Do caffeine pills work better than coffee? How about faster?

Do caffeine pills work better than coffee? How about faster?

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  1. Some caffeine pills work better than coffee. X-ref: Caffeine works for some with ADHD. The How To (Temporarily) Cure Hyperactivity book (about Inattentive ADHD reduction) – Brothers, M.D.; x-ref: Renshaw, M.D.

  2. The answer for first questions is YES
    The answer for second questions is NO
    For starters,
    Caffeine is a psychoactive drug so it is never good to take it. Having said that it comes with few benefits.
    AFAIK if you take any drug, it will make u calm down were as caffeine makes you more active/productive.
    Since advantages and disadvantages of caffeine is already being discussed many times, i will skip to coffee vs caffeine pills
    Advantages of taking coffee over caffeine pills
    Reduces the risk of over dosage (You will have to drink a lot of coffee to get high in caffeine)
    Can be used as a meal replacement. When you feel like snacking, grab a cup of espresso and drink it with minimum sugar
    Decaf option. You have decaf coffee to withdraw the caffeine addiction
    Disadvantages of taking coffee over caffeine pills
    Acidity. Coffee is in top of the list in increasing stomach acid which can result in lot of gastro intestinal issues. GERD, stomach Ulcer, IBS to name a few
    Sugar which comes along with coffee. Most people take lot of sugar along with coffee (This is true with energy drinks like Redbull, Monster with an exception of zero kal caffeinated drinks like coke zero/diet)
    Unreliability in dosage. Hard to measure the caffeine intake if you take it from multiple sources like starbucks, home made coffee, instant coffee etc
    Bowel movement issues. For some people it triggers bowel movement and gives an urge to poop. Once the body is use to this, without coffee its hard to poop in the morning.
    Advantages of taking caffeine pills over coffee
    Convenience. You can carry your pills to any place without worrying about finding a coffee shop. For example, trekking to a remote place where you cannot find a coffee shop
    Measurability. You know exactly how much caffeine is in your body
    Adjustable dosage. This is true with coffee as well but since consuming coffee is a habit, it will be hard to reduce
    No gastro intestinal stress
    Pure caffeine. IMHO, this is true.
    Disadvantages of taking caffeine pills over coffee
    Slow. Relatively slow absorption than coffee. AFAIK this is simply due to absence of sugar. [TIP: if you want to make it absorb faster, take sugar or eat a banana after 15mins from taking the pill (any high glycemic index food will get the job done)]
    Risk of over dosage. As pills are very small and very potent, you may accidentally over dose yourself. A scenario is, since the pill absorption is slower than coffee, u may think the effect is not up to the mark and take one more (for beginners this is dangerous)

  3. Caffeine pills contain about two hundred milligrams of caffeine, and the situation of drinking an entire cup of coffee is avoided. The amount of time that is saved from waiting for a pot to brew, saving calories with no cream and sugar, and no coffee bitterness, after taste, or teeth stains, make the caffeine pill a great alternative. However, caffeine pills can cause more jitters than a cup of coffee. Those who are sensitive to caffeine can’t dilute this option. Caffeine pills also lack the flavorful aspect to coffee.
    The thing is, neither is entirely better than the other, as they both contain benefits. However, pills can become addicting, since they are twice as strong as a regular cup of coffee and less effort to consume, you need to be cautious with the amount of caffeine pills you take daily.

  4. The caffeine from coffee can start to be absorbed in your mouth, before it hits you stomach. A pill needs to be swallowed before it can be absorbed by your digestive system.

  5. Caffeine pills work as well as coffee or tea, but make it possible to take a precise quantity. Coffee is slightly faster, especially if it is hot.

  6. The best drinks with caffeine to lose weight are coffee and green tea. On days where I dont drink coffee, I take the Dr Max Powers Burn supplement that has caffeine in it, but does not make me have the jittters. Lost about 5lbs this week just using that. No change in diet.


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