Can you substitute coffee creamer with milk?

Can you substitute coffee creamer with milk?

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  1. Yes, milk can be used as a substitute for coffee creamer. Milk will add creaminess and some sweetness to your coffee. You can add a little sugar or honey to your coffee if you want more sweetness. If you want to add more flavour, try using flavoured milk or adding some extract to your coffee.
    However, keep in mind that milk will change the taste of your coffee. If you are used to the sweetness of coffee creamer, you may find that your coffee is not as sweet as milk. You can also add sugar or another sweetener to your coffee to compensate for the lack of sweetness from the creamer.
    In terms of texture, milk will also change the feel of your coffee. Coffee creamer is typically thicker than milk, so your coffee may be thinner if you use milk as a substitute.
    Creamer is a dairy product typically made from milk, cream, and a sugar-based stabiliser that is used as a coffee creamer. Milk can also be used as a creamer; however, the fat content in milk will change the taste and texture of your coffee. Use whole milk or half-and-half instead of skim or low-fat milk for best results.

  2. Non-dairy powdered stuff?
    Do you mean in a recipe that calls for milk? No
    In lightening your coffee? Yes
    Half and half/light cream?
    Almost any recipe that calls for milk can take it.
    Your question is not clear.

  3. I’ll answer with my favorite coffee question answer:
    “There’s only one way to find out.”
    It certainly won’t kill you or harm you in any way, so the best way to see if it should be done is to do it.
    But yes, my girlfriend has done it and likes it just fine. Of course, she was only forced to do so because I drink my coffee black, so there was no creamer in my apartment at the time 😉

  4. If you are talking about in coffee then yes of course you can as long as you dont mind your coffe tasting like ass.
    Having never used coffee creamer I am unsure of what it is made with. Is just dehydrated milk like we call Powdered Milk in Australia or is it some chemical concoction mixed up in a lab that supposedly tastes just like milk but really is not?
    I did read somewhere that other creamer type agents and milk substitutes were made with animal fats and vegetable oils and that it USED to be common for soft serve icecream to be made out of this disgusting stuff.
    Look up youtube clips of “Warm soft serve not melting” its a pretty disgusting thought that instead of a nice cold milk based treat your actually licking a cone filled with a cup of pig fat mixed with sugar and some binding agents.
    Due to the Muslim population in Australia and everything (almost everything) now being Halal we dont seem to get the pig fat soft serves anymore and for this I am pleased.
    If coffee creamer is in fact dehydrated milk (like powdered coffee) then it may be able to be used in some recipes but I would mix it up into water to make a milk like product first as adding it dry to say a cake mix will throw your liquid to dry ingredients ratios off.
    Personaly I wouldnt use powdered milk or coffee creamer as milk is just so cheap.
    However even milk isnt just milk anymore and has another white liquid in it that I cant remember the name of right now. The dairy industry (not the farmers) were cutting the milk with this crap for years before the public became aware.
    Age old story of buy 1 Litre of milk, add 1 Litre of watery white milk substitute, sell it as 2 Litres of milk and make more money. There was a big news story here in Australia a few years back and now they dont put as much of it in.
    Also: My uncle is a dairy farmer and he wont drink milk himself. He doesnt believe that its healthy after all the worming and vaccinations and antibiotics and growth hormones in the cows food leach through into the milk.
    He preffers the milk from his goats which naturally require far fewer treatments as they are immune from a lot of the same infections cows tend to get.
    I have to block the words of my uncle out of my mind to drink milk but it tastes alot better than a milk substitute.
    If you are ever at a dairy farm when they milk a cow with an infection that is on antibiotics, you will see the yellow green puss filled milk come through the system and luckily due to clear pipes the farmer can dump the stuff off before it reaches the vat.
    Im sure there has been times that stuff has got through from other farmers though.
    I have to stop reminiscing about my days at the dairy farm or I wont be able to drink Milk again. I will be off my morning coffee and back on Coke or Red Bull for my morning caffeine.

  5. No! Coffee creamer is very important when brewing coffee.
    Coffee creamer : coffee creamer is the gold colour you see on the surface after brewing your coffee. It sits on top of the black liquid.
    When you scoop off the gold surface you are just left with flavour.
    Milk is optional and can be substituted with water.

  6. Of course! Well, many coffee creamers are non-dairy, so if you are using them because you have an intolerance for lactose then you should substitute with another non-dairy alternative like soy or almond milk.
    To be honest, regular half-and-half is going to be a better quality ingredient than the processed coffee creamers. If you’re in need of a flavor, I recommend Torani brand flavored syrups.


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