Do coffee grounds keep bugs away?

Do coffee grounds keep bugs away?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “does coffee grounds attract ants

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  1. If you think coffee grounds will deter bugs, or snails or… they probably will not.
    Fresh grounds seem to be more effective, but are you going to put out fresh Starbucks?
    Heck no, he…double hockey sticks no. I would rather use homemade insecticidal soaps.
    It is felt that caffeine seems to deter some pest…and/or the intense smells of fresher coffee.
    Healthy plants, are perhaps the best defense against pests. Pests, tend to attack the weak ones, first.
    I have found much more luck with Companion planting…long lasting trifectas of masking scents, recruiting parasitic and/or pollinators..beneficial insects, or “traps”. Traps are a cheap, less desirable to humans planting, to lure harmful insects away from more valuable produce.
    Radishes…are common trap crops. Which, we can earn, even if the greens get eaten on. We can even let them go to bloom to attract pollinators, and beneficials.


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