Coffee was in the mug for more than 3 months, I just found it today. Can I wash my mug and keep using it? Does it need special cleaning

Coffee was in the mug for more than 3 months, I just found it today. Can I wash my mug and keep using it? Does it need special cleaning? If so, how?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to clean a coffee mug

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  1. This depends on the material the mug was made of. But the answer is likely yes in any case except for a potentially biodegradable cup (obviously paper, etc. goes without saying). However, a popular mug such as a keep cup might be unsaveable as it is biodegradable within 500 or so washes. Obviously it wasn’t washed 500 times but having a potentially acidic substance in it for that long may be a reason to toss it.
    If it is porcelain or stainless it is probably the healthiest, but even with my keep cup (which I must admit I once put on a shelf while cleaning and forgot about for a few months, while it had soda water, lemon and cranberries) was still okay after a good but gentle hand wash.
    The porcelain or stainless will probably need a good wash to remove the stain and flavour. Best ways to do this are to add soda water and fresh squeezed lime up to the rim and let sit an hour or so before scrubbing, or visit your local cafe and ask what they us as a cleaner on their machines, and if you may use a sprinkle in your cup. If it is tabs they might not say yes, but powdered will be okay. (I suck at chemicals but it’s basically all the same thing to get the coffee out. If you had cream in it you may need something to assist with the residue which is a similar product used for steam wands. These can also be purchased through
    My old boss was a true gem for offering to throw a sprinkle of purocaff into a person’s mug, scrub the heck out of it with a scrubby and pallo coffee tool, and then put it through our industrial dishwasher while someone was waiting for a coffee. (We made everything from scratch so the wait was longer than normal for the drink anyway). We cleaned a lot of personal cups in our time and thankfully didn’t ruin any. Lol.

  2. A2A Rinse out the mug several times. Use a wet paper towel to get as much of the stains off the inside of the cup. Then use cleanser on the inside of the cup to remove any more stains.
    For my final cleaning I would put the cup in the microwave for one minute with water in the cup. Be careful taking it out of the microwave. Dump out this water and dry the cup. It should look perfect.

  3. What were you using when this cup went missing? Anyway, I’d rise it out really well. Mix bleach and hot water in the cup and let it sit for awhile. I’m assuming you have a ceramic cup or glass. Wash with detergent and allow to dry. Then go back to using whatever I was using to begin with.

  4. Of course, assuming the mug is ceramic of some sort and not paper or styrofoam. Coffee is biodegradable. Just pour out whatever hasn’t evaporated and wash the cup.
    If there’s a stain, you can put hot water in the cup and add a little Clorox bleach. Let it soak for a few minutes, then dump it out and wash with dish soap and water, or put it in the dishwasher. It should come out good as new.

  5. I think you can wash the mug and keep using it. However if you’re not sure why don’t you just go out and buy yourself a new mug? They are not expensive. You can get one in the dollar store for a couple of bucks.

  6. Hot water, scrubbing and dish soap will do the trick. If anything is so dried and crusted up that it doesn’t yield immediately soak overnight and wash again in the morning. If will be perfectly fine.

  7. if it’s dishwasher safe, one run through and you’re good to go.
    if not, a good scrub with hot water, vinegar and soap will do it.


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