Do coffee enemas really work?

Do coffee enemas really work?

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  1. Notions like colon cleansing are pseudoscience to put it politely. Your colon doesn’t need a cleanser to do its job.
    My advice is to ignore such claptrap. Any treatment of your colon should be done by a medical doctor.
    If constipation seems to be a problem, you probably need more exercise or more dietary fiber, or both.
    An easy way to add more fiber to your diet is to use Metamucil or put some ground psyllium on your cereal.
    Metamucil is basically ground psyllium with sugar and flavoring added. I prefer plain ground psyllium. It’s available in health food stores.

  2. No. And they flush out the useful microbial population from your gut without offering any benefit in return.

    This was written by a UK cancer research charity…
    Don’t believe the hype – 10 persistent cancer myths debunked
    We could add that so many people are involved directly or indirectly in cancer research that it’d be impossible to keep a secret cure secret. Some of them have family and friends who get cancer too.

  3. Yes and no.
    There is no medical benefit to having a coffee enema.
    Top 10 Dangers of the Coffee Enema
    Proctocolitis Caused by Coffee Enemas
    Deaths Related to Coffee Enemas
    However the pseudomedical quack giving the coffee enema will be making money from the procedure, so as far as they are concerned it is working.

  4. They do for me it will stimulate your bowels and here ya go, caffeine is a stimulant and when you put up you your body will absorb the caffeine in,if you don’t think this is true try filling a enema bag with your favorite liqour and shoot it in oh do water it down first and hold it in and see if you don’t get drunk.

    Victor Allen’s

  5. I think Im addicted to them and if I dont do them my liver feels sluggish, I have been daoing coffee enemas for 12yrs almost daily now, they call me the coffee enema Master, hehe

  6. Coffee enemas have been around for a long time and while I’m skeptical of some of the claims what I can tell you from personal experience is that I have found them to be a great stress reliever. Secondly, I have seen research that shows that DRINKING coffee improves liver function and since most substances that can be absorbed when taken orally can also be absorbed when taken rectally it would seem that it isn’t much of a stretch to believe coffee enemas may have some effect on the liver.

  7. Does coffee enema actually work?
    How do you define “work”?
    If you instill coffee into your rectum and hold it there for a bit, you will have a bowel movement. At least one.
    If that was your intention, then coffee enemas work.
    If you expected something else to happen, you were probably expecting too much.

  8. I can’t really believe there is a ‘benefit’ with all the resulting mess. But I think in general when you put in there, it gets absorbed rapidly into the blood stream. So in theory you could get a mega caffeine dose in short order without forcing yourself to drink a gallon of coffee.

  9. None. It is dangerous and people have died. It is even possible to rupture a patient’s colon with a little enema that is just 6 oz. Enemas do not increase one’s health as a cleanse but it may be necessary if there is an impaction of stool.

  10. Do coffee enemas really work?

    A Coffee enema is a process of inserting a mixture of caffeinated coffee and water into the colon through the rectum. It’s used as an alternative medicine process for cleansing the colon among .
    A coffee enema process started with German medical practitioners searching for a cancer cure in the early 1900s.
    Gerson Max, a German-American physician, believed coffee enemas, raw juices, and an organic plant-based diet can help detox the body and replace it with the necessary nutrients. His demanding program is widely-known as German Therapy.
    Coffee enemas include the production of the detoxifying antioxidant (glutathione). It sounds hopeful, right? But before you run to the drugstore for a coffee enema, you need to know some facts first.
    Coffee enema has been around for a while…
    In the late 1800s, coffee enemas were used for the treatment of accidental poisonings. Also, enemas were used to treat patients with post-operational shock after abdominal surgery, as a stimulant, and to speed up healing after surgery.
    Coffee enemas have been around for centuries to help improve general health and digestive function. It was used as a natural detox treatment.
    Obviously, enema has been mentioned in ancient scripture as a measure to fight disease and improve health. Many people believe that it must be scientific and reliable, but with others is controversial.
    Benefits of a Coffee Enema

    Do coffee enemas really work?

    A coffee enema has an immediate benefit that comes with multiple bowel movements; it helps to cleanse the colon. If you are suffering from constipation, coffee enemas can bring some relief.
    Caffeine helps to flush out toxins. It provides the right nutrients to the body, increases energy levels, restores bowel function, lowers inflammation, and boosts enzyme activity in the intestine. Coffee enemas support these anti-toxin effects.
    Reported Benefits of Coffee Enemas
    Coffee Enemas is an alternative health process with no proven statistic to support the reported health benefits although there are current studies. However, alternative physicians list the numerous health benefits as a result of coffee enemas:
    Supports treatment of cancer
    Using a coffee enema is an alternative way to treat cancer. However, no statistic has ever supported any specific ideas that coffee enemas and Gerson therapy can increase the anti-cancer chemotherapy benefits.
    Relieves constipation
    Based on reports, coffee enemas trigger the removal of food toxins and residues that cause constipation.
    Boosts liver function
    When you administer coffee through the rectum, other active elements (including caffeine) will run through the hemorrhoid vein and penetrate into the liver.
    This result will increase the rate of detoxification in the body. So, the compacted waste and toxins on the intestine will disappear from the body.
    Coffee enemas minimize Candida
    Candida is a yeast disease that grows in the gut. There is a belief that coffee enemas build an acidic environment that hinders stops the growth of Candida.
    Coffee enemas help you reduce weight
    Coffee enemas are used to reduce weight, but results are not long-lasting. After preparing a coffee enema, the removal of fluids from the body will result in weight loss.
    Though the long-term results can be optional, the quick removal of excess waste is what feeds people with a false sense of doing something good about weight reduction.
    Increases energy
    After administering a coffee enema, several patients report restored physical energy. This is the result of both the decreased toxins and the stimulation from caffeine. Users confirm that the effect can last for hours and even up to a few days.
    Caffeine is a confirmed stimulant that helps to increase energy levels. Total relief from constipation can also provide improved energy, but this increase in energy is short-lived as the effects of the stimulant decrease over time.
    Possible Side Effects
    The risks attached to coffee enemas exist along with can exceed the claims of positive effects and depends on the individual. The risks or, benefits have not been proven through studies.

    Do coffee enemas really work?

    Here are some possible side effects:
    Bowel Perforation
    Rectal Burns
    Several cases of coffee lead to colitis. If the coffee liquid is placed too early, the use of coffee enemas at home can risk puncture of the rectum.
    You can cause damage to your intestines if the liquid causes rectal burns or is too hot.
    If the user is fasting, there’s an increase in the side effects of coffee enemas. Pregnant or nursing women shouldn’t try coffee enemas.
    A coffee enema can lead to coffee reliance because caffeine is known as a stimulant. Although rare, it may also result in a number of complications, such as death, brain abscess, internal or rectal burns, salmonella, infections, dehydration, heart failure, electrolyte imbalance, colitis, Sepsis, and pericardial or pleural effusions.
    The three known deaths related to coffee enemas are connected to electrolyte imbalance, which occurred as a result of frequent enemas.
    There are concerns that coffee enemas may cause injury to people with specific conditions such as ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, blood vessel disease, gastrointestinal disease, intestinal tumors, anemia, heart disease, hemorrhoids, abdominal hernias, heart failure, among others.
    What Do Studies disclose?
    Currently, no scientific evidence has proved that coffee enemas can help treat any illness. Proof for or against the use of coffee enemas is generally unscientific at this time.
    In conventional medicine, colon purging isn’t considered necessary because the digestive system can remove bacteria, toxins, and waste on its own.
    According to the theory of autointoxication, colon waste is toxic to the body system. From the Journal of Lancaster General Hospital, there’s no evidence to back this theory.
    Despite its popularity, a coffee enema and its respective health effects have been used in many scientific studies. The little research available shows that coffee enemas may not provide important health benefits.
    Although it was believed that coffee enemas can increase the production of glutathione in the body, the Human and Experimental Toxicology shows no evidence in 2012.
    A compound with glutathione is meant to trigger bile excretion. Components of coffee enemas increase the production of glutathione.
    In 2012, research shows that eleven strong participants either got coffee enemas 3 times per week for almost 2 weeks or consumed coffee two times a day for eleven days.
    After a period, every participant switched to the sequential coffee-based treatment. Results showed that neither method caused an increase in levels of glutathione
    Who’s a Coffee Enema Meant for?
    Medically, there’s no official regulation on who should obtain a coffee enema. Linda L, an alternative medical practitioner, says people are constantly exposed to toxic pollutants and chemicals in water, air, and food.
    She strongly believes people can benefit from coffee enemas as a way of revitalizing the liver to relieve the body of these pollutants and waste materials.
    According to Clinical Nutrition Research, coffee enemas are a great way to prepare the bowel without side effects. You can use a coffee enema as an alternative to stimulant laxatives.
    A letter published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology affirms that coffee enemas caused inflammation of the rectum and colon in a Korean lady. According to the authors, coffee enemas can be harmful and should be regarded as an alternative treatment. Every individual reacts differently to any treatments or medications.
    If you are allergic to caffeine, coffee enemas may be a serious challenge.
    How Are Coffee Enemas Performed?

    Do coffee enemas really work?

    Coffee enemas are processed in some health clinics, not a cheap process, or at home. There is no official regulation on how you can perform coffee enemas.
    When you opt for a coffee enema, you may feel fullness, pressure, and cramping during the process. Also, you may experience an increased heartbeat, or feel dizzy as a side effect of caffeine. To help prevent dehydration, make sure ensure to drink plenty of water.
    Conventional medicine does not recommend the use of coffee enemas. Others who believe in Alternative Medicine, trust that coffee enemas can help improve their wellness and health without serious side effects.
    Because it’s not easy to find statistics about coffee enemas, it is impossible to say if most people have had a good or bad experience.
    Since it’s not certain that coffee enemas are potentially harmful, only you and your alternative medicine practitioner, or physician are in the best position to decide if coffee enemas are good for you or not.
    If you decide to choose a coffee enema and later experience some of the rare critical side effects, seek urgent medical help. Critical side effects are rectal bleeding, diarrhea, vomiting, persistent nausea, and chronic pain.

  11. Are coffee enemas good for you?
    As a general rule avoid putting anything up your anus that should otherwise go into your mouth.
    And as a general rule you should consult your physician instead of strangers on the internet for health-related questions.

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