Can you get food poisoning from bought coffee, e.g. if the coffee machine wasn’t clean?

Can you get food poisoning from bought coffee, e.g. if the coffee machine wasn’t clean?

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  1. If the coffee was iced coffee, maybe something in the water could nor be in the coffee, but in all other cases, the water has been close to 100C (boiling point) and this renders the water – and the coffee – safe from bacteria or viruses.
    Of course it doesn’t offer any protection from chemical contamination, cleaning agents, etc.

  2. If the coffee was “black”, it is highly doubtful, unless their was contamination of the machine from foreign (non-coffee) substances.
    As someone else mentioned, if this was a specialty coffee drink, made with a steam wand and dairy products, this could be a source of food poisoning if found to be not cleaned regularly or “bad” dairy.
    Coffee itself, especially hot brewed, seems incredibly resistant to food poisoning culprits. It is, over time, susceptible to mold as it is a plant-based food product. Once you put additives in the coffee, however, you increase the likely medium for bacteria and contaminants.
    There is also a fair amount of acids in many hot-brewed coffees, which may or may not offer some level of defense against potential bugs. This is anecdotal, however.
    I recall reading something, I believe it was from the Specialty Coffee Association fact sheet when I was researching for coffee shops, that said there have been no coffee related food poisoning deaths reported in the 140 or so years since records have been kept. Again, this would need to be verified, but it certainly made me feel better when considering how much insurance to carry when running a coffee shop!

  3. It is possible.
    The most likely culprit would be a dirty steam wand.
    Steam wands should be cleaned after each use. Otherwise the milk quickly dries onto the wand and becomes difficult to clean off. If the wand is continually used without cleaning, layers of dried on milk build up and this can harbour bacteria.
    When visiting a new cafe the first thing i look at is the steam wand. This gives you an indication of the cleanliness of the place.

  4. You can get food poisoning from anything you eat. It doesn’t matter what it is, anything can be contaminated at any time during the food production process, and during the time it was brought to your table and in your hands for you to eat. Your hands may even be crawling with germs that are dangerous and you didn’t know it, and you contaminated it yourself.
    I hope my answer lets you sleep well at night.


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