Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

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  1. Coffee alone does not cause weight gain — and may, in fact, promote weight loss by boosting metabolism and aiding appetite control. However, it can negatively affect sleep, which may promote weight gain. Additionally, many coffee drinks and popular coffee pairings are high in calories and added sugar. “This can lead to increased blood sugar, which then leads to increased insulin hormone producing, leading to insulin resistance.” Excess cortisol can lead to effects like weight gain, sleep problems and compromised immune response.

  2. No I do not think so but it also depends on what you put in your coffee. If you use a lot of sugar and sweetened creamer then you can weight.
    If you are on a Keto Diet and you use heavy cream or organic half and half and stevia you should be fine. And 1-2 cups of coffee per day is generally should be enough.
    Drinking too much caffeine in coffee can make you nervous and stress you. The caffeine can wreck havoc on your adrenaline system and interfere with your stress hormones. I would recommend that you dont drink more that 2 cups of coffee per day. I know that there are some people who drink 4-6 cups and more of coffee per day and I personally think that is too much
    I reccomend taking multivitamins and and vitamins C and D and also to take 50mg of DHEA per day for coffee drinkers.
    Wake up and have a nice cup of coffee.
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  3. Not a popular opinion but YES, caffeine increases cortisol levels. Cortisol is your stress hormone and elevated levels of cortisol will make it much harder, if not impossible to lose weight. Cut out the coffee for a few weeks, yoh can always go back to it if you see no results.

  4. Been there! I was messing my weight up by drinking reg. Coffee. But then I found a coffee that has all the right ingredients to help me shed pounds, and give me extra energy throughout the day! For coffee lovers looking for weight management its definitely out there!

  5. My opinion yes. Especially copious amounts. Coffee is a diuretic so you will urinate more. It’s an appetite suppressant and it gives you more energy.

  6. Coffee alone does not cause weight gain — and may, in fact, promote weight loss by boosting metabolism and aiding appetite control. However, it can negatively affect sleep, which may promote weight gain. Additionally, many coffee drinks and popular coffee pairings are high in calories and added sugar.

  7. Hello there! Well, if we’re talking about coffee alone, then coffee does not make you gain weight. It would do the opposite, rather. It can influence weight loss by boosting your metabolism and helping you control your appetite.
    However, if we’re talking about coffee that has sugar and creamer, then that’s a different story. Sugar and creamer are natural calories for the body and will eventually become fat when consumed too much. The same goes for other coffee drinks that have different flavours and ingredients.
    So if you’re worried that coffee might give you unnecessary weight gain, then only drink black coffee that is unsweetened and without cream. It may be bitter for your taste, so slowly sip it from your cup in my advice.
    You can start your day healthy by drinking a cup of coffee daily. It’s important to consider the ingredients in your drink when preparing or ordering it. Have a good cup today!

  8. Hi, caffeine does not cause weight gain but eating more calories but burning less every day, does cause weight gain. caffeine does stimulation, you can use it as pre workout. as per general guideline Up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults.


  9. Coffee is just Hot Drink only. when preparation of coffee using Milk, Sugar and coffee power. Coffee which contain caffeine. Coffee will not causes weight gain.

  10. Not if you don’t add sugar or milk as coffee has zero calories. But it is diuretics meaning it makes you goes to toilet a lot and therefore excessive coffee consumption can cause dehydration.

  11. Only if you add loads of sugar and/or heavy or whipped cream. Repeat that process every day. Don’t get much physical activity. And, you will surely gain weight.

  12. Generally, coffee itself cannot make you gain weight. As a matter of fact, caffeine has properties that help boost your body’s metabolic rate and increase the process of burning fat in your body.
    Though, having coffee with excessive amounts of creamer, sugar, and other ingredients is a whole different thing.
    For reference, a plain cup of brewed coffee can have 1–5 calories with no sugar or creamer.
    But, a cup of brewed coffee with cream and sugar can have at least 50–100 calories per 12 oz. The additional ingredients that you put in your coffee is what makes you pile on your calories, but not coffee itself.

  13. If you drink it as a part of calorie deficit diet then it’s a part of your weight loss. If it’s a part of calorie excess diet, then it’s a part of weight gain.

  14. YES, if it has milk and sugar in it absolutely it can cause weight gain. I have personally gone through this as I started a new job I am sitting behind a desk all day and consuming tons of pre-made coffee drinks that contain 300 calories per bottle. I was consuming around 1200 calories in just my coffee a day. That did not leave much left for food intake. Two months and 20lbs later I have cut back almost all of my coffee and replaced it with water.

  15. Yes it can. It can also do the opposite and help you lose weight. See, coffee itself is very low in calories and helps to boost burning fat, so coffee isn’t bad. If you add anything to it, it becomes bad. Drinking your coffee completely black with no oils, sugar, cream or milk is the best way to do it as coffee in itself is a really healthy beverage with a lot of nutrients, antioxidants etc.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this

  16. Cold brew coffee is a good alternative to having coffee without a lot of sugar which would lead to weight gain. Cold brew is not a strong tasting as regular black coffee.

  17. Yet, coffee contains caffeine, which may lead to poor sleep and more sugar cravings in certain individuals — both factors which may negatively impact weight. In addition, many coffee beverages contain added sugar and excessive calories. Caffeine is a natural stimulant commonly found in coffee, tea, and soda. Per serving, coffee typically contains the highest amount of caffeine of these three beverages.
    Caffeine may improve your metabolism — a measure of how many calories your body burns each day. This is one reason why caffeine is included in many weight loss supplements. Still, some research shows that regular caffeine intake may improve body weight maintenance and weight loss. In one study, an increase in caffeine intake was associated with less weight gain over 12 years. Yet, the participants who consumed the most caffeine were only about 1 pound (0.4–0.5 kg) lighter than those with lower caffeine intakes

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

    Although some studies suggest that coffee may be beneficial for weight loss, it may also negatively impact weight in several ways. This may be helpful if you need an extra jolt of energy. However, if consumed later in the day, coffee may interfere with your sleep patterns. Many people associate coffee with a sweet treat, such as a pastry. That’s because caffeine alters your perceived sense of sweetness, which may result in craving sugary foods.
    Some diets even encourage coffee drinking. The ketogenic diet, for instance, promotes bulletproof coffee, which mixes coffee with butter and a supplement called MCT oil. , which uses a point system to track every food you eat each day, lists black coffee as a Zero-Point beverage, meaning there is no limit to how much you can drink.
    If you’re not careful, though, your cup of coffee can easily swerve into unhealthy territory. If you add sweeteners, milk, and other high-calorie ingredients, you could be pushing 300 to 500 calories per drink.
    As for the fancy coffee drinks, like Peppermint Mochas and Pumpkin Spice Lattes — avoid them! “Those drinks are probably the worst thing for those seeking to lose weight,” Gillespie says. “They are packed with calories and sugar, often containing several hundred calories in just one drink.”
    A better option is to slowly dial back how much cream and sugar you use over time. If you usually use 2 ounces of cream in your coffee, cut back to using 1.5 ounces for a week. Then cut that down to 1 ounce the week after. By slowly reducing the amount you use by small amounts, you’re much more likely to adapt to your coffee’s new taste.

  18. green coffee bean extract pill would relate to weight loss. ive tried it, it works. you have to keep up with it though because its not a magic weight loss pill you can take and continue to live your normal life. take it, go for walks/runs. eat clean, all this will ((speed)) up the weight loss journey while taking the GCBE. as far as i know it speeds up the metabolism using fat as energy for the body.

  19. Coffee has become a health food in many fields, and it even borders on sacrilegious to some. Too much drinking coffee or overloading ourselves with such drinks make us weight gain. And the most significant effect is related to caffeine, which has the potential of making your cells more insulin resistant.

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

    Although coffee is healthy in itself, you can quickly turn it into something harmful to sugar. Added sugar is arguably one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet.
    The final point is that for all those who can’t make it through their day without multiple cups of coffee , a new study suggests that the extra caffeine could help with weight loss .

  20. Coffee itself has almost no calories, so it will not make you gain weight. It makes you a bit more active, which can only aid with weight loss. It doesn’t raise your appetite, so I don’t see any indirect influence on weight gain.
    But of course the more sugar and milk or cream you add, the more calories. And if your habit is to eat cake with your coffee, that will be even more calories. But that’s not the problem of the coffee, it’s your habits of how you consume it.

  21. Hi, this is Rixon and I had join this website in 2018, but not actively, today I’m back here to contribute my experience with you in this answer, the way nice to see all of you here!
    I love cuppa coffee, not just ordinary coffee, is a premium coffee, it not only smells good and tastes delicious, but coffee is also the most popular morning beverage consumed around the world, it helps us kick-start our morning and keeps us energised through the day. Coffee is known as a great workout booster in our body, Though the drink is most popular for boosting energy, it can also be healthy and help with your weight loss.
    The reason why how is it even love coffee so much:

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

    Benefits of Coffee
    1. Coffee contains caffeine, tannin, fixed oil, carbohydrates and proteins, which can help improve digestive health, increase blood circulation, and respiration. And lead to better heart health.
    2. It contains caffeine, which boosts metabolism, improves energy, and can promote weight loss.
    3. Black coffee is a natural healer, many people end up weighing more due to excess water weight, With the help of the black coffee extra water content in the body through urination, helps to shed out extra pounds of water without any threatening side effects.
    Disadvantage and Risks of Coffee
    1. Never consume a bad quality coffee, it has a lot of impurities in it, which can headaches or general bad feelings. A cup of coffee can be toxic if your coffee is made from beans that have been ripped or ruined, but no worry if you invest and buy the good or high-quality speciality coffee you don’t have to worry about this.
    2. Never drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day, as the maximum amount of caffeine is about 400 milligrams.
    3. If you have high cholesterol or are caffeine sensitive, pregnant or a child (or a parent of one), you should pay attention to coffee drinking.
    Hope you benefited from this answer, please vote and share it’s been useful for you 🙂

  22. There’s only one thing that can cause weight gain, which is consuming more calories than you expend. If you put sugar / milk / cream in the coffee, it’s got calories. If these calories take you from “enough” to “too many”, it may cause weight gain; if not, not.

  23. Coffee flavoring ( such as extract or decaf instant coffee) is used frequently to stimulate appetite in patients who are underweight or undergoing chemotherapy.
    Caffeine spikes the body’s natural insulin level. If you wish to lose weight, stick to Decaf coffee and be sure to use sweeteners sparingly.

  24. Coffee itself has very, very few calories. However, the stuff you put in it like cream and sugar do have a lot of calories. So the answer is no, unless you load it with other stuff that has a lot of calories.
    Here is a calorie counter app that will help you find out how many calories are in foods:
    FREE Food Journal & Diet Tracker

  25. The caffeine itself can curb your appetite, leading to weight loss but it depends on how you have it, if you drink it black without sugar, it could be beneficial, but if you drink processed iced coffee drinks with unhealthy amounts of saturated fats and large amounts of added sugar, or add sugar to your own coffee, that would cause weight gain. It’s not the coffee that causes weight gain, it’s what you add to it, how much you add and how how large the quantities you consume it. That’s what determines the amount of weight gain or loss. Just like anything else you consume, if you make a salad with just fresh produce alone, there will be basically no fats, sugars, sodium, and extra calories. But if you add cheese, salad dressing, bacon, cream based sauces etc, your ‘healthy’ salad will no longer be as healthy as you’d like to anticipate. Unfortunately, the better it tastes, the more unhealthy it probably is lol.

  26. Others are correct in saying that black coffee offers very little in terms of calories and that coffee with milk, cream, sugar, and other ingredients can start packing on the calories.
    But regardless how you drink your coffee, coffee CANNOT make you gain weight, nor help you lose it.
    What makes you gain weight is taking in more calories than you expend.
    With this in mind, you can go to Starbucks and order a Venti Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino (670 calories) every day for the rest of your life and not gain weight if everything you eat and drink for the day doesn’t exceed your total daily calorie requirements.
    Conversely, you can gain weight if you drink a cup of black coffee (1 calorie) every day of your life and exceed your total daily calorie requirements when everything you eat and drink is tallied for the day.
    This is all too say that coffee by itself CANNOT make you gain weight, neither can any other food or beverage.

  27. For sure coffee is about losing weight, since caffeine accelerates metabolism.
    But be careful not to eat a lot of cookies during the coffee break 🙂

  28. The way we drink coffee today: Extra cream, loads of sugar, full-fat milk and some chocolate or high fructose corn syrup on top with some whipped cream- IT CAN.

  29. Coffee is and has always been, a controversial drink, since much has been said about its influence on body weight, blood pressure and other aspects of people’s health.
    However, we still don’t know for sure if coffee makes you fat.
    For this reason, I will dedicate ourselves to gathering data that allows us to answer the headline’s question:
    Does coffee make you fat?

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

    And in this way, I will be able to know if it is advisable to include it or not in a weight loss plan.
    A long time ago, in 2008, a study carried out on athletes found that the combination of caffeine with carbohydrates allowed an efficient post-effort recovery because coffee favored the assimilation of carbohydrates .
    It is in this study on which many believe that coffee can increase the absorption of carbohydrates from food and promote weight gain.
    However, many have not evaluated the research in depth, since in it, the dose of caffeine was equivalent to drinking 5 or 6 cups of coffee together with a drink rich in carbohydrates.
    For this reason, coffee in a person who consumes it in moderation and reasonably, cannot produce weight gain as a consequence of greater absorption of carbohydrates.
    Well, in most cases, we do not exceed 2 or 3 cups a day and we do not drink all of them at the same time.
    That is to say, the conditions in the life of a normal person, change a lot with respect to those used in the study with athletes to favor the recovery of glycogen.
    On the other hand, we know that coffee can generate, among its side effects, nervousness, insomnia and anxiety , therefore, the greater stress caused by these symptoms may be the cause of a greater intake of food.
    Also, anxiety and stress are not a good company for weight loss.
    Likewise, coffee provides calories from carbohydrates and proteins basically, although it also contains fats in its composition.
    But if we drink it in moderation, the caloric intake will not be significant enough to produce an increase in weight.
    In conclusion, coffee has been shown to have health benefits and to be an aid in athletes, but in a weight loss plan, it cannot be confirmed that coffee makes you fat and therefore, as long as it is within your habits, you can include it in moderation, not exceeding 2 or 3 cups a day and if you notice that its intake causes nervousness and increased anxiety, the ideal would be to replace it with its decaffeinated version so that food intake does not increase because of this.


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  31. Black coffee, most likely no. There have been several studies indicating that black coffee has many benefits. What you put in your coffee can contribute to weight gain if consumed excessively. Many coffee beverages are high in fat, high in sugar, and contain additional “empty” (or non-nutrient containing) calories. In moderation, these drinks are fine, but like anything overconsumption is not good.

    Victor Allen’s

  32. Coffee, Sweetmeats Packaged Juices, Chocolates all of which contain a lot of sugar should be restricted or completely removed from your diet In fact it is best to not consume these items at all
    So, at conclusion we got that coffee can make you gain weight

  33. It depends on the type of coffee you are having.Black coffee without sugar won’t make you gain weight.If you are having a version with lots of cream and full fat milk, it will.

  34. Might have a really small effect. Caffeine can make you more alert, focused, energetic – and as such you may end up being more active and burn more calories. Thus needing to consume more food to increase your weight.
    But I doubt the effect is particularly noticeable.

  35. It really depends. If you’re talking coffee like a daily frappuccino? Definitely. If you’re talking about a cup of black coffee in the morning? No! A cup of coffee has virtually no calories, (only about 3–5) making it a good start to your day. It also provides you with caffeine to boost your energy, metabolism and mood.

  36. If caffeine can have a small positive effect in a perspective of weight loss or maintenance , badly consumed, coffee can conversely make you fat. Indeed, coffee alone is a zero calorie drink. But accompanied by sugar, milk, cream … it can very quickly turn into a calorie bomb and a weight gain factor, especially if it is consumed several times a day. In case of diet , we will then prefer it black and without sugar.

  37. It makes no difference – unless you are planning to get so wired with caffeine that you use up extra calories in manic activity. Black coffee is compatible with most diets.

  38. Well, to be frank, I was delaying in answering this question in Quora since I myself was little doubtful with some of the research findings. But finally, my search ended with an article in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition[3].
    So let me put it in simple and straightforward points that Coffee does not cause an increase in weight. It all depends on how you prepare your Coffee.

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

    Adding 2-3 sachet of sugar and full cream milk to your Coffee will definitely do more harm than good to you.
    On the other hand, your body will love you if you drink your Coffee with skim milk or no milk and minimal to no sugar.
    So let us see how Coffee helps in weight loss:
    By inducing satiety
    You can notice that a cup of coffee before a meal can cause satiety i.e., a feeling of being full. This is due to the increase in the level of adrenaline after consumption of Coffee.
    2. Thermogenesis
    Thermogenesis means producing heat in the body. Caffeine in coffee has thermogenic property. It boosts your metabolism and increases fat burning.
    Takeaway points,
    Coffee is safe if consumed in moderation i.e., 3 cups maximum[2].
    Avoid full cream milk and sugar with Coffee.
    Avoid excess consumption of Coffee during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    Never drink Coffee on an empty stomach as it might cause stomach upset, nausea and vomiting[1].
    Try to avoid Coffee before going to bed as it might cause insomnia.
    Finally, a weight loss plan can never depend solely on one thing. You need to consider a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight significantly.
    Happy weight loss! Take care
    1. Coffee: Benefits, Precautions and Dosage.1mg
    2. Garattini S. Overview. In: Garattini S, ed. Caffeine, coffee and health.New York, NY: Raven Press, Ltd., 1993:399–403
    3. Greenberg JA, Boozer CN, Geliebter A.Coffee, diabetes, and weight control.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.2006;84:682-693.

  39. Black Coffee has zero calories therefore you will not gain weight. However, if you have a Grande extra whipped mocha with chocolate drizzle everyday, you will gain weight and your wallet/purse will be lighter. Stick to a black coffee with one sugar pack if you can’t do it black. Good luck.

    Eight O’Clock

  40. Coffee can make you gain weight when you don’t drink just straight black coffee. Adding all the sugars and sweeteners, caramel, etc will boost up the unneeded calories.

  41. The truth is that Coffee itself can not make you gain weight. The most important problem is that keep on drinking Coffee based beverages, for may tempt you to eat more snacks and more larger meals. Moreover, Caffeine increases the stress hormone, which causes your body to increase its energy stores also raises heart rate and blood pressure.

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

  42. Yes, excess coffee intake may lead to weight gain. This is primarily due to its caffeine content. An average person consumes about 300 mg of caffeine every day, mainly through coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, tea, and energy drinks.

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

  43. No, Coffee increases the metabolism of the body and help in reducing body weight.

    Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

    Benefits of drinking coffee are given below:
    Helps in warming up the body.
    It reduces the risk of kidney stones
    Provide instant energy to the body.
    Treats asthma and headache
    Lessen the risk of depression
    Protect from diabetes
    Reduces the risk of liver cancer
    Reduces the workout pain
    Prevention against heart diseases.
    Boost up the memory power

  44. Coffee, in and of itself, has no calories. What can put on the pounds is all the stuff people like to add to their coffee. A Starbucks eggnog latte is over 400 calories.

  45. Coffee has zero calories. It is what you add to the coffee that can pack on the pounds.
    Sugar is 9 calories / 0.1 oz.
    Creamers are even worse.
    Cream Product Calories per 1 oz./ 28 gr / Fat (gr)
    Calories in Cream, Coffee-Mate’s Creamers French Vanilla) 69 cal / 3 g
    Calories in Cream, Coffee-Mate’s Creamers (Hazelnut) 69 cal / 3 g
    Calories in Cream, Coffee-Mate’s Creamers (Original) 142 cal / 7.1 g
    Calories in Cream, Half Cream 39 cal / 3.5 g
    Calories in Cream, Half & Half (Fat-Free) 18 cal / 0.4 g
    Calories in Cream, Single 55 cal / 5.3 g
    Calories in Cream, Whipping (Heavy, 37% fat) 98 cal / 10.5 g
    Original question: Does coffee cause weight gain?

  46. It does not make you gain weight unless you put sugar then yes.
    Every cup of coffee is normally under 100 calories. If you put it with sugar then it would be over 100 calories per cup.
    For example Starbucks, their coffee is very sugary. Their lattes and frappes are very sugary with 400–600 calories each. I used to drink there a lot and I remember that I gained 11 pounds from just drinking Starbu…


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