Can I drink coffee when I’m taking vitamins and food supplements?

Can I drink coffee when I’m taking vitamins and food supplements?

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  1. There is no conflict between coffee and vitamins or food supplements.
    Indeed, coffee contains antioxidants with proven health benefit in the literature.
    That is NOT true for vitamins and food supplements. Those are rarely harmful but also rarely helpful. Except in cases of diagnosed deficiency, the literature does not show benefit.
    If one must make a choice, first eliminate sugar, then reduce starch as much as possible. Next reduce excess protein, especially plant.
    The recent international PURE study found that increased fat intake also increased longevity, at least through 48% of total calories. It also found that increased starch intake also increased mortality, especially past 65% of total calories.Increased protein intake reduced the rate of hypertension, at least through 17% of calories BUT the benefit was only shown for animal protein, not plant. That MAY be an artifact stemming from plant protein sources being associated with so much starch. One need not fear saturated fat from animal sources. Mortality increased when saturated fat declined below 7%-8% of total calories.
    Aim for 40%-50% from fat, 40%-50% from the slowest digesting starches and 15%-20% from animal protein. One can do that without vitamins or supplements. Those remain optional.

  2. Assuming you have no problems tolerating coffee when you’re not taking supplements and that the supplements themselves do not contain other similar stimulants (such as BMPEA, DMAA, xanthine, yerba mate, ephedra, and others), I can think of no reason why you can’t drink coffee.
    Note that some of these “natural supplements” can contain stimulants under other names, so you may want to check with your pharmacist.
    There are no documented adverse interactions between coffee or caffeine and vitamins.

  3. Yes but please keep in mind to keep a track on caffeine intake (both, via tea and coffee). Over doing caffeine can majorly fluctuate energy levels and tends to become addiction.


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