Do coffee enemas detox heavy metals?

Do coffee enemas detox heavy metals?

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  1. No.
    There is really nothing more needed to elaborate. One does not get rid of heavy metals by any form of enema—coffee or otherwise. Coffee enemas, in general, are merely an efficient way of delivering caffeine. While several “health” sites and even a couple of Internet alternative doctors claim great things from coffee enemas—including curing cancer!—there is nothing special about coffee enemas. The “boost” in energy some people report makes perfect sense…you are more directly adding caffeine and related compounds to contact with the parts of the body able to directly absorb them. But remove heavy metals, no. The coffee will prevent you from proper absorption of Magnesium and will help you more quickly excrete Calcium, but it won’t do anything to remove heavy metals.
    Clinically tested and approved methods of removing heavy metals or relieving acute heavy metal toxicity typically involve treating the blood directly. Chelation therapy is a common protocol, for instance. It is done under controlled medical supervision and never as an “at home” self-administered protocol. There are no effective, much less safe and clinically tested methods for eliminating, removing, or converting heavy metals that one can do at home or without medical administering or supervision.


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