Do all coffee shops in Amsterdam serve marijuana?

Do all coffee shops in Amsterdam serve marijuana?

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  1. The term “coffee shop” in Amsterdam is a euphemism. If you want a coffee in Amsterdam you go to a cafe, if you want marijuana you go to a “coffee shop.” Yes, you can get coffee, as well as hot chocolate and sodas and juices and various other things, in “coffee shops,” but that is for you to chill comfortably with your buddies while you smoke. A Starbucks, for example, would be considered a cafe and would not be licensed to sell weed.
    I should say that the Dutch are not prone to euphemisms – a restaurant in Dutch is literally call an Eat House – so it’s understandably confusing that they would use one in this case, but I guess it’s nicer than calling them Getting Stoned Houses.

  2. Yes, and not only do all coffee shops in Amsterdam sell cannabis but all coffee shops in the entire Netherlands sell cannabis. Because selling cannabis is the core business of a coffee shop afterall.

  3. All coffee shops in Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole serve cannabis because that’s what they do. They are a hybrid of what Americans would know as dispensaries and coffee shops. You can have both a coffee and buy cannabis.
    A real coffee only serving coffee shop is called Koffie Huis in Dutch. Notice we use the English word for the dispensary coffee shop.
    Coffee shops appeared in response to the Morrocan tea houses that used to be everywhere in Amsterdam. It was a place to drink tea, but you could also buy Morrocan hashish. Back then, the police mostly looked the other way towards the sale of hashish.
    There was a bit of a hippie movement that decided that they should open “coffee shops” and sell coffee & cannabis bud, instead of cannabis hashish. However, they quickly found the police raiding them constantly.
    After a lot of back and forth and the questions being raised about why the tea houses were okay, but not the coffee shops. A policy was adapted called the “tolerance policy” towards the sale and cannabis. It provided a framework for a finite amount of licenses for operating a coffee shop. (I’m highly condensing the history).
    Cannabis is not legal in the Netherland. Coffee shops are only allowed to sell a limited amount to a customer who is 18 years or older. The can only ever have 500 grams of the product on the premise at any time. Everything before the cannabis magically appearing for sale at the coffee shop is illegal and sought after by authorities.


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