Can a police dog sniff out marijuana packed in coffee?

Can a police dog sniff out marijuana packed in coffee?

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  1. In order to beat a dog you have to beat the handler. In order to beat the handler you have to make them lose faith in their animal, to do this you need to hide it somewhere the dog might look even of it’s not smelling the drugs. In the case of a human trying to escape and evade that means hiding in some awful spots, like in or around a rotten animal corpse, the idea being that the dog will go to the corpse looking for you but the handler will believe it’s only interested in the corpse. So why would a dog be interested in coffee? It wouldn’t, so if it sniffed the coffee you’re done. Hide it in a couple of bags inside a cooler of meat though? The handler should open it take a quick look and promptly ignore it because obviously the dog got distracted by food. Hope this helps!

  2. Odor Proof Bags in a Controlled Setting The dog did not indicate to the odor of marijuana. He replicated the experiment with other types of narcotics such as cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin and the dog did not indicate.

  3. Absolutely ! Just search online for clips from ‘UK Border Force’ – and you’ll see just how effective our customs (and police) dogs are – at detecting even the smallest traces of contraband.

  4. Let me put it this way. If you put a bud on top of a pile of coffee beans, would you be able to see the nug, or would all the coffee beans somehow confuse your eyes so that the weed became invisible?
    No? It’d be clearly obvious on top of the pile?
    Yeah, that’s how smell is for dogs. Especially sharp-nosed dogs. You can’t hide smells in other smells. It just doesn’t work any better than trying to hide a thing by putting it on top of other things would work for human eyes.
    You need smelly-pr…

  5. Yes…. I have worked with K-9’s that could smell 6 seeds. You may be able to hide the sent from humans… but a well trained dog good luck!
    PS – if your ever caught by a dog – always ask for training records and find out how many “false positive hits” (handler led false positives). Some dogs are to eager to please and just want thier you so they will show a positive when there isn’t one. Most people trust K-9’s and a good portion of thier hits are accurate, but even they are fallible esp if the dog is on their 2nd handler and the handler is green.

  6. Yes. That coffee deal is an old urban myth. Real drug smugglers have known for years that it doesn’t work. Way back when I was a young Lieutenant I got to watch a demonstration of one of the Air Force’s drug sniffers. A cop put a small sample bag of grass into a glass mayonnaise jar and filled it with coffee grounds. Then he sealed the screw on lid and THEN buried the jar under the gravel of their parking lot. The handler brought out the dog and directed him to a nearby parked car. The dog actually walked around the car giving it a quick nose inspection. Nothing. Then, the dog, on its own, walked over and sat down at the spot where the jar was buried and waited for his handler to dig it up. His reward was getting to chase a tennis ball a few times.

  7. I’ve done this answer before, but here it is again:
    Imagine you’re cooking a stew. You throw in meat, a few different veggies, some salt, pepper, etc. It smells fantastic. It smells like soup! You can’t really differentiate between the ingredients anymore, you just smell them altogether as soup. You can still see the parts, but you can only smell them as a whole.
    A dog is the exact opposite. It’s eyes aren’t very helpful, it just sees a mash of greyish liquid mush, maybe a little color if there’s some yellows or blues (blue? what the heck are we cooking?) bobbing around in there. But it’s nose, ho-boy, it’s nose works like our eyes do. It can smell the meat, can smell each individual veggie, the salt, the pepper, even the etc! A dog’s nose can differentiate between all these ingredients with ease, it can probably smell the pot you’re cooking in, and the type of fuel source you used. My point is, a dog can differentiate between smells like we can differentiate with our eyes, only 1000× better. They’re capable of picking up just a few, scant molecules of scent, and can determine exactly what those molecules wafted off of

    Eight O’Clock

  8. Original Question: Can a police dog sniff out marijuana packed in coffee?
    Oh yes! Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell; in fact it’s their main source of information about the world in which they live.
    Just consider the fact that a dog the size of those typically used for sniffing out drugs (and explosives) has up to 300 million olfactory receptors in its nose compared to only about 6 million in us humans. Not only that, but the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours. That’s a huge capability for distinguishing smells.
    Whereas we humans navigate our way around using sight as the main tool for mentally mapping out our environment, dogs use smell, and to use an analogy, just as you might easily see a few leaves of a different colour on a whole tree, a dog, especially as trained dog, will just as easily be able to smell out the equivalent proportion of marijuana contained in a whole consignment of coffee.
    Obviously they’re not infallible, sometimes missing drugs which have been packed in airtight containers, the outsides of which have been thoroughly cleaned to remove all drug traces as a result of handling, and sometimes sniffing out false positives of other materials whose smell, chemically speaking, is similar to that which they’ve been trained to detect. In fact I’ve had a sniffer dog make a beeline for my hand luggage at an airport, getting quite excited about it, but to this day I’m still puzzled as to what it could have smelt!
    I’m sure a great many drug dealers have been caught out by believing such urban myths as this.

  9. Yes.
    A police dog has exceptionally good olfactory glands compared to a human.
    An example another answer pointed out, and one that was used during my K9 training, is to imagine walking into a McDonald’s. You smell the scent of what a McDonald’s typically smells like with all the differen things being cooked and combined. A dog smells those burger patties, the lettuce, pickles, fries, skin cells falling off the human in line, the sweat droplets from one of the cooks, the smell of plastic balls in the ball pit, etc, etc.
    The dog can smell all these things, process them in its brain, and differentiate between them. With this, you can pair a certain scent with a reward when the dog alerts to its presence. If you were inclined to, you could teach your dog to alert to the presence of burger patties from McDonald’s, or the lettuce, or both, etc.
    It takes very great amounts of work to actually conceal the scent of something from a dog. We’re talking really air-tight containers, probably of glass material to keep the scent from leaking through the material itself, deep chemical cleaning of the entire exterior, packaging in an area with proper ventilation, changing clothes, deep cleaning ones body, and even with all that, maybe wait several days for the scents to dissipate. And even with all those steps taken, if even one or two scent molecules still exist, then a properly trained dog could likely still detect the scent.
    Dogs sense of smell is comparable, somewhat, to our eye sight. Dogs “see”/interact with the world with their noses. We see a new person by looking at them and knowing who they are with eye sight. A dog does the same, but with their nose.
    So, in short, will the sage old advice of packing coffee around marijauna actually work? No. Any dog can smell through the coffee and differentiate the marijuana. In fact, coffee is a common item we use in training to proof our dogs.

  10. K9s or sniffer dogs are trained to react to excess coffee for that reason. They are also, however, trained NOT to react to excess ammonia. Still, if it isn’t vac sealed or on a smell sack bag or carbon bag, they’ll smell it.


  11. My labrador, although not working for the police, was able to find me my spliff or weed anywhere.
    When a friend found out about this, he wanted my dog to sniff some packages he had prepared, he obviously wanted to do a drug transport with them. Since it is not illegal in my country to have weed, I agreed for 15kg of IAMS dogfood.
    The guy used everything, vacuum, vitamine B, you name it.
    After 45kg of IAMS he gave up.
    So yes, a police dog can, if my non-police dog could already do it.

  12. I had a K-9 that smelled one seed wrapped in tin foil way back in a drawer in a house. She had a $30,000. bounty put on her by am/c bike club. She could sniff drugs like you wouldn’t believe….and people too.

  13. The most police dogs won’t find it, most of ’m are trained to find clean bags of weed that are conceiled in clean areas (like concealed cabinets in cars and stuff like that). Some dogs that are trained better will sniff it out anyway.
    you should try to pack the weed in coffee first, then double seal it, and put it in a liquid container. if they x-ray it, they will find it at once, but the dogs won’t find it.
    BTW all customs dogs will find it.

  14. Yes. Easily too. The analogy I was told by a handler was imagine you have a bowl full of clear marbles and one red one. It doesn’t matter how many marbles are in the bowl, you can clearly see the red one, can’t you? Scent works for the same way for the dog. Sure, there’s a hundred other scents in there, but finding the right one is still as easy for him as finding the red marble would be for us.

  15. No. Dogs are able to break up all the components that make up a general odor into all the components. They smell the coffee and the weed. We don’t have olfactory abilities like that. We smell the general odors but not the specific odors. We smell what ever is strongest and not the lesser odors buried beneath.
    a dog has a nose that is absolutely amazing. If we could tame them to detect drugs, a bear is even more sophisticated in their smell detecting abilities. Imagine what that would look like. A bear being used to smell your luggage at the airport when you go through customs 🙂

    Victor Allen’s


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