Can caffeinated soda make you shorter in height?

Can caffeinated soda make you shorter in height?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “does drinking coffee make you shorter

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  1. No! But It might make your waist expand if the soda has a lot of sugar included.
    The term “it might stunt your growth” has been used in a joking way about many things. But mostly it is bullshit.

  2. No, I don’t see how a person can physically turn shorter. Unless of course you are asking whether it can stunt your growth, the answer to that is no. Height is something that is determined by genetics and not by what you eat or drink. It can however have other negative health consequences which I think you are aware. So in conclusion, can it stunt your growth , no.

  3. There is no evidence that caffeinated soda has any direct effect on your height.
    It’s been determined that coffee doesn’t stunt growth and diet coke doesn’t stunt growth.
    There are 2 things that can affect your growth:
    Profound lack of sleep
    It’s possible that if you drink far too much caffeinated drinks it could have an affect on your appetite and sleep patterns.
    If you moderate your consumption of these drinks it should have no effect on your height.
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