Can you drink coffee through a straw?

Can you drink coffee through a straw?

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  1. If it is a cold coffee beverage such as iced coffee. Hot coffee in a straw will injure your mouth because the liquid will be concentrated in a small stream on the tongue and burn the inside of the mouth. Coffee flavors are extracted at 195° Fahrenheit and served at about 160°. Most people would chill the liquid by blowing across the surface of the coffee before the first sip. Sipping hot coffee through a straw will be injurious to the mouth, as scalding temperatures will be painful to the…

  2. You certainly can! To be honest, drinking coffee through a straw has both advantages and disadvantages. Let me express my thoughts on this.
    Using a straw when drinking coffee will reduce germ exposure and keep your mouth healthy.
    In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, drinking with a straw keeps your lips from touching a coffee cup directly, providing an additional natural defence against the infection.
    Drinking with a straw protects your sensitive teeth from caffeine and sugary drinks, preventing tooth decay, cavity formation, tooth staining, and gum disease due to acid erosion of your enamel.
    Air can enter your stomach when you drink through a straw. Ingesting air through a straw may cause bloating and discomfort depending on how often you use it.
    Drinking from a cup is still more environmentally friendly than from a reusable straw. For example, metal straws must be mined, manufactured, and transported over long distances to be used, so it’s still not very eco-friendly (but it does save turtles!)
    So there you have it! Hope that helped.


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