How Long Does It Take for Water to Boil


About 8 to 10 minutes. For two cups of water, it takes about 10 minutes. For four cups of water, it takes approximately 12 minutes; for six cups, approximately 14 minutes; for 12 cups, around 18-20 minutes (the more liquid in the pot compare to the element might increase cooking time). Less than 2% pressure …

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How Much Caffeine Is In Coffee Drinks?

A standard brewed cup, or mug, of coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine. Espresso shots at the store contain about 69 mg and a cup of tea ranges from 45-70 mg. If you’re worried that you’re getting too much caffeine, just know that some people feel adverse reactions with as little as 5 cups …

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Is Decaf Coffee Good or Bad For You?

Drinking decaf is not bad for your health. Decaffeinated coffee removes the caffeine from the beans, but it doesn’t remove any of the other physical benefits from drinking coffee. In fact, a lot of decaffeinated coffees have a higher ORAC rating because they are either steamed or soaked to produce a lighter roast and many …

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Does Black Coffee Have Calories?

Black coffee has less than 5 calories. It is a water-based drink that has antioxidants and aids in keeping weight stable. Drinking black coffee can also help burn more calories because it will increase metabolism rates, reduce hunger pangs, and promote fat burning activities. Coffee breaks down the fats found in the liver so they …

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Does Tea Have Caffeine

Yes! Black tea and white tea contain caffeine. Teas like green and herbal teas do not contain caffeine because they are not made of the parts of the plant that come from the Camellia sinensis, but rather from other botanical plants such as rooibos. However, some kinds of herbal tea like chamomile may contain less …

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Southeast Asia Coffee Culture

Southeast Asia Coffee

Coffee is a drink that has been around for centuries and it’s had quite the history. Originally, coffee was only consumed in Africa and the Middle East, but today it’s found on nearly every continent. Today, there are two main types of coffee drinkers: light roast drinkers who like their coffee smooth and dark roast …

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12 Simple Mistakes When Brewing Coffee

When Brewing Coffee

For the average coffee drinker, brewing a cup of joe can be an intimidating process. The decision to buy beans or grounds, the choice of filter and machine type, and even how much water (or milk) to use can all seem like mysteries. But we’re here to remove some of that mystery with our 10 …

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Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants?

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants? Yes. Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, which plants use for growth. They also contain potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. You don’t need to dig out the dirt by the roots because these nutrients boost your plant’s health over time if they can seep through the soil you currently have …

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