Can you use a regular coffee pot to make an espresso?

Can you use a regular coffee pot to make an espresso?

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  1. Michael Barnard is right. It exclusively requires fine grounds and pressurized water, unlike other methods of brewing/extracting.
    You might be satisfied by an Aeropress or a moka pot. Both are more concentrated but they are still a far cry from an authentic pull of espresso. Personally, I can’t get a consistent cup from a moka pot so I prefer the Aeropress.

  2. Simply: no.
    For espresso (by definition), you need:
    fresly ground coffee,
    high pressure (over 8 bars) and
    high temperature (85 to 95 degrees Celsius) water.
    In a regular pot, you’ll barely and rarely go over 3 bar, but often over 95 degree Celsius. That will make your drink underextracted (relatively to espresso) and possibly burnt (bitter).

  3. No.
    Espresso requires finely ground coffee, pressure and hot water.
    Regular coffee pots use coarsely ground coffee, filters, gravity and hot water. There isn’t a mechanism to induce sufficient pressure to recreate espresso. Instead, there is drip coffee.
    The closest thing to espresso that can be created are individual cup pour-overs, which seem to be a thing these days for no reason I can discern. I sus…


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