Can you put other spices in your pour over coffee? What are some good additions?

Can you put other spices in your pour over coffee? What are some good additions?

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  1. I personally don’t recommend using a cup of pour-over coffee — drip coffee — as a platform for spices and flavorings.
    I have the opposite view. I think a cup of good black coffee with nothing added is already perfect.
    Using coffee or espresso to make adult beverages like a specialty cocktail, or mixed with chocolate and baked in brownies, or desserts, or a coffeehouse-style steamed-milk espresso beverage like a latte or cappuccino with a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg is a nice thing to enjoy on the holidays.
    Or any number of Starbucks-style espresso beverages with flavors and spices peppermint, or coconut, or vanilla, or chocolate, or caramel, or banana, or green tea powder, the list goes on and on. But these are espresso drinks with steamed milk, or frozen milkshake-like drinks with ice-cream parlor-type birthday party toppings.
    But the only thing I’d consider adding to a cup of hand-made drip coffee is cream or milk. Better yet, black, unaltered. The fresh-roasted coffee itself is the spice.

  2. Of course you CAN. The question is whether the results will be palatable. Like the others, I like coffee without added flavors. It is already complex enough (it can have notes of chocolate, black pepper, citrus, cloves, etc.)
    But let’s look for good spices you could add. (Some of the other suggestions are for “flavors,” meaning flavored syrups, not spices.)
    So the spices I could imagine adding are:
    * cocoa
    * vanilla bean (or a tiny drop of vanilla extract)
    * nutmeg
    * cinammon
    * cloves
    * cardamon
    * anise or tarragon
    * basil
    * dried orange peel
    * bay le…

  3. Cardamom, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, used sparingly until you know what you like, by themselves or combined, can be used, especially to improve not-so-great coffee. Cocoa also, of course, that is, make a mocha out if if you like.

  4. Cinnamon and/or ground cardamom are my go-to spices for fancy coffee… grated nutmeg is good too, especially if you’re also adding cream.

  5. You can put whatever you like in your coffee, but is no longer really coffee. I never understand those who say they like coffee but they go to Starbucks (awfual coffee) and then disguise the taste with a load of addatives, makes no sense.

    Victor Allen’s

  6. Sure, you can but it isn’t very effective or flavorful. Most spices used in flavoring coffee have to be in contact with water for more time than a pour over system would allow for. If you really want to flavor you pour over coffee I would recommend using either flavored oils, a flavored creamer or syrups. Many coffees come already doctored up with oils so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a flavor you are looking for but you can find others in coffee shops and in health food shops as food safe essential oils as well as in grocers.
    Of course most people will suggest you drink it black but really, just drink it how you like it. I Drink everything from black to double cream, coffee cream, corn sugar, cane sugar, honey, and my actual favorite Coffee Mate. It depends on what coffee or blend and which maker it is from.
    Thanks for the A2A Luke Lawrence

  7. From my perspective, pour over coffee drinkers are single origin enthusiasts and want to experience the origin flavors as-is without adding anything else to the coffee. But, I will respond to your question because it seems like you wish to experiment. Whatever may be the case, be subtle in adding spices.
    Try whole cinnamon, star anise or cloves. Add them to the brewer before pouring hot water on the coffee grounds. Let the spice steep for a minute, stir and pour.

  8. I never add anything to my coffee at home, but at a couple of my favourite hangouts there is a delicious hint of cinnamon in their java.

  9. I used to like just a hint of cardamom in my coffee. Be sparing with it because a little goes a long way.
    (I mean green cardamom, and I usually just use the ground seeds instead of the whole pod)


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