Can you customize your McCafe drinks at McDonald’s, like adding an extra shot of espresso?

Can you customize your McCafe drinks at McDonald’s, like adding an extra shot of espresso?

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  1. You can certainly customize pretty much any drink you way. Some people add chocolate to their smoothies. At my mcdonald’s we make exactly what the customers want with the materials we have.

  2. In the UK the coffee machines are capable of adding extra shots of espresso. You can also put it through the till system, although this would cost the customer 0.79p which may be more than they want to pay.
    Alternatively at the manager’s discretion they may allow customers to purchase extra shots and there would be various ways of charging for this and accounting for it from an inventory POV.
    I would imagine this applies to McDonald’s in other countires.
    In terms of further customisation, again at the manager’s discretion it would be possible to add cream. There are already flavored coffees with syrups extra.
    The ultimate McCafe customisation (I guess it’s technically a menu hack) is to order a small vanilla milkshake (You will likely have to buy a Happy Meal to get this size) and add 1 shot of espresso (Which can be bought separately). This produces the most amazing coffee milkshake.

  3. Greg Howard’s answer is technically spot on.
    McDonald’s has been moving toward customization for years. Simply put, if you want something a particular way, ask for it. I have found them to be very accommodating , especially if you ask kindly.
    However, they aren’t as good at it as Starbucks. Their emphasis is on speed with a nod to customer service. As such, it might take a little coaxing on your part mixed with understanding and low expectations…but they’ll do it.

  4. if it’s something like a shot of espresso, adding or subtracting sugar or cream then it’s usually not a big deal. Depending on the McDonald’s you go to you can customize just about anything on the menu (as long as it’s reasonable and complies with good safety).

  5. Yep. You can customize the drinks pretty much how you want it. Besides the usual, (non-fat milk or whole, hot or cold, the size), you can order it with no drizzle, extra drizzle, with whipped cream or none, light ice, no ice*, light syrup or no syrup (the flavors, that is), with liquid sugar or none, etc. My store is working on bringing in decaf McCafe espresso drinks (i.e., not the drip coffee; we already have decaf for that), but I don’t know if it’s already implemented in other locations. With the Frozens, you can order it with two or more flavors mixed.
    I’ll give you some examples of a few orders our regulars get:
    Decaf mocha with no whipped cream
    Iced or hot vanilla latte with extra vanilla and an extra shot of espresso
    Senior decaf coffee with half hot water
    Caramel Frappe with no whipped cream or drizzle
    Those are just the orders that I am familiar with and can think of off the top of my head. There are a lot more combinations and customizations you can order. I don’t know how they compare to other businesses and coffee places, but it’s a decent selection.

  6. I work at McDonald’s and adding an extra shot will cost you extra. I don’t know where you live but I live in Australia and that’s how it works here. You just need to ask.


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