7 Best Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser of 2022– Reviews and Buying Guide

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Millions of people drink coffee every day, and many people drink it at least once a day. Coffee can be served hot or cold, with milk or without milk, sweetened or unsweetened.

The only thing that matters to most coffee drinkers is how good their next cup tastes! One way to make sure your morning brew tastes just right is by choosing the best coffee maker with hot water dispenser for you and your family’s needs.

This blog post will help you find the best coffee maker for your home based on our reviews of top models from brands like Keurig, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach so you can enjoy fresh brewed deliciousness every single time!

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Mr. Coffee

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1. Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Plus Hot Water System Coffee Maker


  • Fully automatic with auto on and off.
  • Carafe temperature control.
  • Makes 12 cups of coffee at once.
  • Keeps your coffee piping hot for hours.
  • Allows you to enjoy a cup of tea anytime.
  • Makes warming up soup easy and convenient.

Let Cuisinart take care of morning brewing with this fully-automatic coffee machine. It has a drip free pour spout for ease of use and comfort, an attractive black design to suit any kitchen, 1 – 4 cup setting for customized programming, High/Medium/Low settings on the heater plate to keep your coffee at the temperature you prefer.

With 12 cups capacity, there are plenty of servings available for breakfast or afternoon tea.

This Cuisinart Coffeemaker comes with a hot water system to create all sorts of beverages. The coffee it brews tastes great and is made from freshly ground beans flavored and roasted the way you like.

To create other delectable drinks, simply press the lever to dispense hot water for tea, cocoa or whatever else suits your mood! The separate Hot Water System has its own power button and 54-ounce water reservoir; operates independently or at the same time as the coffeemaker.

+ Coffee always tastes great
+ Coffee hot but not scolding
+ Programmable, easy to use.
+ Hot water dispenser 
+ Alarm when brewing is complete

– Does not deliver cups to my office.
– Only 1 negative so far.
– Very slow even after cleaning with vinegar.

2. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker


  • Makes a pot or a cup of coffee
  • Allows you to choose your favorite ground coffee
  • Brews 2 cups or 12 cups of coffee.
  • Coffee maker is 2 hours auto shutoff.

Here’s for coffee lovers everywhere. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker is the perfect item to have in your home if you are looking to get out of bed each morning with a fresh cup of java. This 12-cup pot can brew both single cups or pots, but don’t forget that it also doesn’t use K-Cup pods! With this brewer on your counter, making coffee has never been easier.

Automatic ceramic coffee maker is perfect for those mornings where you can’t be bothered with brewing your own pot of coffee. Set the timer to brew at a certain time, and enjoy waking up to fresh, hot brewed coffee 2 hours later. Choose between regular or strong-brewed coffee just by turning the Select-A-Brew knob on the control panel.

Kicking off your day with a nice, hot cup of coffee is more important than ever. We’d never expect you to settle for an off-brand or low quality brew just because you are on the go.

That’s why the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker lets you choose your brew strength – regular or bold – so that even though it’s brewed with pods, it has capabilities far beyond many other single-serve options on the market today.

There are also several accessories that can be included in order to make this convenient brewer all yours, like travel cups and mugs not included.

+ Single serve or carafe option.
+ Can schedule times to brew within 24 hours.
+ Looks great on counter.
+ Brews well.
+ Built in filter.
+ Great tasting.

– Brews very slowly
– No audible sound to alert you coffee is done.
– No permanent mesh filter on the carafe side.

3. Keurig K150 Single Cup Commercial Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Silver

  • Brews a perfect cup of coffee every time.
  • Keep up with the pace of your business.
  • Produces five different brew sizes.
  • Single serve convenience
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning and versatility

The Keurig K150 Single Cup Commercial Coffee Maker is a well-durable, full color touch screen coffee maker that delivers great tasting beverages with every cup. With the convenience of adjustable brew temperature and programmable auto on/off settings, this single serve coffee maker can satisfy any business or office’s brewing needs efficiently.

If you want to go big without going home, the k150 commercial coffee maker has an extra large 90 ounce water reservoir so you can make up to 18 cups before refilling! Built for larger businesses this machine makes business just that much more enjoyable.

This rugged, NSF commercial brewer has passed extensive testing and analysis. With five brew sizes, the Keurig K150 single serve coffee maker lets you make your favorite beverages to suit varying tastes.

The removable drip tray is always ready with cup in hand to enjoy on the go. From strong to milder brewed beverages, you can find your perfect taste with this brewing beverage system for restaurants and other businesses that need to meet customer demands quickly and come back for more time after time.

+ Whisper-quiet.
+ Easy to use.
+ Large 90 oz water tank.
+ Makes good coffee.
+ Multiple brew sizes.

– The machine is quite heavy.
– Discontinued model.

4. Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver DISCONTINUED


  • Makes delicious coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more.
  • Easy one touch technology.
  • Choose from 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounce brew sizes.
  • Brew a perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute.
  • Get a cup of coffee in under a minute.
  • My K-Cup is dishwasher safe.
  • It’s dishwasher safe.

The Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System is the perfect blend of form and function. With its sleek, modern design, this brewing system will make your morning cuppa feel like a luxury.

The large 80-ounce removable water reservoir eliminates the need for frequent refills while still giving you plenty of water to brew tea or coffee on demand with 5 options for different cup sizes (even an ice beverage option).

We’ve also included a charcoal water filter that removes impurities like chlorine which can affect taste and odor so what you drink tastes fresh every time. Fully programmable, the machine offers set times for 1 through 4 cups up to 24 hours in advance alongside adjustable temperature settings so you’ll never have bitter coffee again!

+ Hot coffee.
+ Easy to use, easy to clean.
+ Accommodates all cup sizes.
+ Has a hot water button and a rinse button.
+ Programmable on/off timer.
+ Additional filter basket for your own coffee.

–  Water filter gives water a funky taste.
–  Normal size large travel mugs won’t fit.

5. Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker and Single-Serve Brewer, Silver


  • Brews 12 cups of coffee at a time.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Fully programmable.

This coffee maker is an unconventional way to make your favorite beverage. Designed for the best coffee fanatics, it comes equipped with a 12-cup glass carafe with stainless steel handle.

The Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center includes brew strength control that features BOLD mode which brings out strong flavors in your cup of Joe.

It also has Gold tone filter that blocks out any unwanted flavors but pure coffee flavor while its single serving sizes were designed specifically to fit the K-Cup pod system and reusable filter cups like their Home Barista Reusable Filter Cup so you can get exactly what you want in your morning cup or later on when craving some latte.

+ 3 cup sizes for the K-Pod option
+ Both reservoirs come with a filter.
+ Great tasting coffee.
+ It’s pretty.
+ All the clock/auto on/auto off functions work great.

– Poorly designed port for adding water.
– Large slash zone.
– Single serve is very splashy.

6. Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Classic and Rich Brews, 60 oz


  • ThPerfect cup of coffee every time.
  • Freshly brewed coffee for up to 4 hours.
  • Brews 12 cups at once.

This Ninja Coffee Maker gives you the freedom and control to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, anytime! Allowing you to wake up and stumble back into bed with just-brewed hot coffee waiting for you.

Wake upto hot coffee 24 hour programmable delay brew allows you to prepare your brew upto a day in advance. The CE201 Thermal Flavor Extraction technology ensures that no flavor is lost, even when brewing iced tea or other phenomenal cold drinks with creamy milk froth.

The redesigned water reservoir features an easy pour spout so it’s super easy fill your machine with fresh filtered or bottled water before brewing begins!

Be the star of tomorrow’s office with this amazing Ninja coffee maker! This machine can brew up to 12 cups, and is programmed for time and volume. It also offers a pause function before brewing during this process- great for making sure your coffee isn’t diluted when you’re making small batches (1–4 cups max.)

The included carafe heats evenly, so there are no hot or cold spots flavor wise that are common in other types of dispensers—and conveniently includes a built-in scoop. Bonus but not required is the permenant gold tone filter that will save you money by eliminating water filters which need to be replaced often!

+ The controls are intuitive and .
+ Easy to use.
+ The carafe pours coffee without dripping.
+ The unit looks good on the counter.
+ The brew timer works every time.
+ The filter basket works great.

+ Water reservoir needs to be refilled for every use.
+ Small buttons to set clock.

7. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Coffee Maker, 16-Ounce, Black/Chrome


  • Makes a perfect cup of coffee every time.
  • Brews up to 12 cups at a time for large gatherings. Emotional Benefits:
  • Wake up to the smell and taste of your favorite morning brew.
  • Fewer spills and overflows
  • Hot water is always available

You have an important morning meeting, but you don’t want to miss a second of your favorite TV show. The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Coffee Maker is the perfect solution for those early risers who want their coffee with breakfast!

This innovative coffeemaker offers convenient features like the automatic pause function with Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause that lets you pour a cup before brewing completes and the easy viewing water window that lets you know when it’s time to replace your carafe with ease.

In black or chrome, the programmable coffeemaker includes a handy reusable ground coffee filter basket and works with paper filters too.

Fuel your morning routine with the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker! This powerhouse can tackle any of your favorite brews, from bold to traditional and everything in between. With an on/off light that shows when you’re using hot water or not, dual water windows for easy dispensing, and a variety of brewing strength options, this coffeemaker will restore order and some delicious flavor to your day.

+Very affordable
+ Easy to use.
+ Simple.
+Tastes better than K cup coffee maker.
+ Large water tank.

– Filter basket doesn’t come out easily

Buying Guides 

Karolina Grabowska | pexels.com

1. What is a Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser?

A coffee maker with hot water dispenser is a type of coffeemaker which boils water to heat it before passing through the ground coffee beans. The term “dispenser” means that the machine has an attached pot or tank for holding water at near-boiling temperatures, used to speed up future cup preparation. Many machines also have a separate hot water dispenser to provide quick access to hot water for tea, cocoa, and other uses. These machines often have a cup tray to hold cups while the coffee or tea is brewing.

2. How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser for Your Home

a. Choose a coffee maker with hot water dispenser if you enjoy drinking tea as well as coffee, or prefer to have instant cocoa available for your children.

b. When shopping for a coffeemaker with a hot water tank, take your measurements into consideration – it is important that the machine fits nicely onto the countertop without being too bulky to sit next to other appliances in your kitchen.

c. Also consider how much space you have between cabinets and electrical sockets before purchasing a machine with a built-in hot water reservoir, since these machines need to be plugged into an outlet near an electrical power source.

d. Look at the number of cups that each model can accommodate (2-6 cups), avoiding machines which only brew single servings at a time.

e. It is also important to look into the maximum cup size that your chosen machine will accommodate before you buy, as some coffee makers with hot water reservoirs will not fit mugs with handles, and vice versa.

f. Some machines come with a detachable carafe, while others do not – it depends on the model and brand of coffeemaker you choose. Decide if this feature is important to you or not before buying a coffee maker with hot water tank; if yes, make sure your machine comes equipped with one!

g. The speed of preparation for your hot beverage varies between different models – some require additional heating after brewing (such as those which use glass carafes rather than insulated stainless steel), while others can deliver a cup of hot coffee in a minute or two.

h. A removable water reservoir makes refilling the water much easier, especially when your container is large and heavy, or you have limited mobility for reaching into narrow spaces.

i. Think about the volume of water that needs to be boiled before each serving is made – some machines can process up to 10 cups of piping hot water at once, while others require 5 minutes between each use to reheat their reservoirs. This varies from model to model and brand to brand; some coffee makers with hot water reservoirs will even give you warnings when the reservoir needs topping up!

j. If it matters whether your machine is dishwasher-safe or not, be sure to look at the product description thoroughly before buying.

3. The Advantages of Owning a Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser

a. You can save money by preparing your own instant drinks instead of buying them at a coffee house or convenience store. Many hot beverages are also customizable to your tastes, so you never have to spend extra on milk, sugar, syrup, etc.

b. Instant drinks are excellent for children who cannot wait for their beverage – simply prepare it before they get out of bed in the morning!

c. When entertaining guests during the holidays or other special occasions, having an instant cocoa machine will allow everyone easy access to hot chocolate without interrupting the flow of conversation with long waits in line for drinks at a busy coffee house.

d. Coffee maker with hot water dispensers are ideal if you do not currently have an electrical power source in the kitchen, because you can still use them with a car battery (if you’re in your car) or by plugging them into an emergency power generator.

e. You can also reduce air pollution and energy consumption when traveling or camping, since no electrical outlets are required to make drinks at any time of day!

f. Coffee maker hot water dispensers are great if you like infusing flavors (such as peppermint or chamomile) into your water for soothing, delicious teas without leaving residue in your machine after boiling.

g. Machine-made coffee is often much faster than brewing coffee manually – just think about how long it would take to boil 10 cups of water every morning before work!

h. Coffee maker hot water reservoirs can be less messy than regular coffee makers, since there is no need to switch out a carafe or mug before starting the process of making your beverage.

i. You can also make instant soups and other liquids besides water with some models – although you should note that some machines will only heat up cold liquid, not cook it!

j. Finally, buying a coffee machine with hot water tank means more options for filling containers as large as ten cups at once if needed – this is particularly good for those who entertain friends and family often in their homes.

4. How to Buy and Install a New Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser in Your Kitchen

a. Keep in mind the type of environment that you’ll be using your machine in – if it’s mostly for use around the office, then a small machine with just one cup capacity may suffice.

b. If your household is large or often hosts guests during special events, get a larger model with at least 6 cups for each serving of hot water needed – this will minimize wait times between drinks, especially if multiple people are trying to grab a drink at once!

c. When purchasing new appliances online, think about whether installation fees are included in the price – it can sometimes save you money on overall shipping costs if there are none! This is something to keep in mind even when buying new machines from physical stores near your house, because some manufacturers will charge a fee at the cash register – make sure you know which ones do it before leaving.

d. If you’re looking to install your machine in or near a kitchen sink, check that the included hose and accessories are compatible with your current plumbing system and tap type (most modern ones will be).

e. When thinking about how to hook up your new coffee maker hot water dispenser, think about where exactly you’ll be putting it as well as what materials the water tank is made out of – if you buy one with an aluminum tank, don’t put it too close to other metals for risk of corrosion!

f. Make sure that the cabinets above and around your new appliance’s location can support its weight, as well as that of any full water tank it might have – you don’t want to break the counter or cabinets!

g. If you’re planning on installing a new appliance near an existing one, avoid having both plugged in at the same time – this will reduce overheating from too much power use at once, which can be dangerous to your equipment and wiring.

h. When shopping for a new machine to place beside your sink, make sure that its electrical demands are compatible with your current setup – if not, contact a local electrician to hook up a GFCI outlet before turning it on!

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the basic parts of a hot water dispenser coffee maker?
A: Coffee makers with hot water tanks generally have four main pieces – these are the reservoir where you place water for heating, the heater coil where the liquid is heated up, an internal pump which pushes it through tubing to your cup(s), and then finally the nozzle that dispenses the drink into your favorite mug or travel cup!

Q: How well do machines that make both coffee and hot water work?
A: Although most modern models will include separate functions for making either beverage, some can do both relatively well – in these cases, use common sense when cooking/heating liquids such as separating any foods that don’t mix well with heat!

Q: What types of materials are used to make hot water dispenser coffee maker parts?
A: The heater coil is generally made out of either metal or copper, while the tubing that carries the liquids through your machine ranges from simple plastic to high-grade steel depending on which one you buy – note that many cheaper ones also use aluminum for their tanks, avoid these if possible due to corrosion risks!

Q: How do I install a new coffee maker hot water dispenser?
A: If you’re installing it yourself without prior experience, check online tutorials related to your model’s installation before buying – this way you can find videos or images showing how its done! If you find nothing, try to find a Youtube video showing installation of similar models as yours.

Q: What materials are the best for connecting my coffee maker hot water dispenser to my sink?
A: Most tubing and fittings available at home improvement stores (and some supermarkets) will be made out of either metal or tough plastic – if you’re looking for something more durable, there’s always stainless steel or aluminum options!

6. Things You Should Look For When Purchasing A New One For Your Home

1. Capacity: Before buying a new hot water dispenser coffee maker, you should first determine how many cups of coffee or tea you’re going to be making a day – this will help a lot in deciding whether you need a 1-cup model or something bigger!

2. Leak Issues: Most common problems with machines that dispense hot liquids are often related to leaking either at the connection points (fittings) or in the tank itself due to corrosion over time – although not always an indicator of poor quality, it’s still best to avoid models that have issues with constant leakage!

3. Type Of Tank: If possible, look for machines which come with stainless steel tanks instead of aluminum ones when shopping around – this will reduce the risk of corrosion, a common cause of malfunctions and leaks with these machines!

4. Other Features: Coffee makers with hot water tanks often come standard with some nifty features – for example, those made by Krups include a digital clock as well as automatic shut-off functions to keep your machine from overheating or resulting in a fire accident at home!

5. Warranty And Price As always when buying any new appliance, its warranty should be checked before making a final decision on which unit to purchase – this way you can make sure your manufacturer offers quality support if something happens during the first few years!


The best coffee maker with a hot water dispenser can be found on this list. We’ve compiled the most popular and highest rated models to help you choose one that will suit your needs. With so many choices, it can sometimes be difficult to find out which is right for you without wasting time or money on something you won’t like as much as others.

Our team of experts have put together their favorite picks from different categories such as budget-friendly options and those with advanced features; we hope our guide helps make shopping easier! If none of these tickle your fancy, feel free to browse through all the other selections available on Amazon by clicking here . Do any of these seem perfect? Let me know in the comments below!

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