Can I drink water, tea or coffee when I’m fasting?

Can I drink water, tea or coffee when I’m fasting?

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  1. How strict do you want to be? If you’re being Super Strict, then likely only water should pass your lips. As with any change of eating, and a decision to fast, be sure your doctor has given you a clean bill-of-health.
    In the fasting that I do, annually, I totally give up eating, and the only liquids I drink are black coffee, unsweetened hot tea, and sometimes hot water, only, but I always keep a tumbler/travel mug of room temperature water at hand. In the last year of my fasting, I added watered-down white grape juice and watered-down apple juice (1:10, or greater-ratio of juice to water).
    Don’t drink acidic, nor red grape juices. The acids could really upset your stomach. Use no creamers, no sugars, no sweeteners, no good things. One gets used to it.
    Some bodies, dependent on age, can’t go without a little sugar, or stimulation, so it may be ok for you to have a little of those, water, tea, coffee. NEVER cut out good old water.
    A doctor, who has done fasting, suggested to one of our fasting group the watered-down juices to keep some of our people, with higher metabolisms, from passing out.

  2. Sure thing, just make sure the coffee or tea is unsweetened and without milk or creamer. Drinking shouldn’t break your fasting period.

  3. You asked,
    Can I drink water, tea or coffee during my Intermittent fasting day?
    Yes. You can do whatever you want with your diet, but I would not call drinking tea or coffee fasting in any context, intermittent or otherwise. Anything you do when you put stuff in your mouth is more accurately called dieting.
    Your body is on a diet whenever it is doing digestive work and must continue to be actively processing consumed foods and beverages, instead of enjoying the complete digestive system rest that fasting delivers. That’s one of the primary benefits of fasting – digestive rest.
    People often confuse dieting with fasting and offer erroneous advice, such as the prescription to “stay hyd…

  4. You had better do so. You need fluids.
    One thing I’ve found helps is to have a double slug of Metamucil or other fiber supplement (often thought of as laxatives, and they do have the effect of bulking up your stool, but most people don’t get enough fiber in any case). This gives a sensation of fullness when in the midst of a 16-, 18- or 24-hour fast. Get the sugar-free kind, as the sugar adds calories. You can get a 180-dose jar for about $25 at the major drugstores like Walgreens or CVS, and it sounds expensive but that means a double dose costs about 30 cents. That’s cheaper than both a) food, and b) breaking your fast.
    Don’t go nuts with this, though. One double dose a day is plenty. I have heard of extreme crash diets where they do this multiple times a day in lieu of eating altogether , and I don’t recommend that at all.

    Victor Allen’s

  5. Simply put yes, as long as you don’t add any additional calorie like milk or sugar. Coffee and tea by themselves are incredibly low in calories, so low that their effect is neglible and doesn’t break a fast. You body will remain in a fasted state even when drinking tea or coffee. Obiously the same is true for water.

  6. Yes liquids provided they contain no energy are fine so water is the best, followed by herbal tea unsweetened and black, then coffee unsweetened and black notice I don’t say white because any added milk will break your fast. also steer clear of any fluids with energy like sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, smoothies, beer, and wine. So keep hydrated during your fast just steer clear of any fluids with an energy source as this will most defiantly break your fast.

  7. As others have noted, it is not only recommended, but critical to remain hydrated during your fast, whether you’re fasting for 16–18 hours or for an entire 24 hour (or longer) period of time. The widely-held belief among many in the fitness community is that if you keep your caloric intake below roughly 30 calories you’ve effectively maintained the fast (even black coffee typically has around 5 calories). As long as you stick to black coffee or tea and lots of water you’re in good shape. Suger-free chewing gum is ok as well, although this may increase hunger (I have noticed this to be the case).
    In addition, one trick to ease hunger, is to drink sparkling water as this will help you feel a bit fuller during your fast.


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