Top 7 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands Review 2022

Do you like Puerto Rican coffee?

If the answer is yes, then you are in for a treat. The recipe below will give you an idea of how to make this delicious drink at home.  And if the answer is no, well this article could also be useful as it gives information about what Puerto Rican coffee is and why it’s so different from other types of coffee. It may just change your mind!

Puerto Rican coffee brands are a few of the most popular brands in Puerto Rico, and for good reason. These companies have been around for decades and provide both an excellent product as well as great service to their consumers. 

Seven big names may not be known outside of Puerto Rico but within the island they are considered to be some of the best choices you can make when it comes to picking out your next cup of joe. The following article will give you all the information you need about these seven top-notch brands so that you know which one is right for you next time you’re craving a nice hot day drink! 

Quick Summery:

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Alto Grande
Premium Coffee
Whole Bean
Yaucono Ground
Coffee Bagged
Cafe Rico
Ground Regular
Puerto Rican
Cafe Crema
Ground Puerto
Rican Coffee
Café Lareño
Ground Coffee
Puerto Rican
Cafe de
Oro de
Puerto Rico
Café Lareno
de Puerto Rico

1. Top 7 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands Review 2022:

1. Alto Grande Premium Coffee Whole Bean:

Features We Love:

  • Gourmet coffee for the discerning palate.
  • Creates a unique coffee experience.
  • Great taste, aroma, and flavor.
  • Premium quality coffee beans. 
  • Smooth and creamy taste.

Every cup of Alto Grande is a lifetime achievement, shaped by Purosillo and Enrique Ramos-Val enanzado to please the world’s most discerning palates.

Taste the legacy of an Ivory Coast family with Honduran descendants who have been handcrafting coffee longer than any other in Puerto Rico since 1902.

Choose this fragrant treasure from a rare blend of Arabica beans grown under ideal conditions on or near plantations that once belonged to Curaçao King Willem III, Emperor Nicholas I Russia II and Joseph Bonaparte. The darkest espresso roast will enthrall your senses while you enjoy its full body chocolate undertones and sweet pointed aroma.

The highest quality, most costly beans are roasted by hand on site. The roast is customizable with specific degrees of satisfaction available to the diverse palettes of coffee drinkers all over the world. It’s environmentally friendly too, not one bag of our coffee has ever been exported — it stays right here in the rural communities of Costa Rica. This product proudly carries Hacienda Alto Grande’s seal of distinction and unique grapefruit zest aroma that you won’t find anywhere else!

2. Yaucono Ground Coffee Bagged:

Features We Love:

  • Yaucono is the best-selling coffee in Puerto Rico.
  • Creates an excellent coffee or espresso drink .
  • Keeps you focused for hours on end.
  • It has a rich flavor. 
  • It’s smooth and well balanced. 

Yaucono’s wide variety of coffee is roasted to perfection, with the best beans in the world. They are hand picked and processed to an ultra fine grind giving them an exquisite taste. With out tempting flavors like sweet caramel, sugar cane molasses, raspberry cream iced tea and more than just your basic varieties like “republican roast” or “medium tasting roast” this means that anyone will find their flavor match in Yaucono!

The most popular Puerto Rican household brand for decades is finally available in bagged form complete with it’s own signature logo design on every pack so you can make your mark wherever you go! One sip of these amazing coffees and it won’t be long until you’re singing it’s praises.

Our coffee beans are handpicked and roasted to perfection, then ground to ultra-fine consistency. Say sayonara to granules! Yaucono has a rich flavor with smooth finish that is perfect for your morning or afternoon cup of Joe

Make the best decision you will make all day when you choose this powerful blend.

3. Cafe Rico Ground Regular Puerto Rican Coffee:

Features We Love:

  • It’s a strong brand with a long history of success.
  • Provides a rich and smooth coffee experience.
  • Taste the difference with a bold, rich flavor.
  • Provides a smooth and full bodied roast.
  • Made in Puerto Rico with 100% Arabica Beans.

In Puerto Rico, Café Rico doesn’t need a menu. In fact, it needs no advertisement. It isn’t sold at grocery stores or any other retail location—the company simply relies on word of mouth and the power of its sophisticated distribution network to ensure that their coffee is delivered fresh from farm to table in order to fulfill local demand for this island-born beverage. But what if you too want a cup of Cafe Rico?

Here’s where we can help you cross your eyes with deliciousness: simply peruse our website for further information about who we are as well as how Hawaii Hawaii Island Cuisine became involved in distributing this amazing product! We have fine products available for purchase online now, so enjoy!

Get the full island flavor you’ve been waiting for in your morning cup of joe! Our premium blend is a favorite among coffee drinkers that savor robust flavor profiles found in island coffees. Keep you mind focused with this delicious bean.

4. Cafe Crema Ground Puerto Rican Coffee:

Features We Love:

  • Premium quality coffee.
  • A rich, smooth taste.
  • Contains a higher percentage of Arabica beans than most brands. 
  • Perfectly balanced acidity and traditional grind. 
  • Made with the highest quality ingredients.
  • 100% Arabica beans creates the smoothest cup of joe.

Enjoy a light roast coffee blend from Puerto Rico with this Cafe Crema Ground Puerto Rican Coffee. It has a great, smooth flavor and is caffeine-free. Imported from an acclaimed family business, these beans are specially chosen to brew their signature taste of the island’s popular drink.

This ground coffee offers optimum brewing variety that you won’t find in other brands. You can choose either less or more time for extraction; it also helps maintain the richness of coffee taste without causing over-extraction on bitter flavors resulting in acidity impact.”

Cafe Crema Ground Puerto Rican Coffee is a medium roast, quality ground coffee. It has a creamy taste with balanced acidity and a traditional grind. The enduring flavor of the blend comes from the freshness of premium beans. One sip will show you why it’s been one of the leading coffee brands in Puerto Rico for more than 80 years!

5. Café Lareño Ground Coffee Puerto Rican Coffee:

Features We Love:

  • Rich and smooth flavor.
  • Contains caffeine for a great morning boost.
  • High quality coffee.
  • Organic and fair trade certified.
  • Freshly ground 100% Arabica beans.

Puerto Rico is home to some of the best coffee in the world. Unlike other coffees that are blended, Lareño Coffee has a distinct flavor that’s noticeable right away. It’s 100% pure ground Puerto Rican coffee, which you can get delivered fresh brewed at your doorstep! Comes with 2 envelopes of Sason Accent Seasoning.

The aromatic, rich flavor of Lareño Ground Puerto Rican Coffee will delight even the most particular coffee connoisseur. It’s smooth and bold like a mountain stream, but not overbearing or too strong which means you can enjoy it anytime without having to worry about that afternoon energy crash. So stylish in your coffee mug as well as simple enough for your busy mornings, who could ask for more?

We’re not just talking great coffee here folks. This coffee has taken over the small island of Puerto Rico and it’s become a world favorite. 100% pure ground to brew, Cafe Lareño is made with just two ingredients – Arabica beans and water. So if you’re looking for a rich flavor without all those fancy fillers, look no further!

6. Cafe de Oro de Puerto Rico:

Features We Love:

  • Long lasting freshness.
  • High quality metalized packaging that is reusable and recyclable!  
  • Stay alert and focused throughout the day.
  • Provides a rich, bold taste .
  • 100% Puerto Rican coffee beans.

When it comes to flavor, Cafe de Oro de Puerto Rico is nothing but strong. Its rich blend of roasted beans will hit your taste buds with just the right combination of boldness and earthy richness that you’ve been looking for lately.

Packed into sleek metalized packaging-you’ll take this coffee on the go knowing that it’ll stay fresh, no matter how much time you spend away from home or office. The world class Colombian mountain grown coffee fuels your day with satisfaction as its caffeine content boosts energy without giving an overbearing jolt to keep grinding through the day long after the first sip.

The Puerto Rican Mountain grown coffee beans give the drink a rich, bold flavor that is brewed to perfection. Our metallized pack gives better protection from impacts because of its resistance. You don’t want to miss out on this perfect morning beverage!

7. Café Lareno de Puerto Rico:

Features We Love:

  • It’s roasted and ground in small batches to maintain quality.
  • Strong, rich flavor.
  • A cultural staple for Puerto Rico!
  • High-quality beans that are 100% Arabica ground to brew.

Coffee so good it will bring tears to your eyes.The growers, the harvesters, the factory staffs of Cafe Lareño come together in an unending cycle of hand-craftsmanship and tradition.

They are one family – united for a common goal: to provide you with a cup of coffee that’s rich and smooth with a robust character surpassing many “gourmet” coffees brewed from overpriced imports. With Café Lareno de Puerto Rico, when we talk about quality, it’s a serious matter.

Café Lareno de Puerto Rico is a Catholic ritual, rich in faith and tradition. Our beans are grown by the hardworking hands that plant, care for them and harvest them with such meticulous detail. These lush green hills of Lares produce an excellent coffee that we roast to bring forth its full flavor; offering you a rare experience on your palate, pleasant taste Café Lareño.

Buying Guides:

Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands

1. Why is Puerto Rican Coffee special?

Puerto Rican Coffee is considered to be one of the best in the world, earning an award-winning reputation with every roast. The island’s fertile soil, rich coffee heritage and expert growers are just a few reasons why this coffee tastes so good. If you’re looking for some extra flavor without all those fancy fillers, look no further!

To create a superior blend, Cafe Lareño has carefully selected and combined the highest quality 100% Arabica beans from throughout Colombia. Roasted in small batches to bring out it’s full flavor, eliminating unpleasant burnt tastes or dusty mouth-feels that are common to lesser coffee brands.

2 .Features to consider before you buy a Puerto Rican Coffee:

Most important thing is to ensure that you are buying fresh products. The roasted beans will have a “best before” date at the bottom of the can, this would be anywhere from 4-6 months after being produced. Another way to check for freshness is to look at the color in the packaging. The darker it is, the fresher your coffee will be overall.

A great feature that many brands offer now a days, especially pricier ones, is single origin coffee . This means that all of their products come from one region and nothing else. Honestly speaking, no matter what they claim about its country or origin ,if you drink Puerto Rican Coffee ,you’ll taste this exotic flavor right away!

3. Primary Growing Regions For Coffee – Puerto Rican:

Puerto Rican Coffee

The town of Lares has a long tradition in coffee cultivation. Most of the farms are located on small plots of land and have been passed down from generation to generation ever since the first coffee plant was imported over 150 years ago.

Lares is divided into 4 main growing regions: Yauco, Santa Isabel, San Sebastian and Buenavista. The latter being by far the most productive because it’s rich soil soaks up more water than others which gives this region a natural irrigation system.

4 . Coffee Grinding – Freshness is Everything!:

It may sound simple enough to grind your own coffee but with any pre packed product you run the risk of losing all that tasty goodness due to its original flavor while sitting on a shelf. That’s why Cafe Lareño is ground in small batches right before being rushed into the airtight vacuumed sealed can for freshness!

The only way to achieve that delicious, original flavor is by grinding your coffee beans just before brewing which means you will need a grinder of some sort. Nowadays this is very easy with all high-quality electric grinders available on the market from brands such as Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach and Krups.


1. How do you brew Puerto Rican Coffee?
Typically, coffee is brewed by dripping or percolating hot water through ground beans. The fineness of the grind determines how fast the water will pass through it and more important, how much flavor it preserves. Grind your coffee fresh right before brewing to make sure that all those rich flavors are locked in! You can also use a French Press for another delicious way to enjoy this aromatic blend of Arabica beans.

2 . Is Puerto Rican Coffee healthy?
Studies have shown that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day has many health benefits. It boosts metabolism, reduces risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s among others even though some sources that caffeine might be harmful if consumed in excess.

3 . Is it safe to order Puerto Rican Coffee online?
Yes, absolutely! Buying safely on Amazon or eBay is very convenient and fast today. Just follow some basic rules like reading all details about the product before purchasing, checking for authenticity labels and making sure the seller is able to answer any questions before buying.

4 . What are some uses of Puerto Rican Coffee?
Besides drinking it in the morning with a generous amount of sugar and cream, many people like to add just a small portion to their chocolate cakes and other desserts for that extra kick. Some even grind them into powder form and use it as a rub for meats or mix with barbecue sauces!


Now that you’re armed with some knowledge about Puerto Rican Coffee, it’s up to you to discover all the possible ways of enjoying this delicious beverage! If you are into partaking in traditions of the old times then definitely try your hand at obtaining a fresh batch and grinding them on demand. It may seem like a hassle but trust me, it will be well worth every second! Who knows…it may become your new daily ritual or even turn into your next hobby!

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