Can I plug a mini (one cup) Keurig into a power strip?

Can I plug a mini (one cup) Keurig into a power strip?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “coffee maker with long cord

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  1. I have mine plugged into a surge protector strip, versus a power strip. Since I have to unplug the microwave to run the dishwasher, or the fridge to run my washing machine, I keep everything on surge protectors, since I like to blow the fuses (old house). Then, I unplug one plug, versus two, and surge protectors can provide a guarantee of financial compensation if they fail.

  2. 1500w at 120v
    That’s 12.5 Amps
    Most US powerstrips are rated 15A maximum, so that’s pushing it close to it’s limits
    Not really advisable, it would be better to have it plugged directly into the outlet if at all possible (especially if the powerstrip is of the cheaper variety)

  3. Hi..
    The standard power strip, is designed to accept standard 2 prong and 3 prong plugs requiring normal house voltages.
    I assume your Keurig is a small coffee maker..
    The answer is yes..if your coffee maker has a standard plug to go into the power strip.
    The trick be smart, how you use the strip..and what is it supporting..
    You need to be careful..with liquids around power..Not to spill liquids into an active power strip..but the fuse it has..should trip before “the bad stuff” happens.
    But don’t count on this working correctly all the time….
    Be Safe


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