annoyances that come with the job and is seemingly impossible to avoid or reconcile.
    Unfortunately, the guy behind the register has no control over the use of “Grande” as a term for a medium cup, has no ability to improve the quality of the beans/roast/brewing mechanism/machinery, is probably working overtime without being paid for it, is barely making above minimum wage, and has probably dealt with someone saying the exact same thing at least 3 times today. So it’s more a source of annoyance than anything.
    Honestly, the employees at Starbucks probably agree with you, but they’re not allowed to acknowledge what you’re saying while they’re on the clock, so the best you’re going to get is a run-around, and the worst is contemptuous service.
    At the end of the day what Starbucks banks on is consistency . The idea is that no matter where you go, no matter who makes your drink, no matter what time it is, no matter what the weather’s like, or the skill of the barista making your drink…your beverage should always taste the same because they do it the EXACT same way at every location. In fact, they sometimes sacrifice quality for the sake of consistency, i.e. both good and bad beans taste the same if you burn them to hell, so that’s why Starbucks over-roasts their beans, so they ALWAYS taste the same. The entirety of their model is hinged on providing consistent customer experience.
    If you want good coffee, find out which people behind the counter are actually passionate about coffee (it’s probably none of them), then ask them where they go for good coffee on their days off.
    Starbucks is the fast-food of coffee, and that’s exactly what you get. If you want quality coffee you’ve got to go to an independent coffee shop, which is more like a sit-down restaurant.

  33. People go to Starbucks for an “experience” that’s why I’ve observed. It a nice, clean space to talk and enjoy a drink of something — usually coffee. But it’s an expensive experience.
    $4.00 – $5.00 for a cup of coffee, I could have at home for $.30, I say “ba humbug” to Starbucks and just invite my friend(s) over. We watch TV or play a board-game. Much better than SB.
    So in short, I think its over rated.

  34. Unlike other answers below. We Indians have different look out towards Starbucks.
    For us going to Starbucks is equivalent to going for a party. Majority of us make sure we are dressed good. Then there are those who like to be cool and come in their boxers. SWAG! The great Indian Boxer SWAG!
    Let’s say around 60% of youngsters in India go to checkout each others.Weekends evenings are the best I say.Trust me.Also we date a little and checkout more. We even checkout while we are dating.
    The cheapest coffees are always the best. So we choose wisely. Many times we just have the selfies. Post checking saying “hey having good time with blah blah” and move out. At times I wonder if many go their just for checkins.
    I have seen only few people coming to work in starbucks. Well if you are one among them, you will have all eyes checking you out. You May either end up feeling important like Obama or a hacker trying to hack something. Your choice. You choose.

  35. No, Starbucks coffee is generally considered to be of poor quality. I know that there are Starbucks in NZ but I assume they’re mainly for tourists. Having said that I’ve had plenty of poor coffees in other places, but Starbuck would probably be my last choice if thee was another option.

  36. I’m not a coffee drinker but went there for pastries (It was on the way walking wise to my bus stop at my last job), Lots that I know go there for coffee though.

  37. All depends what your definition of good coffee is. Some people may feel that Starbucks is the pinnacle of coffee refinement, and that’s just fine. Personally, I feel that people go to Starbucks because they are familiar and convenient and universally known. Hell, they don’t even have to put their name on their sign anymore.
    Starbuckers might also enjoy the free wifi and hanging out for a bit with folks that also e…

  38. Not sure about this.
    I live in Jakarta and people here love Starbucks. I can’t tell, though, whether it is because of the coffee or the prestige Starbucks name carries.
    Some people go here looking for the atmosphere. I have to admit the ambience is good for working because they usually play smooth jazz. It somehow helps to relax when still focusing on the on-going work. Also, they provide wifi and the connection is pretty good.
    Others go here because Starbucks is basically everywhere. So if you and your friends are doing window shopping and suddenly feel like having a cup of coffee, Starbucks is usually the first choice. Almost every mall in Jakarta has Starbucks.
    A group of people, well, they choose Starbucks because they simply want to boast. They will take the pic of the cup and upload it to Instagram with pretentious caption. These kind of people take so much pride when they can have their coffee in Starbucks. This coffee chain is still considered a place for rich people to hang out.
    Starbucks coffee for me is fine. I actually love hanging out here simply because the place is cozy.

  39. Starbucks is a synonym for globalization, roughly like McDonalds, but not on such a large scale. And is there any other small cafe around the corner, except this world-wide network? Starbucks is a rather funny Italian-German-English language mix. Please, one iced cocoa-cappuccino. In Starbucks they came up with the idea of ​​selling coffee for take-away, but they also invite you to sit inside. If you are ready to spend such a lot of money. After all, WiFi is free there.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    But in Starbucks, in fact, good coffee, if you do not order soy milk and apple pie apple-crumble-aroma. Especially in the country of origin of this network – in America, where in many restaurants coffee is constantly heated in huge coffee pots, until it becomes bitter, the Starbucks network guarantees that you will be given a good (albeit expensive) remedy (Christoph Kerkman – Christoph Kerkmann).

  40. Starbucks doesn’t have the best coffee, but it doesn’t have the worst. Getting a pour over of blonde will be way better than Pikes that’s been brewed for an hour. There are also stores with Clover machines (luckily one is in my back yard) and Black Apron coffee. It’s actually smooth and full bodied, and brewed right in front of you.
    I honestly go to Starbucks a few times a week because there are no cafes around my work (I’ve been told the entire city, but I’ve not explored), and it’s way(!) better than the Community brand coffee we brew at work. Also, if you have a green card or whatever they’re called, you get free refills of brewed coffee all day. You also get yea I believe.
    So you have an 8 hour study day ahead of you, and you don’t want to stay home because of all the distractions, so you head up to Starbucks spend $1.50 for the entire day’s worth of caffeine, put on some headphones, and go to work.
    Also, it’s consistent. So on a road trip, Starbucks in Dallas is the same as Orlando. Consistency is nice because you know what to expect. Gas station coffee could be hit and miss.

  41. No. I go there for clean bathrooms and free internet. The coffee is the price you pay. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so Starbuck’s coffee middle quality coffee here.
    FWIW I order in English – “small”, “medium” or “large”.

  42. Their coffee is fairly good.
    Their prices are a bit steep (not a tea reference).
    There are plenty of stores, good for spur of the moment visits.

    I visit Starbucks to get decent coffee AND to people watch!!

    Otherwise, I would buy their brand at the grocers when it went on sale and drink alone.

  43. Honestly, I only go there bc they have coconut milk, and I’m allergic to so many other types of milk. Most other places still just have soy or maybe almond.
    The coffee is bitter and burnt. The espresso is your best bet, since it must be fresh, but even then, it’s not the best espresso. I agree with the respondents who say it’s cheap working space and make for heavy flavoring and cream. Very few black coffees or straight shots of espresso coming out of …

  44. I go to Starbucks to do work. I can rent a desk there for a few dollars an hour. I get a reasonable internet connection and for some reason, I can focus there.
    The coffee is not that great but I regard it as fee.

  45. If you aren’t finding any of the coffee on-brew to your taste, I’d recommend getting a french press of some of the other roasts. Casi Cielo (a seasonal, single-origin coffee that comes around every January) is as heavenly as the name implies. Year-round, I enjoy Caffe Verona for a delicious dark roast and Breakfast Blend for a delightful medium. My favourite blonde roast is the Christmas Blonde, but Willow isn’t too bad, either.
    My point is, there are many ways to drink coffee. Try a pour over of your favourite roast for a very fresh cup at the same price. If your store has a Clover machine, definitely try it. The reserve coffees are pricey, but worth it in a Clover machine. Delicious!
    I don’t much care for our Pike, and I’m not sorry to admit it. To me, Pike Place is the roast that tries to please everyone, and thus pleases very few. It is boring in its undoctored state (pretty good with a pit of cinnamon and cream added it), and plain.
    My last suggestion is to pair it with a food. I won’t lie, I thought it was utter tripe to sell more food, but then I was made to try the Kenya roast with a bite of lemon pound cake. I don’t like Kenya by itself, it is too bright with a lot of acidity, just not a coffee for me. With the lemon pound cake? I took a bite, then a sip, and it was like I was drinking liquid fruit loops. It is insane how much a proper food pairing will drastically alter the taste of your coffee. Your baristas should be trained to know good pairings. If not, ask around!
    I think Starbucks gets a bit of a bad rap for not being a ‘real’ coffee shop, when in reality we are often very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about coffee, but pressed to get it out so quickly and with so little finesse that we don’t get time to showcase that passion. Get a barista with a love of coffee chatting there, and they can definitely alter your opinion. Or just let me geek out a little bit longer. I’m our shop’s local mad coffee scientist and would love to share the tricks of my trade.
    P.S. You don’t have to say grande… we can translate for you. ;p

  46. It’s not necessarilyfor good coffee but for what they like. I’ve had varieties from differing sources and personally wouldn’t go there for good coffee but rather for something on the go.

  47. I, in Spain, no.
    I have been in a Starbucks once in my life, because it was very cold and I was going walking to a distant place, so I thought that the coffee could help mantaining my hands warm. The coffee was horrible, expensive and the plastic recipent was too thin, so I almost got a burn when I handed it but it cooled in the cold street very soon. Money, time and experience wasted.
    In Spain you can sit in a bar and take a coffee without worrying about hiring the time in the table.
    So, I never go to a Starbucks. And I will never go. But I invite you to visit one our bares. Great places.

  48. Starbucks coffee is consistent. While travelling I have visited too many establishments for a hot cup of coffee and received various levels of indescribable hot to lukewarm, black to rust colored liquid in a cup. I learned to look for the Starbucks logo for consistency in product, service and comfort.
    If I know the area or see a busy local coffeehouse I may or may not still choose Starbucks, depending on my personal needs.
    What people need to understand is that Starbucks has worked really hard to create a service that is the same regardless of where you are. Very few businesses have this kind of consistency.. which is comfortable. Not only that, but people have different tastes. While I am home I may drink fresh beans, freshly ground and freshly brewed… (I actually like my coffee at home so much I don’t really drink it too much in public, if I have a choice) but I do not expect to find the quality I make at home out in public. What I do expect is at least some sort of trying to make it seem that I am a valued customer.. and when I want a certain drink I expect to get that exact taste and not coffee roulette.
    TLDR: Starbucks doesn’t play coffee roulette, other establishments have up to zero chances of getting a cup of anything resembling coffee.

  49. “Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?”
    Convenience and mass appeal.
    Starbucks is a chain store with a chain brand. People take comfort in that, which is why most consumers will go to McDonalds for a burger and Starbucks for coffee. To appeal to the masses, you need to have a product that is brings the customer the satisfaction they expect.
    Is Starbucks coffee ‘good’? Yes it is. It’s not excellent and certainly not brilliant, but what their coffee lacks in this higher level of quality is the convenience of regular customers to have enough seats, free wifi, a menu that is easy to understand, and a quality that is dependably good.
    Most people don’t require excellence. They require a quality they can recognise and Starbucks provides that. If you want truly excellent Italian coffee, you can find that in a boutique coffee shop that caters to the connoisseurs. You probably won’t get the same excellent services and facilities you get in a Starbucks, but the coffee is orgasmically superb. Most people prefer the convenience over the quality, so Starbucks does well.
    Another thing that Starbucks has is that you won’t get disturbed by waiters playing on your guilt to order another round of coffee you don’t want. You can enter a Starbucks, find yourself a spot that you enjoy to work in, and get yourself a coffee at the counter. And if you nurse that coffee for an hour, nobody cares.
    Personally, I don’t go to Starbucks, because I have a Coffee Company (Dutch and better coffee) and a Vapiano (slow food Italian restaurant with superior Illy coffee) nearby. And like with Starbucks, you have to get your coffee at the counter and nobody cares if you use their facilities for hours without ordering a new coffee every half hour.
    Which is why you’ll see people congregate at Starbucks, Coffee Company, Vapiano, and others like them to hold meetings and work without getting disturbed by the staff and forced to order. Starbucks wants to be the third place – Home, Work, and Starbucks – and Coffee Company and Vapiano have the same concept. Vapiano also has the smart concept that you get a card at the entrance where you put all your orders on – because you don’t have to pay until you leave, people tend to spend a lot more than if they have to pull their wallets every time they order.
    Convenience is key – if you want to draw the crowd, give them good (enough) food and drink and convenience (clean and comfortable facilities, free wifi), and they’ll spend time and money.
    Plus, I echo what has already been said, places like Starbucks/Coffee Company/Vapiano are excellent places to work if you cannot afford office space – for the price of a coffee every few hours you can spend all day working there. Check out what flexible office space costs and you’ll see what an incredible deal that is.

  50. We have both Starbucks and Tim Hortons (a US-Canadian coffee franchisee, to those not familiar to the upstate) at the campus. I have to admit as other answers have suggested, the ‘coffee’ itself need not be great, but the other perks do count in. For me the thing I like the most is that the quality of a Latte is same, whether its at the Pikes Place, my campus outlet, or somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I have nothing against Tim Hortons, but their Latte sucks and they till now have been consistently inconsistent in their coffee taste, something which is many times simply annoying also their wifi isnt that great, I cant expect myself working on a shared document online using their connection.
    So its all these things that make starbucks better than others.

  51. I agree that their sizes are dumb (tall = small??), and personally, everything I’ve had there has been terrible. I’ve been known to sit in the parking lot and use their wifi, though.

  52. Starbucks Philippines
    I go to Starbucks to drink coffee. The usuals:
    Expresso Frappe Grande
    Americano Grande – Hot with Peppermint
    Iced Latte Grande
    Once in a while I try the other drinks, or the new drinks of the month. Sometimes I go for Venti. Rarely have I tried tall, except when trying new stuffs. I go because I like the coffee. Sometimes I stay and drink there. Sometimes, I take out.
    I would pick Starbucks over other coffee shops here, like Coffee Bean and Seattle’s. The only shop I prefer more than Starbucks, is UCC.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

  53. Not really good coffee.
    Most are posers and hipsters trying to feel good about themselves, fashionable and suave.
    When in reality, to many including me they look like…
    a) Idiots for paying $7 or above for a coffee who are too lazy to make their own coffee in the same amount of time if not less.
    The coffee that they these starbuckers buy has been picked by workers in third world countries who are paid close to slave wages. Currently Starbucks only has one fair trade coffee on its whole menu. From this we can see all that starbucks care about is its $. Not quality or any of the stuff that matters in a good coffee.
    They’re doing a good job now with the $ /profits but soon people are going to catch onto how much of a rip off Starbuck’s really is. A lot have realized but unfortunately there are still a lot of idiots &/or addicts who still buy Starbucks.
    However. Maybe we will never realize as caffeine is addictive apparently and I don’t see people stopping coffee in this rat race anytime soon unfortunately.
    IMO caffeine is not addictive and for me is a crap stimulant if you can really call it that. It just induces anxiety for me.
    b) Wannabe Italians by using Italian language to describe the size of the coffee they want. This is cool in Italy or if Starbucks was an Italian company but its not.
    c) People who don’t have an office but have enough money to work in a Starbucks and have a macbook laptop. Starbucks isn’t exactly a nice area to work in IMO. So why are you here lol. Again probably to show off too strangers. Something hipsters and people alike such as attention seekers crave I guess.
    4) The coffee is addictive. Not psychologically addictive like marijuana but caffeine is physically addictive !

  54. The reason people like Starbucks is most likely for the ambience. The reason I LOVE to go there is because I really dont like coffee.
    I just dont like coffee, but Starbucks has coffee that doesnt really taste like coffee, and tastes good. They also don’t just sell coffee. They sell pastries, tea, milkshakes, and frappes.
    So those are my two cents.

  55. People go to Starbucks for 2 reasons:
    1) Meeting people easily
    2) Getting a place to work with free wifi
    Coffee? too strong, too bitter, but what you can say if you get the above for free – ha ha ha

  56. I go there because it’s a great place to study or get some work done for a few hours, and because of the unlimited refills if you’re a Gold member. Their coffee isn’t that great; it’s a bit sour to me so I always order a blonde roast, but afterwards I can get a iced passion tea, green tea, or iced caramel coffee as a refill.

  57. No, Starbucks is highly overrated and shows that Americans have no clue what good coffee is.
    I suspect though that people go there for the syrups and smashed up bits of oreo cookies in their fantasy drink concoctions, and not so much for the coffee.
    Other evidence that Starbucks coffee sucks:

    Starbucks and its franchise holder in Italy has not opened a single branch in the home of the cappuccino, cafe latte and other full flavoured Italian coffee concoctions.
    Starbucks famously registered a huge financial loss and closed down many of its outlets in Australia where the rich coffee/cafe culture is heavily influenced by its Italian immigrants, and which also happens to be so much more affordable than a Starbucks cuppa.

  58. Starbucks isn’t a coffee company, even by their own measurement. I have worked for Starbucks for three years, and I have to say that I’ve never heard of us putting our product above anything else. We put the customer there.
    My manager has told me many times: “We aren’t in the coffee business serving people. We are in the people business serving coffee.”

  59. For what it’s worth, I’m in complete agreement with you on Starbucks coffee being – hmmm, I’ll be polite – less than stellar.
    But they have marketed themselves extremely well.
    In spite of not really making any significant inroads into Australia (with only 22 stores spread amongst the greater metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane/Gold Coast) Starbucks is still a nationally recognised brand; and shorthand for the whole franchised coffee-shop experience. Not to mention spawning a slew of imitators of the whole “Starbucks experience” – complete with inexplicable beverage names and equally inexplicable beverages.
    But for me it still remains a sub-par coffee – I’d rather a cup of instant coffee at home than a Starbuck coffee.
    And if I’m paying Starbucks prices I want something much better than that – I want my eyeballs spinning like jackpots on a poker machine, my heart leaping about like a jackhammer on speed and my tastebuds throwing a thousand little orgasmic parties of caffeine inspired ecstasy.
    Having said all that, it will probably come as no surprise that I’m rather proud of my fellow denizens of this little island state at the arse end of the world for having hosted a Starbucks franchise in the capital of Hobart for less than six months due to lack of customers.
    There are some really good coffee shops and seriously fanatical baristas in Hobart.
    Why pay good money for Starbucks when you can get better for less – in a much more pleasant and personable environment?
    As the saying goes; life’s too short for shitty coffee and bad sex.

  60. I daresay most don’t.
    The Pike Place roast is, in my opinion, quite terrible. I can’t drink it black under any circumstances. I know the original Starbucks was located on a street called Pike Place and that’s how the signature blend got its name. I don’t understand why the signature blend is so terrible.
    However, in spite of how terrible I find the Pike Place roast, Starbucks does have some really good roasts. Sumatra is probably my favorite. It’s rich and dark and genuinely tastes excellent without anything added. My other two favorite Starbucks roasts are Komodo Dragon and Veranda.
    I recommend them as a pour over or made in a French press. Brewing in the machine tends to accentuate any bitter notes.

  61. Yes starbuck surely provided really good coffee. But considering the current pandemic situation people are advised to stay indoors so the best alternative to the Starbucks coffee would be coffee by love and latte.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

  62. I would call it fast food coffee, people pay for the ambiance and environment. I’ve heard from a barista before that they don’t really know, and can’t afford the time to froth the milk properly for a latte, sometimes they do realize that the coffee that the made was poor, be it from the espresso tamping or over-frothed milk, they’ll usually cover it with extra syrup or sauce.
    If you’re looking for a caffeine fix, sure Starbucks is a place to go. But if you’re looking to appreciate the roast, the beans and what not as an avid coffee lover, not really. It’s like a steak lover going to MacDonald to appreciate their cheeseburger patty.

  63. I refuse to say “grande”‘ too. – Grande, Venti & Trenta: What Do the Starbucks Names Literally Mean? | Blog
    I like Starbucks coffee. Is it the best? Most likely not. And I don’t care. Its fine to drink. Over-rated. Yes, ok. I can agree with that.
    If you wanted to know (for some weird reason) my coffee habits read my answer to How do Americans prepare a cup of coffee? .

  64. They have good coffee in some of the shops. The blond roast and clover coffee are pretty well made. Considering how much coffee they produce, I’d say they do a decent job.
    And if people are going to bury the coffee in milk and sugar, does it really matter so much?

  65. It’s more than coffee, it’s the whole experience that people go for, if you want to have good coffee at home, I suggest love and latte.

  66. Not me – if I’m going to pay the same money for a cup of joe that I do for a beer, I’ll go to Peets or someplace that is not on EVERY FREAKING STREET CORNER and inside my local Target. No thanks.

  67. A Starbucks is a beacon to the world traveller. It’s a guarantee of a reasonable cup of coffee, a clean bathroom, Wi-Fi, and an airconditioned place to sit.

  68. UK Starbucks.
    I must admit that I only go to Starbucks when the excellent coffee shop the other side of the road is full (it’s a tiny place) to wait for a seat across the road.
    In my opinion the coffee at Starbucks is weak and generally rather poor quality. The service and facilities are first class, which makes it an excellent waiting room when I really want a good coffee.
    In Bournemouth, from my hotel it is three minutes walk to the western end of the shopping precinct, where there are four coffee shops within 80 yards:
    In size order

    Starbucks – best facilities, but poor coffee, can always get a seat.
    Cafe Nero – mediocre facilities but can usually get a seat except at lunchtime – reasonable coffee.
    Costa Coffee – almost always fullish, hard to get a private seat/table, good coffee but mediocre facilities.
    espressokitchen – Great coffee – but tiny (seating for a maximum of ten people) – different eats to the more common chain shops (their carrot cake has a very good reputation) – facilities? you’re lucky to get a seat!

    I have no complaints about Starbucks, for the quantity and speed of their service, they do well to produce as good a coffee as they do. It’s just not to my taste.


  69. I really, really, really dislike Starbucks.
    Sure, there is much better coffee to be found or made.
    But fundamentally, as much as I enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, sometimes I have a need for caffeine with no good coffee anywhere around me.
    Thus, sometimes I need to find caffeine more than I need to find good coffee. In fact I need to find strong coffee.
    Starbucks has strong coffee. (I get a double espresso or Americano with an extra shot.)
    And Starbucks is pretty much everywhere and easy to find.
    Problem solved. Though I still hate it.

  70. This is like asking if people go to Captain D’s for good seafood.
    There’s novelty to Starbucks. It has high-speed Internet, membership perquisites, and, as it’s a coffee shop, coffee.
    That being said, most people do not frequent fast-food restaurants and expect sirloin-cut burgers or caprese salads. Starbucks has become integrated into the culture of modern society. You can even conjure associations by mentioning the name: the starving artist of a writer/graphic designer siting at the table with his MacBook sipping on a Frappuccino in the middle of the afternoon.
    Starbucks has been very percipient in their marketing tactics. Just as Apple has its Geniuses, Starbucks has its “baristas,” a term now commonly associated with the coffeehouse, just as the logo has now been found on everything from t-shirts and mugs to pens and notebooks. You can even purchase your own coffeemakers, coffee beans, and syrups directly from their website. The gift cards also make very convenient gifts for every occasion from birthdays to events at the office – everybody likes coffee.
    Then there’s the food. Starbucks has a variety of foodstuffs for both breakfast and lunch. Their spinach feta wraps are superb and their cheese danishes are excellent; and if you don’t want hot coffee with your food, you can purchase an iced coffee, tea, juice, or smoothie.
    There are also psychological elements to this. If you are a connoisseur of wine, you may have read studies that have indicated that cheaper wine actually tastes better than more expensive varieties when the brands have either been disregarded or exchanged with one another. There have been similar tests conducted with coffee, with similar results. People actually preferred McDonald’s coffee to Starbucks in one particular test. There are much higher quality coffees than Starbucks (esmeralda especial and kopi luwak, for instance). Therefore, when you pay $5 for a cup of coffee, you are essentially doing the same thing as a person who pays $150 for a cotton dress shirt. People tend to associate Starbucks with sophistication and refinement, and this is another factor in the coffeehouse’s marketing strategy – as more renowned people drink their coffee, more people that esteem these individuals will also drink it.
    Lastly, people really do enjoy the coffee. They have a variety of flavors, and people will pay a large sum of money for these coffees. Some coffees, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte, are only available around certain times of the year, further increasing the demand. If people continue to pay $5 for a $2 cup of coffee, then that’s what Starbucks will continue to charge for it.
    Starbucks is overrated, and that’s why people continue to purchase it. The atmosphere, brand, and reputation of the coffeehouse are what sell it, and they sell it well – notably through the exploitation of brand consciousness and the utilization of efficient marketing tactics and consumer advertisement.

  71. I’m italian and my girlfriend is heavily into coffee (she’s italian too).
    We both tried Starbucks because it’s famous all over the web, but in Italy Starbucks doesn’t exist
    Yea, you heared that, I never managed to see Starbucks until I got out of here. The reason is simple: everyone in the nation (roughly, there are always exceptions) can make a cheap, good coffee (espresso), you can find it everywhere and it’s italian coffee.
    “Big coffee” doesn’t exist.
    Usually in Italy, a coffee it’s only a small cup (very, very intense though), you can have a “long coffee” (caffè lungo) which is still a small cup but with a bit more water. Some shops even make “double coffee”, which is a cup, but with 2 coffees inside (basically double water and double amount of coffee).
    I’ll say that Illy
    it’s a famous brand for coffee machines, when you read that outside of a shop, you are quite sure they make good coffee.
    As a side note, some people believe you should drink coffee with no sugar (it’s extremely bitter), but most people drink it with 1-2 small-spoons of sugar.
    That being said, Starbucks offers a nice desk for a cheap price, which I find great. And they have some tasty beverages in any case (no, I don’t consider them coffee and no italian will do, coffee is small, no matter what)
    Making italian coffee at home it’s easy, I would be happy to expand if you want some instructions 😉

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

  72. I think a lot of people go to Starbucks for the experience. The comfortable and relacing environment where you can work on your laptop, sit and relax, meet with people, spacious and you always find a place.
    Another top reason often overlooked is that Starbucks has manged to brand themselves and associate themselves with good coffee and a must visit or sit place. So its probably very good marketing they have done
    I doubt a lot of people go there for the coffee as arguably its not the best.

  73. One day I was standing in line at Starbucks, planning to order a black coffee. While waiting in line I had the thought, ‘but I don’t really like Starbucks coffee. It’s bitter and over roasted. I think I’ll get a latte this morning instead.’
    They just up-sold me from a $2 drink to a $4.50 drink, simply because they make their coffee so that it tastes better with milk and sugar. Coincidence?

  74. Only if they don’t know what good coffee is. As large coffee chains go Peets has better coffee. Smaller roasteries like Blue Bottle or Four Barrel are much much better.

  75. No I never go to Starbucks for good coffee but I enjoy hanging out there with friends. I only go there to work, study, read books, or hangout with my friends.
    Starbucks coffee should be called burned coffee. I would say go to any other small coffee shops over Starbucks if you just want nice coffee although I love hanging out there.

  76. It’s a shit corporation making decent products. But you will NEVER get a FRESH cup of coffee there, as far as I know. I also look for local roasters with a storefront. That’s the only way to get REAL coffee. When I walk into a spot that has roasted there beans within a few days of my entrance, grinds it fresh, and then brews it on the spot, I know I’m getting the flavor of that coffee and am able to enjoy the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Take it from someone who didn’t know the difference once upon a time – the first time you have a REAL cup of coffee, that’s truly fresh and made with care, the experience is VERY different. You won’t want to go back. Coffee tastes like flowers to me, when you have a real cup, you get all the little hints of citrus, or flower, or chocolate, or whatever else you’re meant to get out of that bean. You won’t EVER find that at a Starbucks.

  77. Yes , and…
    There is an old Seinfeld episode where Kramer brings in food from one restaurant into another. Kramer argues that the use of a table (with outside food) is a part of the service he is paying for…, the manager has other ideas: his tables are a service for people who buy his (in-house) food… A fight ensues.
    Abrupt segue to: most people spend at least a third of their time 8hours/ day at home, in sleep.
    Many folk spend a third of their time at work.
    Home, work, home, work, etc. the two places most people spend their time.
    Part of the Starbucks model is to implement itself as a “3rd place,” an in-between space, for use by it’s customers, for from-work work, for from-home work, and the intricacies twixt the two.
    That is part of what Starbucks sells.
    As for the quality of coffee, Starbucks developed lighter “blond” blends of coffee because prior to the milder blends development , marketing data confirmed widespread use (perhaps justifiably) of the Starbucks nickname: Charbucks.
    But consider this: Starbucks refused to consider the in-house cooking of sandwiches & such-like for the longest time, because scent-plumes from such cookery fouled the coffee-consumption experience for those within the plume radius, and tended to put people off their feed. Starbucks did eventually develop (or had others develop) a scent-plume free oven that could toast a sandwich leaving the palates of the cohorts, cadres, and kliks of conspicuous coffee consumers unsullied from unsavory sensation emminations. Only after the oven-scent free technology was sufficiently refined did Starbucks expand into the toasted-sandwich retail space.
    That they sandwich in that much dedication to their customer’s experience passes my smell test.

  78. Product of these chains like Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day (in India) is not the coffee they sell but the Excellent Ambiance they provide.
    At least In India, we have many Tea & Coffee stalls in every nook and corner of the cities, so when people actually need tea or coffee as refreshment, they go to these small stalls, but when need an excellent ambiance to work alone, taking their date etc they go to these Chains to actually enjoy the atmosphere over there and since those people have coffee to sell with it, the customers eventually end up ordering a cup or two……But believe me taste-wise very few people go these Chains

  79. Starbucks, for an addict, it is heaven.
    For a rambler, it is a their chillout spot
    For the socially active, it is a selfie spot
    And for morning workers, the best kick to jolt them awake.
    At the end of the day, it is a brand, and if you don’t have a reason, one is bound to find you.

  80. Probably. I don’t think it’s even that good. It’s bitter, too strong, “dry”-tasting. I’ve tasted a lot better for a lot less money (no names mentioned).
    Then again, what you may consider the perfect cup of coffee, I may consider hog swill.

  81. I don’t much about other countries.But i am damn sure in India, people visit Starbucks to show off .The time they enter into the cafe,they will first check in on Facebook,tag their friends and will post a selfie holding Starbucks coffee in their hands.

    Eight O’Clock

  82. There are any number of reasons people go to Starbucks. It depends on the competition in the area and the proclivities of the individual.
    Starbucks has faster wi-fi than most of the alternatives.
    The personalized experience and the coffee. Coffee made to order including coffee that includes desert-like coffee.

  83. not saying “Grande” doesn’t make you special. 99% don’t give a fart if you say “small/medium/large.” People go to starbucks for coffee like people go to McDonald’s for burgers. Not because they’re “good” but because they’re quick and mostly reliable.

  84. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, is very up front about the fact that Starbucks is selling a “customer experience” first, coffee second. This is why all Starbucks are furnished like a cozy living room and have CDs of adult contemporary music for sale. It is a lifestyle brand for people who like to feel luxury and comfort, the quality of the coffee comes second.

  85. I go for the convenience, cheap Americanos, and to flirt with the cute baristas. I’m not too impressed with their coffee, IMO there’s much better out there. In Wisconsin Collectivo is much better but there isn’t anyone that serves it near my work or home. The atmosphere and personal interactions is mainly why I go there now. Plus my favorite barista constantly gives me free coffee. \U0001f601

  86. Some do. Starbucks is consistent, which is better than some!
    People go to Starbucks for
    Coffee of predictable quality and service levels
    Space to sit and work without feeling guilty or being harangued
    Space to meet with people (everyone knows where Starbucks is)
    Food (ok quality, not unhealthy)
    If you’re purely after great coffee, a great working space, meeting rooms or food, then there are more specialised places for all those services. But Starbucks melds them together quite well.
    Exception : the Starbucks ‘reserve’ roastery in Seattle which is actually a bona fide paradise for coffee lovers.

  87. It is for the most part over rated but some people go there to work on there laptops or just to chill and relax. They just get coffee because you know why not? I personally go there quite often not for the coffee but for a frap… It depends on the day but I may go there drink my frap go out side sit in a chair and look in the sky or I might bring my laptop there for school making videos for youtube. Or just to keep my self company. As a person who doesn’t really do much it’s a nice retreat. Some people cant afford a coffee maker or it’s the only coffee shop in the area and they are out and about tired going to work and then want a boost. Hope this helped!

  88. People who appreciate really good coffee don’t go to Starbucks, and they don’t drink sicky sweet flavored lattes either. The best coffee at Starbucks comes from the Clover machine but not all stores have this. So your choices are espresso that is roasted precisely to cut through the sweet syrups, sauces & milk and still provide a coffee flavor, it’s not a great espresso and is not in my opinion representative of good coffee. You could go with drip which is best when it’s fresh, but there are so many variables in coffee that whether one likes what is being brewed or not is subject to what you like personally.
    Starbucks’ success comes down to branding. They have done an excellent job of creating a brand that people flock to not because the coffee is good, but because the brand is compelling and oddly addicting.

  89. I’ve been almost religiously going to Starbucks for 3 or more years now and I never say “grande” or the other nonsense. I will say “trenta” to denote the “way too large” cup, if I want something in one.
    The one time I had a barista try to force the lingo on me, it went like this:
    Me: Could I get a medium java chip frapp?
    Brtista: Did you mean a grande?
    Me: Is that a medium-sized drink?
    Barista: Well yes.
    Me: Right, then . I’ll have one of those , a medium , java chip frapp.
    I just don’t give a damn about their fantasy language.
    Second part, why do I go there? Just read my answer here –> Lisa Lai’s answer to Why do people still go to Starbucks when they can have a better coffee, for half the price, virtually anywhere else?

  90. For me, I go there because “technically” it is cheaper. In Korea, at least, you get a free shot for being a member. I usually order the short size and get an additional shot. A short size has one shot so the additional shot makes the short size americano a grande size americano. So, a short size cost 3600 won which is around 3.6 dollars. Then, most of the time I bring a travel mug. I get a discount for using a travel mug, which is a 300 won discount. So, I’m paying 3300 won final. This is pretty cheap relative to other coffee.
    A lot of the small coffee shops in Korea offers a bargain. The cheapest they’ll go is like 2500 won for a “grande” size coffee. But, if I ask the barista about how many shots they use. Usually, they only use one. So, technically, their grande isn’t really a grande. Some other chains actually sell americano with a shot for 4500 won.
    Another reason is that Starbucks is everywhere. You can get the same coffee wherever you are. It’s sometimes better to be safe than sorry.
    And I do go leech of the free internet, AC, and clean bathroom. Sometimes when I travel, I just go to starbucks for their clean toilets. -.- Yeah. I’m pretty spoiled, but it is my money.
    But, aside from answering this question. PEOPLE SERIOUSLY USE TRAVEL MUGS.

  91. Not necessarily.
    TOP 5 reasons why Indians in India go to Starbucks :
    1. Check-in with a photograph of the cup with their name scribbled on it
    2. Show off to their NRI friends/ cousins that they aren’t doing too bad for themselves
    3. Because Cafe Coffee Day just doesn’t give a fake ego boost anymore like it used to
    4. Papa ka credit card.
    5. Tell the story later about how even a Starbucks coffee doesn’t match a good homemade filter coffee and fake feel grounded. Ooops
    Ps : Free WiFi ofcourse

  92. I really dont understand such questions. Taste depends on person to person and these things are a matter of personal choices.
    Having said that, I am a die hard black-coffee lover and a I am huge fan of Pike Palace that Starbucks brew in its stores. The aroma and taste of their black coffee is top notch in my POV.
    Yeah, there could be other preparations that are hyped. For me once you add anything in black-coffee then it doesn’t even qualifies for a coffee.

  93. No. I think their coffee is often roasted too much and very bitter. I also do not think they train their baristas too well. Not all, but most have given me poorly tasting coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos. In my opinion, go to your local non-Starbucks coffee shop and support. They are often trained better and have better coffee.
    Although, I suppose some people do go to do work since they focus more on that environment and with “white noise” as they like to call it, but in my opinion it’s all for show and tell. I rarely see people actually studying there.

  94. The coffee is quite good and I go there all the time. Here in Hawaii the coffee is quite good, also. The best coffee, without a doubt, is from the city where I was raised and lived for years, New Orleans. Morning Call (on the way from the airport to the city) has the best coffee in the world. A close second would be CC’s on Magazine Street in the city’s Garden District. And try it with chicory.

  95. Not only their coffee tastes good, but they provide quality coffee. It helps me stay awake for the whole day. Unlike McDonald’s coffee, my stomach get hurt after drinking their Mocha Frappé.

  96. I often find myself hunting for Starbucks in foreign countries. Especially those countries which don’t have English sign boards and menus.
    During travel, one is often exhausted and want to get connected to internet to send a message to loved ones or work email.
    Seats in Starbucks are decent enough for using your laptop or reading a book while you wait for train/friends/tinder date.
    With Starbucks, I am sure of things I would expect. They have fairly standardized menu, they have decent free Wi-Fi and they accept credit cards. This things help me calm down from other uncertainties of currency, taste ( I know exactly how bad my coffee might taste )and availability of Wi-Fi.
    I would say, in countries like Japan or China or Korea, they are my comfort zone.

  97. Last summer, I backpacked in Europe for a month. I was exhausted the last three days in Lisbon.
    It was just way too hot. I made a great effort to get to this famous egg tart place, which means abosolutely full and crowded at 2 PM.
    I decided to buy two tarts to go.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    With two egg tarts in my hand, I was looking for the perfect spot to enjoy them. There’s a little play ground nearby, but it was just too far and the sun was blazing.
    I was thirsty and almost melted in the heat.
    Luckily, there’s a Starbucks next door.
    I walked in, waited in the line. It felt familiar like home!
    The Korean family standing in front me could speak little English but the barista was just super patient.
    I got my coffee, no surprise. Found a cozy spot on the second floor. Enjoyed the egg tarts. The A/C was on and the temperature was perfect. Charged my phone. The wifi was stable. Sent pictures of the egg tarts to my friends to make them jealous. I used the bathroom for free. I even caught Mr.Mine, which can only be found in Europe!

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    What can I ask for more for that a few Euros?

  98. Obviously a little biased, but Starbucks remind me of people yelling out orders for breakfast milkshakes. Used to love working there and drinking the coffee, but these days, something about it reminds me of a busy Panera or a McDonald’s that studied abroad.
    I agree with Glyn that it is/was a great place to work, but these days there are lines that snake through the entire store, making it hard to focus. I end up opting for smaller, local coffee chains or cafes. They have wifi, less foot traffic, and better drinks.
    Starbucks coffee isn’t very good and the in-store experience has gotten worse, so I’d say “no” to the good coffee and don’t have a reason to go, these days.

  99. I don’ t know about other countries but in India people go Starbucks as its latest fad in India these days. People in India going Starbucks reasons like:-
    Taking selfie

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    Its a life style now for high class standard and CCD is middle class now same as ZARA is middle class among youth compare to other big brands.
    Starbucks can make coffee in more than some thousand even if you ask for simple Cappuccino they will tell you hundred types who wants to know all these I just want a simple fu**ing Cappuccino.
    Starbucks staff offer you coffee in English (sometimes broken though)..
    Starbucks also offer free WiFi which will help you in your FB and whatsapp updates.
    If someone really wants coffee in India you can go to many small places which offer a way better coffee than Starbucks.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

    Image source:- Google image

  100. Boyfriend and I started out with the cliched coffee date. Yes, we come from the statistic of couples that used coffee as an excuse to “move things further.” Where did we go to get that cup of Joe’s? Dunkin’ or Starbucks? Or the little coffee shop down my street? It didn’t really matter. We were just following what seems to be the rite of passage in the dating world – coffee and a good conversation – to initiate stuff. Coffee is like putting a key in the ignition or something which can lead to literally “putting the key in the ignition.” As we wait for that warm cup of cappucino, we test to see if we (the couple) are compatible with each other, or for lack of better words, have things in common. We see if we have got chemistry – whether our anions and cations are attracted to each other by that electrostatic force, which, in a way, seems to be – the coffee……Coffee is, ipso facto, a compatibility tester. A good coffee date leads to a good movie/pizza date which leads to a good “formal” dinner date which leads to the couple finally getting some “dessert” and before long, the relationship statuses on Facebook are no longer “single.”
    The boyfriend and I are completing over a year this March. And yes, we started at Starbucks – here we are now!
    So, excuse me, I might sound a little biased towards Starbucks. But really, I am more of a coffee person than a tea person. This has nothing to do with my “coffee date success story. ” Just my partiality towards cappucinos in general, makes me readily go to any coffee cafe – be it Starbucks or Dunkin. I drink up even the free coffee in the waiting room of my college’s academic advising department.
    If I had to choose between their coffee and their “mocha cookie crumble frappe,” I would hands-down choose the latter. After the successful first date, the boyfriend and I made Starbucks our “honeymoon destination.” Every time we step into the store, even today, it seems as if Starbucks, in all its grandeur, its statement lighting, and vintage decor, welcomes us with an air of nostalgia. Sometimes, it becomes our study hall. I like the ambience and the serious “get your work done now” vibes that the place gives off. It’s for that reason my friends and I sometimes go off alone, minus our partners, to do our homework. One such summer, a friend introduced me to the Starbucks’ summer special – mocha cookie crumble frappe. This Starbucks was near our place. It was on sale – discount, half-price off. I immediately fell in love with it. So that summer of 2013, I used to get that cookie crumble frappe almost everyday. So religious and regular I was about that particular drink, that the manager, at one point, contemplated naming the drink after me. Even today, they keep that summer drink on the menu, even when the weather is bad enough to break Chicago’s airports – wow they like me that much!
    When it comes to their coffee, I do drink it every once in a while. I am not that particular unlike my mom who prefers the “rich, dark roast Dunkin’ coffee with their oh – so – creamy- half and half, and a pinch of sugar” That coffee to her, is elite. I, on the other hand, think my mom is being ridiculous. To me, coffee is coffee, be it anywhere.
    Now, the Starbucks’ mocha cookie crumble frappe – I can write a 5 page paper on it just to describe its taste of epicurean delight. In fact, the other day, my boyfriend was telling the manager, who is now our very good friend, that “the way I talk about the cookie crumble frappe I USED to talk about him like that.”

  101. I honestly don’t think Starbucks’ coffee isn’t that bad, at least for me here in Singapore. And this is coming from a guy who drinks espresso from boutique coffee shops and swear by grinding my locally-roasted coffee beans every morning.
    Of course it isn’t top-notch coffee, but it’s perfectly fine when I need a caffeine hit or just want to hang out with friends.
    I’m not a big fan of their iced blended sugar-loaded drinks but they are mostly good too. If you are looking for crazy good coffee, stay away then. I’m living well with really good coffee and Starbucks/CoffeeBean coffee.

  102. Not necessarily.
    People go to Starbucks for the same reason that they go to most other hospitality business – convenience. They are hungry or thirsty or have a caffeine headache and so look for the most convenient place to have that need met.
    Starbucks typically locate in the most publicly accessible places, customers conveniently know what to expect and what to order and the layout, look and process are conveniently familiar and standardised. All these factors combined, will often make Starbucks the most convenient place for customers to have their needs met and so they will continue to patronise the place.
    As for GOOD coffee … the Starbucks’ business model does not consider this a priority and have chosen adequate over good. This concept is further clarified with my thoughts here: Does Starbucks actually make good coffee, or is their popularity based on something else? which includes the statement:
    In actual fact, Starbucks have done what all other major global chains have done in the pursuit of profit, in that they only deliver adequate goods (coffee) while choosing to excel at services and in promoting their highly-valued/low-cost intangible benefits.

  103. NO. I repeat no. Some of them simply go to starbucks so that they can make a status update on facebook,to click a picture there and upload it on instagram with all those useless hashtags such as #starbucks# friends #shit , etc . They will also upload that picture on whatsapp, snapchat, facebook,etc.
    I don’t understand why Indians have created so much of hype about it even though they don’t like the taste of coffee made over there (exceptions are always there) . Its highly OVER RATED .

  104. Yes, Starbucks is known to provide very good coffee. But considering the current pandemic situation it is best to stay at home and the best alternative to outside coffee is the coffee provided by love and latte.

    Do people go to Starbucks for good coffee?

  105. Nobody who knows what good coffee tastes like goes to Starbucks for good coffee.
    I personally am not an expert of the coffee field. But even I understand the coffee at Starbucks is so bad. And this I’m saying with being somewhat of a loyal customer of the brand for maybe 8 years now. I don’t know what is this loyalty I have.
    I like their seasonal drinks. As much as I hate to admit, I love Pumpkin Spice Latte, I hate how short its season is. I am happy to hear Cool Lime is back. And before I get the third “cup”, it’s already fall again.
    Starbucks is nice with its environment. It’s a nice chain to meet with friends and drink an average beverage when your primary concern is to catch up with long time friends. It’s sometimes nice to have that cup of hot thing in your hands in the winter, when you went and ordered alone, you watch people come and go. I love that feeling of familiarity. Even if the branch designs vary, it still feels like the same place, wherever you go.

  106. As both an occasional consumer of Starbucks coffee and a former Starbucks barista, I would repeat a previous answer- not necessarily. I would say that a few of the most common reasons I saw people come into my Starbucks were these: people assume that Starbucks drinks are decent quality, so choosing a Starbucks coffee shop is a safer bet in their mind than an independent coffee shop which may well have higher quality products but is also an unknown; people prefer the atmosphere of Sbux when they need to do work/kill time/meet someone/whatever and they can have a beverage/snack of their choice while doing it; they are commuting to or from work and want a pick-me-up and Sbux is on their way; they are regular customers at a certain Sbux store. In my personal opinion, the best cup of coffee one can make oneself is at home where one can customize the cofree drink as asininely specific as one likes (but most people, myself included do not own espresso machines/milk steamers).

  107. I highly doubt that. People don’t say like “Let’s have some nice coffee in Starbucks someday.” Instead people say, “Hey, let’s meet somewhere. How about Starbucks?” See the difference? People are not interested in coffee. People are mostly interested in a meeting place.

  108. Possibly no. There are a lot of coffee enthusiasts who think the same (or similar) as you.
    Starbucks is a franchise focusing on — mostly — take-away coffee in — mostly — huge portions and miriads of possible variations. It’s a business model. Quality is a part of this model. As far as I experienced, this quality is almost the same around the world (that means the franchise system is well built and managed), so everyone who loves Starbucks and feels thier coffee as “good”, each cups of coffee from Starbuck will be good.
    From the viewpoint of speciality coffee professionals, highly trained and experienced baristi and all those coffee enthusiasts, all the offers of Starbucks are just a kind of junk(ish) drink.
    But, I think, we must accept all of them, who likes Starbucks, and let them go in and order a decaff Venti with almond milk and coconut syrup, as long as they’re not going to push us to order the same instead of a cup of Hacienda la Esmeralda Geisha.
    Thanks for asking to answer.

  109. No, I go to Starbucks for bad coffee.
    Late last year (2015) I finally went in to my local Starbucks here in Berlin at Potsdamer Platz.
    I had walked past it for years, but I’m highly curious, and prepared to give anything the benefit of the doubt.
    Okay, Starbucks, let’s see what you got?
    Having tracked the sensational spread worldwide of my favourite coffee the Flat White, which originated in my home town of Wellington in New Zealand, I was ready for the widely publicised Starbucks version.
    I was in for a big surprise!
    Now I’m no barista, but the taste of a Flat White, and its kick after 28 hours of jet-lagged flight from NZ, is absolutely distinctive. There’s no confusion about it. From London to Brisbane to San Francisco to Wellington to Berlin I’ve gotten a standard Flat White with great consistency.
    Indeed I love it so much that many times I have even successfully taught baristas how to make this most wondrous pick-me-up.
    So how can I make my point clearly enough?
    Starbucks’ so-called “Flat White” was at best 60% of the real deal.
    Nothing more, but also nothing close.
    It didn’t even taste very good!
    Now I’m not in the business of making some poorly-paid barista’s life a misery in front of others, so I quietly drew her aside and gently told her the bad news: “You’re selling cheap wine as my beloved champagne!”
    She told me that she was simply following standardised drink instructions from Head Office!
    And I believe her.
    I then gave the manager my number to call to get my feedback.
    Yup, you guessed it; I never did get that call.
    I couldn’t let the matter drop.
    After all we’re talking about the greatest drink since the invention of the cappuccino, it comes from my home town, and it’s even better!
    No bias of course.
    So I called up the HQ to tell them the news. The answer from this huge American chain about a drink from my town was in essence, “We’re right, you’re wrong, but hey we’ll toss you a free drinks voucher.”
    Needless to say I haven’t been back, not even for a free glass of water.

  110. Starbucks recently opened in South Africa, and they are very popular – but in my opinion it’s more the novelty factor than good coffee. The coffee is weak and milky. So no.

  111. I go to Starbucks if I am out traveling and I need wifi for some work or just kill time at a safe place while waiting for my bus/train/flight.
    They don’t throw you out, so you can order one drink(even if you don’t like) so the cheapest one and sit for hours . It’s a cheap trick but hey it works.

  112. I don’t. I don’t care for their coffee and only drink it in emergencies when traveling. It tastes very sour to me. I prefer better, more local roasts if they are available.

  113. I go to Starbucks maybe once a month. I buy a large black coffee (they call it something else). I then take my black coffee, find a chair/couch and open my laptop. I may or may not finish my coffee.
    So, the answer is no. There is at least one person who does not go to Starbucks for good coffee. I go for their wifi and a change of scenery.

  114. I agree Starbuck’s is highly over-rated. I prefer to go to one of my local chains, CC’s or PJ’s. Their blended drinks are OK, but to me that’s not really coffee. I drink my coffee unsweetened, with a splash of milk, and find Starbucks much too bitter to drink that way. I only go there if a friend wants to (I usually get a tea, then) or in total desperation, as coffee of last resort.

  115. I think its highly overrated. I personally don’t like the taste of vodka, but I think the coffee I ordered at Starbucks was worse than that in taste. Although,the Blueberry Delight Cake was delicious.

  116. I go to Starbucks to buy Sumatra and Italian Roast whole bean coffee, which I grind and prepare at home. The beans in these two varieties of dark coffee have always been of high-quality, fresh, and oily. Many other suppliers I have tried roast the shit out of their beans.
    I also occasionally pick up a plain, medium, quad latte at the drive-through. It is never my choice to drink sugared coffee, although I might add some sugar to an espresso a few times a year as a dessert.
    In coffee, I like what I like. I prefer an old-fashioned espresso machine, not the automatic. I sometimes use a French press. Contrary to popular wisdom, I find that very coarsley ground dark coffee in a percolator produces an excellent cup, not bitter at all, and robust. I do not own a drip coffeemaker. But neither do I consider myself a coffee snob or aficionado. If I am at a restaurant or I am a guest in someone’s home, I take coffee however they choose to serve it. But when at home, I just enjoy taking the time to grind the beans and brew my own coffee in the morning as part of starting out my day.
    If anyone has any recommendations for a good whole bean coffee like the Sumatra or the Italian roast, I am always open.

  117. To explain this question, let us take a desi example of “cafe coffee day” at Rajiv Chowk metro station at the heart of New is the only coffee shop at the metro station, which means that the customers do not have any other option if they want to have coffee. This gives the “cafe coffee day” the scarcity power . Even if it’s management decides to increase the cost of the coffee by 5 rs, people would buy it as they do not have any other cheaper option.
    Suppose that “cafe coffee day” manages to get the scarcity power at every other metro station in Delhi NCR. Gradually the cost of coffee at all the cafe coffee day outlets at metro stations will increase as the customers have no other coffee option available. And this will create a brand image for “Cafe coffee day” as a costly coffee.. And a general perception is formed in the mind of customer that it’s okay to have a “cafe coffee day coffee” for a few extra bucks. So they can charge extra bucks without any increase in quality of product due to scarcity power.
    This was what Starbucks did a long time back in the western world. It created the scarcity power and built a reputation for itself. So what u actually buy when u buy a coffee is a brand image that Starbucks built in all these years. This extra brand image is of no use to you, but as long as Starbucks finds people who are willing to pay for its coffee, it does not care about customers like you and me…

    Victor Allen’s

  118. Firstly i really don’t get why people go to starbucks, their coffee is of poor quality. Having said that, i believe people don’t go for coffee rather they go for many reasons:
    Meeting new people
    Coffee shops ambiance are quite good, I have a Costa coffee shop near my place and i find the place quite good and peaceful. If i am writing a book then i usually go out at night around 10 PM and sit there with some peace and enjoy writing (with the coffee ofcourse). Most of the time i observe that people don’t go there to have coffee. Some people do some writing stuff while others work.

  119. No. We Indians go to Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day,etc. to spend some good time with our colleagues. But really if we want to have a good coffee then nothing can beat the home made degree coffee and Kumbakonam degree coffee outlets.

  120. I don’t go to Starbucks for the best coffee. I visit Starbucks around the world because it’s the best coffee I can get where I am.
    So unless it’s convenient for meeting someone or I am otherwise lazy, you’ll find me in an indie coffee shop.
    In New York, you’ll find me at Mud or Caffė Reggio. In London at the Espresso Room, Monmouth or something like that. In Holland, at the pub below the office that -not coincidentally- serves great coffee. The coffee at the office is good too.
    But 2005 – 2007 Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong? Good morning, Starbucks. Great coffee and free wifi. What’s not to like?
    And then there’s nostalgia, so sometimes I’ll grab a venti cappuccino and a lemon cake from the Starbucks in the railway station.

  121. Not generally, no. The coffee isn’t the best, and it has a charred flavor that doesn’t belong. Now, if you want to goop it up three ways to Sunday, then yeah, Starbucks can do that and make themselves a destination.
    Of the fast food coffee houses, everyone I know drives to Tim Hortons for coffee. Good joe. There are other brands a that are featured at unrelated restaurants – “Applebee’s proudly serves Caraibeau Coffee!” Hell, Panera Bread has great coffee, relaxing seating area complete with lounge chairs, a fireplace and a large flat-screen tuned to NPR. And free, high-speed WiFi.


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