Can the average Canadian grow their own coffee plant in their home year round?

Can the average Canadian grow their own coffee plant in their home year round?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “grow your own coffee kit

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  1. Coffee is an understory shrub which means it doesn’t like direct sunlight.
    It requires hot daytime conditions and for superior quality beans, cool nighttime conditions. This is why the best coffee is grown in the tropics and at altitude.
    Provided you can get viable seed, and provide warm enough conditions there is no reason why it wouldn’t grow indoors. Producing enough actual beans and of a decent quality could be a challenge.
    A heated, insulated greenhouse might do the trick. Or better yet, a thermally coupled in ground greenhouse.
    Try it with a few plants and see how it goes. Good luck!

  2. Yes, you could. I was able to grow some.
    You often hear people describe coffee plants as shrubs but it is actually a small tree with red coffee berries. There are 2 coffee beans inside the coffee berries.
    The coffee tree is a bit too large to make a good houseplant and in most houses they would tend to look too gangly because they would be trying to hard to get to the light.
    You would need to prune the top off regularly to keep the plant looking bushy.
    After it has been growing for 4 years it should be flowering.
    You need to be able to get unroasted (green) coffee beans if you want to start a coffee tree from seed, and I found they were hard to germinate. Only about 1 in 20 sprouted for me but a friend who custom roasted coffee told me he could get about 1 in 10 to sprout. I do not know if you can buy fresh seed or plants that are already started where you are but that would be easier than trying to sprout the beans that come from the coffee shippers.
    I doubt if you would get enough beans off one plant to make a cup of coffee, but you would have an odd and interesting houseplant.
    People grow odder houseplants like avocado trees which are very tall trees in the wild,

  3. There are no particular challenges to growing a coffee plant indoors that you would not face growing any other tropical or sub tropical plant.
    They are nominally classed as shade plants so they can survive the winter months of the year as long as they get some sunshine, real or fake, on a regular basis and are watered roughly once a week. They can grow and thrive in this situation without any special fertilizers as long they are in a big enough pot.
    While coffee plants can survive short periods of cool temperatures, they will die if exposed to cool or cold temperatures for any extended period of time.
    That being said, if you think you are going to make your own coffee off of this plant you are going to be disappointed. The plant produces white flowers that eventually turn into berries that don’t ripen at the same time. The average plant in this situation produces between 10–20 berries at the same time. That’s a grand total of 10–20 coffee beans for months of work and that’s before you take all the steps to get the coffee beans to the point were they can be roasted and ground into coffee.
    On the other hand, if you want to be able to brag to your friends that you grow your own coffee then go for it!


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