Do most coffee shops gain or lose by offering wifi?

Do most coffee shops gain or lose by offering wifi?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “a small coffee shop is offering free wifi

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  1. The answer to this question depends greatly on the setup, service style and assortment offer of the coffee shop in question.
    As far as I can see, a coffee shop that is set up primarily for dine-in customers who are provided with table service, would be worse off offering free WiFi, whereas a coffee shop offering counter service and which caters mostly to take away customers, may find some financial benefit.
    The biggest profit problem with offering blanket free WiFi in a coffee shop is the fact that you encourage ‘squatters’. i.e. People who sit in expensive retail space for hours and pay a financially unsustainable price (a coffee or two) for the privilege. Even worse for the business is the fact that armed with a laptop, these people may chose to squat on a table for 4, completely negating the coffee shop’s ability to earn revenue from the other three seats.
    Now if your business model is built on high average customer sales coupled with a high turnover of seats (covers) in a dine-in cafe, then it’s easy to see how WiFi ‘squatters’ would impact negatively on your profit. Hence the growing reaction to the blanket Free WiFi offer with limited access times, WiFi banned zones, user time limits and charges being introduced by frustrated coffee shop owners. My estimation for a sustainable $ return per cafe seat engaged would be in the vicinity of $20-$30 per hour in the busy breakfast/lunch periods and about half that at all other times.
    On the other hand, a coffee shop with counter service, an either/or dine-in or take-away assortment emphasis and furniture/furnishings that are not conducive to long comfortable stays (bench & bar stools, hard seats, bright colours/lights), then free WiFi may actually keep the place looking busy and so the crowd-attracts-a-crowd principle kicks in to enhance the revenue. The fact that the smart people at MacDonalds offer
    Free Wi-Fi [ ]
    in their stores that are built on this business model, would tend to support this view.
    All businesses must realise that not everyone who pays them money is a customer. A customer is someone who in return for goods/services pays a sum of money that covers the cost of delivering those goods/services + gives a rewarding profit sufficient …

  2. Well the places I get free WiFi from are most certainly not protected, indeed some of them even have the integrity to warn us about it when we sign in.
    What they gain is customer appeal: knowing your place gives free WiFi (however secure it is) will certainly attract more people. Wanna save on your data plan? Eat your burgers at our place!
    For a more sophisticated population, you may either be a bit more transparent (that is, more legalese on the sign in page), and/or actually have some techies on hand to provide secure (and sometimes fast!) WiFi.
    So to me, the obvious benefit is more customers. I’ll admit that if two restaurants are close together and sell the same, but one has free WiFi, guess which one most would go to? Even the food would have to be particularly bad to squander that advantage.

  3. The short answer is NO LOSE.
    Because we know that offering WiFi can attract costumers to come and stay longer in the coffee shop which helps to gain benefits.
    The coffee shop actually can monetize their WiFi to become WiFi advertising and gain more benefits .
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    Do most coffee shops gain or lose by offering wifi?

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  4. Bringing customers to your business can be rather difficult, especially in times when the economy is in rough shape, but offering free WiFi is one of the best ways to improve your business. Business owners who rely on the public know that in order to bring people in, they need to cater to them in one way or another. Wireless Internet is highly sought after, and providing it to the public can be very beneficial to your business in a variety of ways. With WiFi being relatively inexpensive to implement, it’s a wonder why more businesses aren’t taking advantage of the technology.
    Free WiFi Attracts Customers
    While most people would prefer to have their customers come specifically for the products and services that they offer, it is important to offer perks in order to keep people coming in. One of the best ways to attract people to your business is to offer free WiFi. Since free WiFi is sometimes difficult to come by, it’s not uncommon for people to seek out businesses specifically because the service is offered. This is ideal for businesses such as bars, restaurants and coffee shops, which rely on customers in order to stay in business. If you offer WiFi, customers will inevitably come in and spend money, especially if they plan on sticking around for a long period of time. Once implemented, you can advertise your free WiFi on the windows of your business, which may even bring in people walking by on the street.
    Free WiFi can Build Extra Revenue
    If your business is the type where one might stop in simply to make a single purchase, generating revenue can be rather difficult. Providing free WiFi is a great way to get your customers to make an extra purchase while they are at your business. Because many people use free WiFi in order to do work on their computers, it’s not uncommon for people to hang out for a great deal of time while using the Internet. As a result, they’re more likely to go back up and make a second purchase than they would be if they simply came in for a short period of time. While you may have people spending more time than usual at your location, the likelihood that they will spend more money than they would if you did not offer free WiFi is quite high.
    Free WiFi Builds Customer Appreciation
    Offering free wireless Internet to your customers is a great way to make them appreciate you and your business more. People view businesses that offer free WiFi positively, as they see it as a complimentary service that doesn’t necessarily need to be offered. As a result, they are more likely to frequent your business over another, simply because they feel good about the services that you offer. Customer appreciation is hugely important, and can often make or break a business’s success. You can score even more points by offering up a house computer to be used by anyone who does not have a laptop.

  5. Wi-Fi wll attract individual who want to come to a coffeehouse to work. If you offer a bottomless cup you may lost a bit. The person may occupy the table a bit longer. But who knows you may gain a credit on a blog or an author’s upcoming book, because he/she wrote most of their opus in your establishment.


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