Can I use espresso powder instead of instant coffee?

Can I use espresso powder instead of instant coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “espresso powder vs ground coffee

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  1. Why yes, you can! However, I would highly recommend learning the ways of the
    ‘ Türk kahves ’(Turkish Coffee)
    To begin, you need a metallic (preferably copper) container. Add about 1-2 heaping tea spoons (or 1 tablespoon) of coffee per demitasse cup (3 oz). Do not stir it yet. Just let the coffee “float” on the surface because if you stir it now you might cause it to clump up. (add sugar here)
    When the coffee starts to sink into the water and the water is warm enough to dissolve your sugar, stir it several times and then turn down the heat to low.
    When you see the bubbles forming on the surface, turn down the heat a little bit more or move your pot away from the heat source. Pay attention to the bubbles that are forming at this stage. Bubbles should be very small in size.
    From this point on watch your coffee carefully. Do not let the temperature get hot enough to start boiling. (NEVER LET IT BOIL) Keep producing those small bubbles.
    Keep it at the “foaming” stage as long as you can without letting it come to a boil. You might even gently stir your brew a little bit at this stage. The more froth, the better it will taste.
    Repeat this until the froth is caramel in color. This is also doable using an espresso steam wand (I tried) It is comparable to espresso in terms of strength.
    You may choose to filter the coffee at this point (if you dislike sediment much like the last drops of a french press)
    Serve with a glass of water and enjoy!

  2. I assume by ‘espresso powder’ you mean coffee ground to a size suitable for espresso. You certainly can make coffee this way; it’s not an optimal grind for what you’re doing, but honestly compared to instant, the wrong grind is not such a disaster. If the coffee was really ground to a fine powder, that sounds more like Turkish grind, which is usually drunk without any filtering.
    The main problems you have are:
    a bag of ground coffee you just found lying around will probably be stale (the fresher the better, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend using ground coffee more than a month after opening)
    You’ll want to filter out the grounds somehow so you don’t swallow too many – it’s safe to swallow coffee grounds but they don’t taste all that nice. Worst case scenario, you can scoop them off the top with a spoon (although you’ll tend to also throw away most of the oil if you do this).
    Don’t overextract the coffee: it should be fine if you drink it within a few minutes, but will be bad if you leave the grounds sitting in hot water for a long time.


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