Coffee doesn’t keep me up but it helps me sleep better. Is this unusual?

Coffee doesn’t keep me up but it helps me sleep better. Is this unusual?

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  1. I drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee (moderate strength) in the morning, 7:30–9am. In the evening at about 9pm I have a coffee candy, go to bed at 11:30, and sleep relatively well considering that I’m 71. If I don’t have the coffee candy, I don’t sleep nearly as well. I have proved this in practice many many times.
    Why does this work?? The explanation is that by the time bedtime comes, I am beginning to have coffee withdrawal symptoms which cause poorer sleep. The night time caffeine, taken at the right time, promotes sounder sleep with less waking overnight. I also sleep in a little later, til 6:30 or 7am. I generally use the coffee candy rather than actual coffee for 3 reasons: it is simple and convenient, it gives a consistent dose of caffeine, and it works.
    The theory as to why this works (as I posted above) is my own theory. I haven’t read or heard anyone else claim this. But I am convinced that it is accurate.

  2. There are two main reasons why this can happen.
    1. If your coffee’s especially sweet, you may experience a sugar crash shortly after drinking it. Sugar is processed much more quickly than coffee, and it leaves you without energy after it’s used up by your body. If you drink coffee-flavored drinks that have lots of sugar but little caffeine, you may actually be experiencing a sugar rush and crash, more than a caffeine boost.

    Coffee doesn't keep me up but it helps me sleep better. Is this unusual?

    2. Coffee Makes You Dehydrated
    The primary reason why coffee makes you sleepy sometimes is likely because it’s making you dehydrated [ ].
    Coffee is a diuretic. In other words, it makes you need to urinate. Drinking it to stay awake can quickly lead to a vicious dehydrating cycle that actually makes you more tired. The cycle goes like this:
    1. You drink a cup of coffee and soon afterwards need to use the bathroom.
    2. When you go to the bathroom, your body loses water.
    3. When your body loses water, your blood thickens.
    4. When your blood thickens, it moves more slowly through your arteries and veins.
    5. As your blood slows down, it delivers less oxygen to your body.
    6. Without as much oxygen, you become sluggish.
    7. You may reach for more coffee to combat the sluggishness, thus starting the cycle again.

    Because you’re drinking coffee, you likely aren’t drinking water to re-hydrate yourself. At least, you probably aren’t drinking as much as you should be.
    Additionally, coffee is a vasoconstrictor, which further compounds t…

  3. Funny though, but I have to tell you that I too experience the same thing with any caffeine beverage, may it be coffee, coke or any other caffeine drinks. I think it is normal and nothing to worry about unless you have irregular sleep changes after you started consuming caffeine drinks. But I consume occasionally. But after a while following coffee if I hold back my sleep then I don’t get till the next morning. My suggestion is avoid such drinks, stay healthy, sleep 7 hrs straight, work something out to cover the work you intended to do in that time losing sleep. Don’t worry, be happy.


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