Can I substitute butter with vegetable oil in a coffee cake?

Can I substitute butter with vegetable oil in a coffee cake?

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  1. Oil is 100% fat. Butter (in the U.S.A.) is about 85% fat. This changes the balance of whatever formula you are using. As such, the formula must be re-balanced with these new ratios. If you don’t know what you’re doing in this arena (you do not, or you would not have this question), select an appropriate formula. Replacing ingredients without truly understanding each and their functions/relationships is a Bad Plan.

  2. I use vegetable oil in all my cakes and my cakes come out pretty moist. You can also try to make your coffee cake using vegetable oil.
    My recipe for 1/2 kg Vanilla Cake
    1 cup Refined flour
    3/4 cup powdered sugar
    1/4 cup Vegetable oil
    3/4 cup Milk( Add as required)
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1/4 tsp baking soda
    1/4 tsp vanilla essence

  3. Sometimes, but not always. A ‘hard’ source of fat (margarine, butter, Crisco) will interact with the flour differently than oil does. It affects the ‘crumb’ and moisture. Sometimes you need to adjust baking soda/powder amounts. Often a recipe or box of cake mix will say “do not substitute oil” if they know its a problem.

  4. No, you can’t. your cake would be a mess. You can substitute unsweetened applesauce for oil in a cake recipe. But because butter is more solid, that would make your cake a runny mess.

  5. You can but just remember that there will be flavor and textural differences. Butter offers not just flavor but also the milk solids which help with the crumb. There’s water in butter which evaporates and that makes a cake or muffin a little more dense and provides a little more structure. That can be very helpful especially if you’re planning on layering a cake.
    Now vegetable oil on the other hand doesn’t offer any flavor. You may have heard chefs say “fat is flavor” a time or two? Not in this case! It’s not sweet, it’s not bitter, it’s not anything! However it does make bakes goods moist. It stays liquid and doesn’t evaporate at high temperatures so you’ll get a softer crumb, a less dense cake which means your cake or muffin will get higher lift and it will be very moist and tender. The downside is t…

  6. You would do better using a higher melting point fat that is solid at room temperature. There are many cooking fats / margarines designed for this purpose.

  7. Hi, I am keen to cook food and I have youtube channel home culinary Art.
    Your answer is under below :
    Yes, you can use oil instead of a butter. It does not effect the taste and texture of the cake. It remains same. It is economical and healthy too to use oil in baking items. I am leaving link of home culinary Art so you can better understand how to use oil in cakes.

  8. Probably but you would be better off to go buy some butter and do it right.
    First, in most cakes, you start the cake batter by creaming solid but soft butter with sugar together into a fluffy mass. This mass provides the beginning of the structure that will make your cake light and airy. Mixing a liquid like oil with sugar will give you a flatter, denser cake, which will take longer to properly bake.
    Vegetable oil is also flavor neutral, which is good for some things. Butter is not flavor neutral and provides a deep rich flavor into baked goods, and very likely the recipe you are using is balanced in a way that takes that butter taste into account.
    If you were desperate, you could get away with using oil as your fat in a cake, and end up with a flat, dense, less tasty cake.
    Butter is often found at even corner grocery stores or pharmacies. I recommend a quick walk to your nearest one, if there is a nearest one.

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  9. You can substitute 3/4 cup of vegetable oil for every 1 cup of butter .The vegetable oil does not have more health benefits as some of the other possible substitutions .But you can’t substitute oil for butter in most cake recipes because butter is a solid and serves a structural purpose.

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  10. Oil is not a good substitute for butter in recipes that call for butter.
    Butter contains water; oil does not contain water. If the recipe calls for butter, the water content of the butter was taken into account.

  11. Yes. It won’t have the added richness in terms of taste as butter, but it will actually end up being even moister than the butter cake version, and possibly even a bit more fluffier.

    Can I substitute butter with vegetable oil in a coffee cake?

    (from the Cake Blog)
    You see, the oil or the butter fat in the butter will add moisture to the cake. Butter though, tends to have anywhere from as much as 15% to even up to 30% WATER in it’s makeup. When you cook the cake, that water evaporates, reducing the moistness and the cake becomes denser as well.
    For example, think of POUND CAKE. You’re using ALL butter there, and it’s tasty as heck, but it’s also DENSE as heck as well.

    Can I substitute butter with vegetable oil in a coffee cake?

    (from Preppy Kitchen – Pound Cake)
    So go ahead, replace the butter with vegetable oil and you’ll see the difference in moistness and flavor. Another option if you want to preserve the moistness AND the flavor of butter, you could replace it with GHEE which is 100% butter fat. It’ll be decadent as heck.

  12. You can use butter in place of oil in cakes. Doing so will change their consistency though.
    Oil is lighter than butter, so cakes made with it will rise a little higher and have a more even crumb. Unlike oil, which is 100% fat, butter contains some water, which will strengthen the gluten in your cake batter, making a butter cake slightly tougher with a dense crumb.
    Butter tastes better than neutral cooking oils, which can be a benefit to cakes. Your coffee cake will likely include a combination of spices, nuts and fruits, which will mask the flavor of the butter though.
    So, it’s up to you to decide if butter is important to the cake or not. It will add a little flavor, but change the cake’s texture. Personally, I’d just butter a slice of cake if I wanted that flavor in each bite. In my opinion, oil is the better ingredient.

  13. By vegetable oils I think you mean 20th Century industrial pressed seed oils. The answer is not with the same level of health that you ensure with butter.


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