Do Keurig coffee makers make good coffee?

Do Keurig coffee makers make good coffee?

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  1. I like the Elite. But other brands make K-Cup machines and a lot of them are pretty good too. The Keurig Elite has a hot water setting where you don’t need a filter, it has an Iced setting to brew iced drinks (it brews a little slower to make it a bit stronger to stand up to melting ice), And does NOT require the annoying reflective markings that Keurig 2.0 machines require. AND the Keurig filter pod fits right in so you can use ground coffee instead of a K-Cup.
    OR, even better, ditch the K-Cups altogether and buy a single-cup brewer that uses a filter. The magic of the K-Cup machines to me isn’t the disposable (and environmentally disastrous) K-Cup, but the ability to brew fresh coffee ONE CUP AT A TIME. And with a filter in either the K-Cup machine or another single service machine (like the Ninja Coffee Bar), you can select any coffee bean, roast, and grind you like!

  2. No; as the Keurig Coffeemaker which is made in Burlington Massachusetts,are the worst coffeemakers in the world. They are too bulky,too heavy and too expensive! Their coffee tastes like diner coffee sometimes tasteless! Don’t waste your money. The OXO 9 Cup coffeemaker has better quality coffee,and is much cheaper plus last longer than 5 years. Keurig barely lasts 5 years. Good Luck!

  3. I’m sure Keurig coffee makers are good, but if you are only making coffee for one or two people you cannot beat the value, durability, longevity, and quality of brew that is associated with a simple Italian stove top coffee maker.
    I’ve been using them for over 20 years to make espresso, I then heat a 1/3 cup of whole milk in the microwave for 38 seconds and then use a handheld electric frother to make a latte.
    I make one everyday. I grind my coffee beans each day. I bet I’ve saved thousands of dollars over the years verses Starbucks.
    i used the savings to invest in the stock market and pay down the mortgage early.

  4. Such a sweeping statement, in who’s opinion says this, there are many different coffee machines on the market.
    Caveat Emptor when buying anything.
    Budget plays a big part.
    What do you want from a coffee maker?
    I’ve tried many different styles of coffee makers
    From cafetière to drip-o-lators, Italian Bialette Moka they all make coffee.
    The one area of coffee makers I will not buy on pure principle is the POD coffee makers even the inventor wishes he’d never invented it, the shear waste of resources and pod waste that can’t be recycled.
    My coffee maker that I have now for 5yrs is a Breville/Sage Barista it does everything that I want it to do makes good Coffee.
    Coffee like Wine is personal taste you don’t have to buy the most expensive Wine or Coffee beans to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

  5. Is there such a thing as bad coffee, I mean even cowboy coffee is great, you know the kind made with branch water in a tin can next to an open fire, The best cup I ever had was made in a pork and bean can down by a lake that my grandpa took me to camping one year when I was about 12 years old, we had coffee scrambled eggs and toast that I made on a stick over an open fire for breakfast. for some reason, I’ve not had another cup that would quite compare, nor eggs that tasted as good as those did that early October morning.

  6. Keurig manufacturers always provide value to their customers.
    If you want to buy the best coffee maker without burning your bank, you should go for it because it is one of the best coffee makers


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