Can we eat coffee powder directly without any milk or water? Is it bad for your health?

Can we eat coffee powder directly without any milk or water? Is it bad for your health?

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  1. You can definitely eat coffee powder directly without adding it in milk or water. There is no harm. It can get very bitter though. There are chocolates available that have roasted coffee beans whole covered in chocolate. When I had them they were my fuel for gyms and long drives. There is no danger to your health. It can be a good source of instant energy for activities that require you to be alert and active.
    I would advice two things. Prefer roasted beans over powdered ready to mix stuff like Nescafe. The ready to mix stuff turns kind of gooey on the mouth and is not that pleasant. They usually have chicory added to them which again is not very pleasant in taste.
    Among the beans, robusta would be extremely bitter. Start off with Arabica.once you get used to it, move on to robusta.

  2. Ofcourse we can, but it tastes quite bitter!
    Excess of coffee is bad, but 1/2spoon to 1 spoon can be eaten in case you don’t want to sleep! But make sure this is done so that one can have sleepless night!
    Ps: don’t test the limits!

  3. Yes , you can have it directly . But it taste worst in start but later after days you will be habitual of it . I usually eat before studying as i get bore to make black coffee..

  4. I love it to eat it raw. Take a spoon of coffee powder, mix with a tablespoon of honey. It will look and taste exactly like chocolate.
    But only side effect with this preparation, you may end up eating many spoons due to the taste and addiction. So make sure you do not eat more than a spoon.
    I don’t know scientifically whether this is bad for your health, but the taste is better than the chocolate.
    I use raw coffee powder without chicory, due to taste factors.
    I own a 1.5 acre small coffee land in India, so I knew Coffee plantations use far low pesticides compared to tea, rice,vegetables or fruits farming. ( I never had to use any pesticides, as no insect loves to eat the coffee plants. Bats eat some of the coffee fruits and then shit the coffee beans somewhere else, but they could eat 0.0001 of the yield, so no farmers care the bats eating some of their yield )

  5. Hi there !
    Well as it is said excess of anything is harmful for you. Basically coffee is a stimulat and has an ingredient which help you to be more active. Daily dose amd usage of coffee vary from place to place and even from person to person. While making coffee, if you are co suming it as it is.. Then you are going to take more than the GRAS limit as you wont be knowing how much you have actually had. While making it with water, you did diluted it to a bit hence a large volume will compensate with the concentrated form of coffee. If you adding milk to to it, you are diluting it more, which means with more volume you are havning less coffee percentage. Hence your body will process the limited amount of coffee, and will give you the desired effect as well as a satisfaction of a coffee. If you consume it as it is, firstly it will taste off(bitter) and second you wont get the propee benefit of coffee either. Hence consuming coffee in more diluted form (dilution thru any means) will work better than having it as it is.

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  6. No, it would not be tasty. Milk and sugar in suitable amount makes it tasty. You could use soy milk instead of dairy milk.
    Soy milk manufacturers

  7. How one could intake coffee powder, as it tastes bitter, But you could. I’d say only one thing is that intaking coffee more than what is prescribed is harmful, and for better understanding you should approach your family doctor, and search the web instead.

  8. Well I have never tried it so i cannot comment about the taste. But I guess it will be bitter!
    In case if you try let me know how it tastes :p
    And anything taken in excessive or less is bad for health, so optimium quantity is good!
    Many might try now after seeing this question, like I did!

  9. It’s not bad for your health, it’s just pretty terrible tasting.
    Some foods actually have coffee powder on them like tiramisu and some icecreams (I guess that counts as milk). The coffee powder could be a nice addition to some desserts to offset the sweetness in the flavor.
    Again, not bad for your health, just very bitter.

  10. One of the main ways coffee is thought to be good for us is its high antioxidant content. Coffee is actually high in a group of antioxidants called dietary phenolic compounds. These antioxidants are said to protect us from cardiovascular disease, inflammation and other nasty things.
    While these antioxidants can be found in lots of plant-based food and drink, coffee is a particularly good source. It’s no surprise that undiluted whole coffee beans are packed extra full of antioxidants. Nutrition-wise, 1oz of coffee beans contains about 85 calories, 13g of carbs and 11g of fiber. Just as any health benefits of coffee are amplified when eating the beans, so too are any negative effects.
    If you find brewed coffee gives you heartburn or other unwanted side-effects, these are likely to be worsened if you chew coffee beans in any significant quantity.
    Eating too many might also have a laxative effect or even lead to high cholesterol. Of course, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition that means you should exclude or limit caffeinated or acidic food/drink, eating coffee beans is probably not a good idea. If in doubt, seek medical advice.

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