Can I put pure vinegar in my Keurig mini coffee machine?

Can I put pure vinegar in my Keurig mini coffee machine?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “cleaning keurig coffee maker with vinegar

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  1. Yes, you can use white distilled vinegar to clean your Keurig coffee machine. It will help descale your coffee maker by removing lime and scale buildup.
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  2. Actually that’s what we used to do with our older type coffee pots and such, but Keurig’s seem to be pretty different. Keurig makes a cleaner for the coffee pot and I would stick with that and I have seen them in the grocery stores. Hugs Renee

  3. Yes you can use vinegar to descale it. But you also have to let the machine stand for 4 hours after running it through the machine and before doing the several cleansing brews.
    However to make your coffee not have the weak taste. Clean the needles with a paperclip and do several cleansing brews.
    Or use a rinse pod to reduce the flavor carry over.
    But after each cleaning technique several cleansing brews should be performed. To get rid of the vinegar, to flush the machine from the grounds or to flush the rinse pod chemical.
    Visit Single Serve Coffee Makers & K-Cup Pods and their support page. Enter in the search bar how to clean. This brings up the needle cleaning instructions.


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