Can somebody be allergic to coffee? If so, what are the symptoms?

Can somebody be allergic to coffee? If so, what are the symptoms?

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  1. Yes. I am allergic. I have asthma and chemical sensitivity. I am so allergic that even being near the smell of coffee gives me an asthma attack. I have trouble breathing and no other symptoms.
    Other people may have different reactions depending on the kind of illness(Es) they have.
    Also they may not have a reaction until after drinking it, which may result in different symptoms.

  2. Yes, they can. I am severely allergic to coffee. And allergies vary & can change over time, as well. Have you ever seen allergy skin tests? A mild allergy will produce a bump similar to a mosquito bite (which is an allergic reaction by the way, it means you are allergic to mosquito saliva). When I was tested for coffee, I had a bump the size of a golf ball, it took 3 days of taking 50mg. of Benadryl, 4 times a day (the maximum amount) to make it go away. And my entire body itched for 3 days, as well.

  3. Yes they can.
    As for the symptoms, that could be almost anything. Allergic responses are different for everyone. Here are some of the possible reactions (there are probably others not listed here also):
    Generally with coffee, I’d expect some sort of itching or discomfort in the mouth and throat, possibly a paradoxyl reaction that causes you to fall asleep after drinking it (instead of feeling more awake), itchy skin, hives, sticky-feeling lips, and possible gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, cramping, diarrhea, vomiting.
    More uncommon allergic reactions that some people (like myself) have, can include cognitive disfunction, brain fog of various severities, anxiety, panic attacks, crying, depression and more.
    Note: if you just get bloating and the runs, it is more likely to be a sensitivity or intolerance. With allergy, those are usually combined with some of the other systemic responses.


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