Can you make a latte with Turkish coffee?

Can you make a latte with Turkish coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to make turkish coffee with milk

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  1. If your question is “Can you add steamed milk to your turkish coffee”, then the answer is “of course you can”. It’s not like *$ ninja’s are going to crash through your window, hit you with a tranquilizer dart full of espresso and steal your cup.
    But if your question is “Does adding steamed milk to turkish coffee make it a Latte”, that’s a different thing. Strictly speaking, a latte is espresso and steamed milk. If your drink isn’t espresso and steamed milk, it’s not going to taste (or even be experienced) the same as a traditional latte, and if you give it to someone who is expecting a traditional latte, they’re going to be … surprised.
    Now if you give it to them and tell them it’s a “Turkish Latte”, then that’s different; you’ve highlighted that it’s different then a regular “Latte”, in much the same way that if you give them a “Chai Latte” they also know it isn’t a normal latte.
    Whether they enjoy your “turkish latte” or not is another question entirely.

  2. Hopefully not.
    Turkish coffee is not a easy drink to digest, nor is it a drink to “have it on the go.”
    It hits you if you drink it too quickly, so much so we call “ölü uyandıran” (the one that wakes the dead) that is why Turkish people mostly drink it after breakfast and very slowly.
    And if nothing else, the idea of putting milk in Turkish coffee would be blasphemy in most peoples eyes.


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