Best Burr Grinders Under $100 Review 2022 (TOP 5 CHOICES)

If you want to drink a good cup of coffee, then you need to have the right grinder. There are plenty of burr grinders under $100 that can give your coffee a rich flavor and nice texture.This article will help you choose the best burr grinder for your needs!

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Top 5 Best Burr Grinders Under $100 Review 2022

1. Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder – Professional Heavy Duty Stainless


  • Grinder is perfect for Turkish coffee.
  • You’ll be able to grind beans with the perfect consistency every time.
  • Faster and easier cleanup.

The Ariete Professional Coffee Grinder is made to be easy and convenient for any coffee drinker. The grinder comes directly outfitted with a hopper, grind container, grinding mechanism, and timer so you can always get the optimum flavor from your beans.
This grinder can hold up to 6.5 oz of ground coffee or 13.33 oz of whole beans.
That’s 378 grams! The table sheet in the user manual will help you find out how much time it takes to grind different amounts of beans depending on your desired size between 1-10 seconds-1 sec will give you 4 Tbsp or 8 tbsp if done in 10 sec respectively .
Tired of going through a pot of coffee every morning? Get the Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder for your home–now you can enjoy your first cup of coffee without having to wait.
It’s fast and has 15 grind settings so you can find exactly what tastes good with your coffee maker, from course to fine. When it comes time to clean up, our convenient snap-off drip tray makes washing easy as pie!

+ Grinds quickly with quiet operation.
+ It’s very sleek looking and would fit in nicely with most kitchens.
+ Grinds from fine to coarse.

– It’s difficult to operate.

2. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Black


  • The best grind for every brewing method.
  • Preserves aroma and flavor of coffee beans.
  • Precision grinding for a variety of different beans
  • Durable and easy to clean

Ideal for the avid coffee aficionado on-the-go, this Conical Burr Grinder is perfect for travel or vacation.
A compact design with gracious features like an 8.8 oz bean container and 4oz ground coffee container means that cleanup is quick and easy while its sleek profile takes up minimal room in your luggage.
With 100 watts of power, this grinder is just right for any quality of coffee you might require while its precision grinding capabilities ensures that flavor isn’t compromised by static build up. Its gear reduction motor runs at half-power throughout the grind ensuring maximum aroma preservation with little to no noise – which comes in handy when using it within close proximity to others.

+ Large bean/grind container.
+ Simple to use.
+ Aesthetically pleasing.

– Price; can be a bit pricey for some.
– Noise when in use.

3. KRUPS 8000035978 GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder.


  • Make sure your coffee is ground to the perfect consistency for your needs.
  • Get a consistent flavor profile every time you brew with this grinder.
  • Grinds beans evenly and quickly.
  • No need for a separate coffee grinder.

The KRUPS Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder is perfect for demands of coffee lovers, having 9 grind levels and power to be able to make it through black, iced or even cold brew.
The grinder won’t overheat due to the Metallic Flat Burr mill system, preserving aroma and flavor with precision grinding. With an 8-oz Clear Bean Container that automatically adjusts the quantity needed, you will always have just enough for your morning cup of joe!
The KRUPS Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder is incredibly easy to use.
This model features auto stop functionality, a bean container that is removable for easier cleaning, an adjustable cup selector with 9 settings, and more.
Whether you are someone who loves to brew their own coffee or are looking for the perfect gift for a tea lover in your life, this gadget will not disappoint.

+ Removable bean container.
+ 9 grind levels.
+ Covered cord storage for safety.

– Grinder is loud.

4. Manual Coffee Grinder – Conical Ceramic Burr – Portable Hand Crank Mill


  • Grind your coffee beans to the perfect consistency.
  • No more wasted coffee grounds.
  • Grinds evenly every time, no more uneven grounds.
  • Grinds coffee for different styles of brewing.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Durable and long lasting.

This manual coffee grinder is a perfect for those who want to control the fineness, quantity and number of cups they would like to brew.
With its blend of conical ceramic burrs it’s designed with precision in mind giving you 15 grind settings. The gears provide a gentle grinding experience without producing too much heat inside the mill.
Grinds can be adjusted from large coarse grounds to powder fine, which will suit whatever coffee preparation styles that suit your palate- from French press or pour over all the way through AeroPress brewing!
The Manual Coffee Grinder is a must have for coffee lovers everywhere. The hopper holds 60 grams of fresh beans that the grinder consistently grinds with ease. The use is easy and it’s dishwasher-safe.
Don’t miss out on this portable, durable product today!

+ Conical ceramic burr.
+ Portable hand crank mill.
+ 15 precise settings.
+ 1 year warranty.

– Unstable.
– Grind is too coarse.

5. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill


  • The perfect cup of coffee is just a few seconds away.
  • You’ll know exactly how much to grind, and it will always be the right amount.
  • Makes delicious coffee, tea and cocoa.
  • Uniform grind for optimum flavor.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur and value flavor and freshness over convenience and price, Cuisinart has the perfect machine for you.
The Cuisinarts Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is guaranteed to provide the best grind every day with its heavy duty motor, 18 position burr grinder selector, 4-18 cup slide dial, removable bean hopper of 8 oz., stainless steel blade materials of both blade edge and handle material guaranteeing precision results.

+ Elegant brushed stainless steel design with convenient cord storage.
+ 18-position grind selector – from ultra-fine to extra-coarse.
+ 4 to 18-cup slide dial.
+ It makes the best tasting coffee!

– It’s a little messy.
– There are some small things that fall out of the bottom when you turn it upside down.

Buying Guides 

1. Types of Burr Grinders 

Best Burr Grinders Under $100 Review 2021 (TOP 5 CHOICES) 2

There are a few types of burr grinders that you should know about before you make your purchase.

Manual : This type is the cheapest and therefore most people choose this one. The downside to it is that if you don’t have enough strength, then it will take too much time to grind your coffee beans.

If you need to grind your coffee beans in large amounts, then this is not the one for you.

Electric : This type can be a bit pricey, but it grinds your coffee way faster. If you only drink coffee every now and then, this is probably the best choice for you.

Conical Burr Grinders : This type is in the middle when it comes to price. It is much faster than the manual type, but it is not as fast as electric grinder. You can grind large amounts of coffee beans inexpensively with this kind of a burr grinder.

The best choice for you depends on how much coffee you drink and what’s your budget!

2. How to choose the best burr grinder for you

Best Burr Grinders Under $100 Review 2021 (TOP 5 CHOICES) 2

There are a few things that you should look for when you want to buy a burr grinder.

First, you need to know how much money do you have and how often will you grind your coffee beans? If you drink a lot of coffee every day, then an electric one would be the best choice for you. Also if it is affordable, go with the conical burr grinder.

If you are not planning to drink a lot of coffee every day, then get yourself a manual one. It will only cost around $20!

Second, think about how much coffee beans you want to grind at once. If the answer is “a lot”, then an electric burr grinder is what you need. It can hold up to a few pounds of coffee beans!

If the answer is “not a lot”, then go with a manual one – it’s low priced and small too.

Lastly, think about the quality of your future burr grinder. Low-quality grinders have uneven grinds, which can make your coffee taste poor. Keep in mind that the burr on the best grinders are made of ceramic, steel or diamond!

Good luck with buying your own burr grinder!

3. FAQs on buying burr grinders

Q: What is a good coffee grinder models under $100?
A: There are many out there. We’ve put together a list of the best-rated ones here .

Q: Do I have to spend a lot of money on a burr grinder?
A: No! You can actually get quite good low-priced burr grinders. The two best grinder brands are Capresso and Cuisinart.

Q: What is the difference between a blade grinder and a burr grinder?
A: A blade grinder just chops your coffee beans up, while a burr grinder crushes them. Burr grinders also produce less heat, which helps preserve the flavor of your coffee.

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4. The benefits of using a Burr Grinder 

The first benefit that you get is that your coffee tastes better. A burr grinder brings out the flavors of the coffee, while blade grinders chop it up and make it taste like dirt.

And the second one is that it saves you money!

Since burr grinders don’t produce as much heat as blade grinders do, they preserve the flavor of your coffee. You’ll have to buy less expensive coffee beans, so you will save a good amount of money!

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, don’t settle for a blade grinder if you want to drink a great cup of coffee every day! Get yourself a burr grinder as soon as possible and you’ll never go back to a blade grinder.

Also remember that burr grinders come in different types, but the best choice for you depends on your budget and needs!

Good luck with finding the best burr grinder for your needs!

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