Can you smoke coffee grounds?

Can you smoke coffee grounds?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to smoke coffee grounds

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  1. Are you asking about the smoky flavor that some dark roast have? No that flavor comes from the roasting process itself and not from a separate process where a wood or other smoke has been used to give flavor.
    If you are talking about seeing someone roasting coffee and seeing clouds of smoke coming from the oven it is from the beans themselves cooking. They are roasted at a high temperature and the process will create a lot of smoke, especially if it is a darker roast.
    If you are thinking about using coffee as a flavoring element in a smoker then the answer is yes. It will give a dark smoke flavor to meats that is better with pork and I prefer it with a molasses based wet wipe.
    If you are thinking about putting it in a pipe and firing it up, get a life, and a dealer. This isn’t going to work and you just ruined some perfectly good coffee and possibly a good set of lungs.


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