7 Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker of 2022– Reviews and Buying Guide

What is the best nitro cold brew coffee maker? This blog post will discuss the top 7 nitro coffee makers on the market and give you a brief overview of what they are, their features, pros/cons, and finally which one is most recommended. You’ll find that there are many different types of these products on the market but this article focuses specifically on those designed for home use.

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My Morning
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Top 7 Espresso Machine Under $500 Review 2022

1. Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit System


  • Enjoy unlimited home brews of cold brew coffee.
  • Nitrogen is used for a smoother taste and to keep the coffee fresh longer.
  • Durable, attractive stainless steel keg for 64 oz of coffee.
  • Nitrogen cartridge holder casing ensures freshness.
  • Makes the perfect nitro coffee every time.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the Royal Brew is designed with your taste buds in mind. The innovative model features nitro brewing technology that blends nitrogen, traditional near beer gas and stout beer faucet to turn 16 ounces of cold brew coffee into a frothy iced coffee similar to draught beer!

With an A1 Matte Flat Black 64 oz capacity, this is perfect for parties or just pouring one cup at a time.

Unique Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit System features a durable matte flat black finished, food grade stainless steel 64 oz keg for your brew.

Manufacturers of the exclusive Royal Brew system include an upgraded stout creamer faucet with simplified pour spout with anti-splatter cap and two ease-of-fill handles plus a custom carry bag for easy transport. The product name includes an N cartridge holder casing with Tap Plug to stop drips, cleaning brushes, plastic hose.

With our innovative Nitro Cold Brew System, you can enjoy cold brewed coffee without having to wait 12+ hours or investing in an expensive refrigerator for storing iced coffee.

We recommend using 2 x ICO Nitrogen cartridges or any N2O cartridge when brewing your delicious nitrogen iced cold brew, which also works great when making hot nitro coffees!

+ Easy to use .
+ Easy to clean.
+ Nitro coffee tastes great
+ Multiple colors and sizes to pick from..
+ Durable stainless steel growler.

– Content may not be enough for large gatherings.

2. GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 50 oz, Black Chrome


  • Brews and infuses to make delicious nitro cold brew coffee.
  • Convenient to use at home.
  • Comes with nitro tap for cascading pour.
  • Brews cold brew and infuses nitro gas.

The GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 50 oz, Black Chrome is designed for iced nitro cold brew coffee at home. This sleek iced coffee maker uses 16g nitro gas chargers which are sold separately to make sizzling-hot glasses of Italian-style iced coffees in seconds.

The iced carafe keeps the perfect temperature with double-wall vacuum insulation and has a regulator cap that automatically maintains pressure inside to keep it fresh for weeks on end. With its durable stainless steel vessel and black chrome finish, this easy-to-use system also features a convenient tap with sturdy handles for effortless pouring into your favorite glassware or any size cupglass.

Brew a delicious cold brew, or make iced coffee with your own fresh grounds with the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker. With its sleek black chrome design and cascading pour, you’re sure to stay caffeinated all day long!

The double wall 18/8 stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps your drink colder for longer. This fully integrated system includes everything from nitrotaps to keep quality high so clogs don’t occur to a double filtration system that won’t let any grounds through. With 12 cups of capacity, you’ll stay stocked for far less money than buying drinks out at an expensive cafe every morning.

+ Sleek design.
+ Frothy, delicious pour
+ Simple instructions
+ Easy to use right out of the box.

– Nitrogen cartridges are also more expensive

3. Roll over image to zoom in HB Brewing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

  • Taste the rich, silky taste of cold brew coffee from your own kitchen.
  • Add nitro to your coffee for a smooth, rich taste.
  • Easier to pour coffee.
  • Less dripping from tap.

Crafted from stainless steel with a sleek black finish, this at-home kegging system allows you to brew and dispense the silky richness of nitro cold brew coffee straight from your refrigerator.

With 4 pounds of capacity for mastering drinks for family gatherings or mornings with roommates, open up your fridge door and enjoy the smooth taste without any need for creamer or additional sweeteners. You can even save money on expensive iced coffee at cafes by brewing it in bulk and chilling it yourself before serving – each batch yields 4-6 glasses!

The HB Coffee Nitro Cold Brew Maker is an easy to use, portable keg dispenser system with the convenience of brewing small batches.

Utilizing innovative technologies like pressure relief valves and upgraded taps, this product is perfect for coffee connoisseurs looking for a beverage that isn’t sugary or has impurities.

With an included instruction guide and common tools like stainless steel spears, cleaning brushes, replacement O-rings, you can get started brewing in your own kitchen following our quick start guide for serving up refreshing cold brew coffee beverages on tap

+ Its incredibly easy to use,
+ The directions are great,.
+ Its sturdy,.
+ The instructions are well written and easy to follow..
+ Its does a great job creating a glass of nitro coffee.

– Cheap constituent materials.

4. NitroPress Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker And Dispenser (Starter Kit with 10 N2 Chargers) Portable For Travel


  • You’ll love the taste of your drinks again.
  • The NitroPress is easy to use and affordable.
  • Save time and money by batching cocktails.
  • Make drinks in seconds with one cartridge at a time.

Rooftop Roasters is proud to unveil our next generation of coffee makers with NitroPress. Foodies, the Baristas and Francophiles friend! Submit cold brews made in any style (coffee, tea, beer) at home or on-the-go with ease.

Say goodbye to whipped cream canisters or SlimFast bottles because ours are nitrogen infused micro bubbles that goes undetected on your tongue for days! Carb up on health while using our patented refillable cartridges if you want to save money, too.

The NitroPress brewer is an all-in-one espresso machine that also allows you to make up to four cocktails in one hit, meaning it can easily replace your current bullet blender for anything involving time and space efficiency.

It comes with three cartridges containing either pure nitrogen (ideal for drinks), CO2 carbon dioxide, or both gases so you have full control of which gas goes into making the cocktails. While traditional cold brew nitro coffee has a brilliant flavor profile, the wasteful process means it’s not recommended when dealing with volume.

The NitroPress solves this problem by compressing fresh coffee beans at home before infusing them – this extractor gives drinkers the best coffee available without wasting any pressure or oxygen during brewing.

+ Easy cleanup.
+ Portable
+ Simple.
+ Works well.
+ No fuss use.

–  Doesn’t look as good as a keg system.

5. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Home Brew Coffee Keg, Nitrogen Coffee Machine Dispenser System – NutriChef 


  • Nitro cold brew coffee is the latest trend in coffee.
  • Keeps your coffee cold, without diluting it with ice cubes.
  • Keeps your coffee cold for hours.
  • Makes the perfect cold brew you’re looking for.

Playtime with your favorite beverage has never been so cool. Introducing the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Home Brew Coffee Keg, an innovative homebrew coffee maker that turns cold brew into a nitrogen charged drink as though you were at a professional coffee shop.

This unique iced coffee system features a sleek design that fits almost anywhere in your home and can store up to 64 oz of liquid capacity — enough for brewing all day tanks! But don’t worry about the mess because cleanup is easy-peasy thanks to its dishwasher safe parts and pieces, which means no more hand scrubbing or messy filters. Talk about convenient.

The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the perfect addition to every kitchen. Built with food grade stainless steel material, this cold brewer will make a robust and creamy cup of coffee at home any time without electricity.

The upgraded faucet features a pressurized creamer valve where nitrogen gas infused coffee breaks through resulting in a stout-like effect just like your favorite brew from your local coffee shop. 8gram whip cream non threaded N2O chargers are sold separately.”

Weighing only 5 pounds and built with sleek metallic materials, this cold brewer requires minimal effort to assemble and clean up. It also keeps beverages cold for much longer than plastic counterparts so you can enjoy drinks for hours without fear of spoilage or dilution.

+ Easy to clean
+ Easy to use
+ Works well.
+  Great way to enjoy coffee .

– Pricey for the size.

6. My Morning Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker | Premium Portable Home Brewing Kit (Black)


  • The coffee is cold, so it’s refreshing.
  • It has a sweet taste.
  • Save money.
  • Makes it easy to brew coffee at home.

PlaytiMy Morning Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker provides a simple solution for making your own nitro cold brew coffee from the convenience of your home. Made with stainless steel, this kit is durable and reliable while being easy to use.

This kit contains a four-pound capacity jar, a three-quart brewing vessel, a strainer basket to separate the solid grounds from the hot liquid, and an N2O dry nitrogen cartridge that will give you extra frothy cascading foam when poured onto your beverage.

For the coffee enthusiast in your life, this kit makes a perfect gift! This kit includes a manual and care instructions to make brewing coffee easy for you. Utilizing N2O cartridges that come with the kit, immediately upon installation you can enjoy cold-brewed premium nitro cold brew sipping at home or on the go without sacrificing taste

+ Ease of control.
+ Works well.
+  Fast heating speed .

– It’s a bit difficult to clean.

7. VBENLEM Nitro Brew Coffee Maker 67Oz Nitro Coffee Maker 2L Portable Stainless Steel Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Makerm – NutriChef 


  • Make nitro coffee anytime, anywhere.
  • Portable and lightweight design for easy transport.
  • Easier to use than a French press
  • Comes with 2 carrying slots.
  • Widely applicable for coffee, beer, and other drinks.

Never have to worry about running out of Nitro Brew again! This coffee pot features a 2 liter capacity so you can stock it up, fast. The main body is made from food-grade thickened 304 stainless steel – durable, sanitary, easy-cleaning and for long-term use.

You’ll love the flexibility to brew nitro coffee or other beverages in this sleek stainless steel brewer with professional engineering design that focuses on quality construction for your convenience.

Coffee lovers will appreciate the durability of the stainless steel carafe – not just because it’s fabulous looking but also because it’s tough enough for any environment and suitable for commercial and home use making exquisite brews day after day.

VBENLEM Nitro Brew Coffee Maker 67Oz Nitro Coffee Maker 2L Portable Stainless is a product that will not only satisfy your afternoon coffee craving, but also stay cold through refrigeration.

This innovative device makes it possible for you to whip up cold brewed iced coffees in just four minutes without the use of electricity. All that’s required from you is water, ground coffee or tea and a nitrogen cartridge…which come included with the purchase. It’s so portable and light weight because everything packs together compactly, a lid even comes equipped to accommodate any change in brewable taste thirsts!

+ Easy to clean
+ Easy to use
+ Wide Application.
+  Durable Quality 

– Faucet came missing a gasket.

Buying Guides

Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

1. What is the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a cold coffee brewer that allows you to brew fresh cold brewed coffee right from your own kitchen. It also has an option for making cold brewed tea and other types of beverages. You can add ice or hot water if you want to drink it hot. The maker uses nitrogen gas infusion technology which makes the coffee refreshing and smooth.

2. The benefits of owning a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

The nitrogen infused coffee drinks has a nice and mellow taste as compared to other types of coffee. The bitter taste that is normally associated with cold brewed coffee is removed through this process which makes it smooth and less acidic. Making your own cold brewed coffee at home can save you money because buying from a cafe or a restaurant will cost you more. No need to wait in long lines or spend more on shipping. You get to enjoy the coffee at the comfort of your own home for an affordable price.

3. How to choose between different models of the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

If you want to purchase a cold brewed coffee maker, it is important that you choose the right model because there are different kinds that varies in features and price. If you do not have much knowledge about these products, here are some tips on how to pick between two or more models:

If you are looking for an easy to use model, the Osaka Cold Brew Coffee Maker is one of your best options because it does not need any complex setup. You can easily make cold brewed coffee with this model even if you are a first timer. The manufacturers also provide replacement parts for this product so you can replace them if they get damaged or lost. This product is best for those who prefers cold brewed coffee over other types because the flavor of the drink is more intense than other coffee makers.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly maker, this product is one of your options. This machine uses stainless steel baskets instead of paper filters so no more coffee grounds in your drink. It also has a glass carafe that can be used to store your cold brewed coffee for up to 12 hours without losing its flavor.

4. Which model is best for you?

Depending on your needs and preferences, there are different types of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Makers to choose from. You can go for models that are made with glass or stainless steel carafes. Models with stainless steel carafes are the best option if you want hotter coffee because they keep the flavor longer than those with glass carafes.

It also does not have to be cleaned often which is a plus point for people who lack time. So if hotter coffee and less maintenance is your priority, stainless steel models are the best for you.

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5. Frequently Asked Questions about buying a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

There are still other questions that you may have about cold brewed coffee makers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: What is nitrogen infused cold brewed coffee?
A: Nitrogen infused cold brewed coffee has a smooth taste as compared to regular iced coffee because it uses less acidic beans. It also has less bitterness than regular cold brewed coffee because nitrogen is infused into it using infusion technology. This type of cold brewed coffee is also creamier than other types because the gas makes the drink stay longer on top of the liquid.

Q: Can I make hot coffee with a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker?
A: This product can provide you hot coffee if you want it. You can set your machine to make hot coffee by using the hot brew function which heats up the drink in minutes instead of hours.

Q: Can I add other ingredients such as cream or sugar?
A: This product does not add any flavor to your cold brewed coffee so you should add whatever ingredients you prefer.


The cold brew coffee makers we reviewed may not be the cheapest in price, but they are a good investment if you want to get the best possible cold brew. We hope this article has helped you narrow down your options and find out which of these machines is right for your needs. If you have any other questions or need help finding a product that’s perfect for your budget, let us know! Our team of experts would love to offer their expertise when it comes time to buy something new. If you have any questions or would like more information, please comment us below!

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