Do coffee makers get hot enough to make tea correctly?

Do coffee makers get hot enough to make tea correctly?

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  1. The National Coffee Association recommends that “Your brewer should maintain a water temperature between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit [91-96˚C] for optimal extraction.” ( How to Brew Coffee ) Coffeemakers will probably not achieve that temperature unless high quality and well maintained. Check yours with a good cooking thermometer to be sure.
    The temperature required for tea varies based on type (black, oolong, green, etc.) as well as personal preference. The UK Tea&Infusions Assoc. ( Make a perfect Brew ), for example, recommends 100˚C for black tea and 80˚C for green tea. Other people ( The art of the perfect cup of tea ) recommend 85˚C for black, 80˚C for oolong, and 70˚C for green. My own electric tea kettle ( Frigidaire Professional Stainless Programmable Water Kettle Cordless, 1.7-Liter: Electric Kettles: Kitchen & Dining ) has settings of 100˚C for black, 93˚C for French press coffee, 91˚C for oolong, 85˚C for white, and 79˚C for green. So you can see there is much variation in temperature preference.
    So, your coffeemaker might or might not get hot enough for tea. It helps to know what temperature you want for the particular brew of the particular tea you enjoy, and experimenting with temperature is thus encouraged. That said, there are other important considerations besides temperature.
    First, you should not brew your tea in a coffeemaker. Percolation is not the same as steeping, and you will almost certainly not get the best cuppa by percolating your tea.
    Second, using hot water from a coffeemaker is less than ideal, as even a well cleaned coffeemaker will generally contain sufficient coffee residue to taint the water and ruin the subtle flavors of tea.
    Third, the ritual of slowly steeping tea in a pot, so essential to the aesthetic practice of the tea ceremony, is lost in using a coffeemaker. Perhaps this is of little concern to you, but I encourage you to consider the meditative time spent steeping as part of your enjoyment of the tea.
    In conclusion: find a good kettle; find a good pot; find good water; find good loose tea; and find goodness. And leave the coffeemaker to those less discerning.

  2. Generally, no, but it depends on the coffee maker and the type of tea. If you’re drinking black tea, you really want the water to get all the way to boiling before pouring it over the tea to steep. If you’re drinking other types of tea you don’t want it to get to boiling before steeping or it will make the flavor bitter.
    Here are some general guidelines:
    Black tea – 195˚ F – 205˚ F, steep 3-5 minutes
    Oolong tea – 195˚ F, steep 2-3 minutes
    Green and white teas – 175˚ F, steep 1-2 minutes


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