Are you hungry on the Nutrisystem diet? I’m doing it right now and I like it. I’ve seen the results but I feel like I’m always hungry.

Are you hungry on the Nutrisystem diet? I’m doing it right now and I like it. I’ve seen the results but I feel like I’m always hungry.

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  1. I was always hungry on the Nutrisystem diet, but lost 120 pounds. I never got to my goal weight though. I just couldn’t take the constant hunger anymore. I gained it all back.
    On the OKL Keto diet, though, I have not been hungry, have lost 177 pounds, reached my goal weight, and am maintaining.

  2. I tried both the Nutrisystem and South Beach diets and hated the food in both. Also hated how they sent a full month at a time — I simply don’t have the room to store that much food all at once.
    I have lost more than 40 lbs since June 2, 2018, with walking, excersing, and eating far less food than I used to. I’ve basically been keeping my intake to under 1000 calories a day. I’ve been helped enormously by an appetite suppressant called phentermine, which has been FDA approved since 1959.
    I now have only 8 lbs to lose to reach my goal weight and am now wearing single-digit sizes again! Feel and look much better. Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar are all now at healthy levels, too.
    I am 58 and postmenopausal. For too many years I bought the lie that it is nearly impossible for postmenopausal women to lose weight.

  3. Elizabeth- it does not surprise me that you are hungry on this diet- it is essentially a low calorie diet- I understand for women from 1000–1200 calories per day- with 3 meals and a snack. At this caloric level it should produce a caloric deficit and hence weight loss.
    There are, however, a few downsides here- first, as you noticed, if you’ve been consuming a higher caloric amount for some time your body is going to be screaming at you for a time. If you’ve been taking in 1800 calories a day dropping down to 1000 is significant. Much depends on your size, individual metabolism and your hormonal balances, but when your body wants fuel- hunger is the result.
    The other downside is this- this type of food by mail program is not only expensive, but the products themselves contain a considerable amount of processed foods. It’s very convenient, but with some reasonable planning you can do better with fresh natural food and likely put money in your pocket.
    Then, did you consider what happens after you lose the weight and are off the plan? You’re going to have to figure out how to eat store bought food at some point-so my take would be- why wait?
    My understanding is that their meal purchase plan gives you approximately 50% carbs, 25% fats and 25% proteins. That’s not a hard diet to duplicate. You can use the free app My Fitness Pal and construct a plan with those macronutrients.
    While certainly reducing the number of calories per day will help you lose weight faster, if it is too uncomfortable for you at those levels, you can increase your intake a bit ( again My Fitness Pal can help). You might lose weight a bit slower, but you’ll feel fuller. In addition, with my clients I try and start them on a 40% carb, 30 % protein and 30% fat ratio. Taking in a bit more protein makes one feel a bit fuller and if you workout the extra protein can’t hurt.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi there,
    I worked as a weight loss counselor for NS for a time and I’ve also used a Days Off guide plus the Lose it app (the free version) to recently trim off about 20 lbs back down to my ideal.
    Here’s what I can tell you that I used to tell my clients and that I’ve followed myself.. If you do Nutrisystem:
    You need to eat within the first hour you wake up
    You need to drink the recommended amount of water (preferably spread out throughout the day) or more but not a lot at once so you don’t get yourself sick
    Get yourself as much free food as you can (NS will provide you with a list of “free” foods. These are non starchy vegetables that you can eat whenever you like and as much as you like). Take advantage of that! Don’t feel like you are cheating somehow or that you will get better results if you avoid those free foods. They will help you.
    Use your 3 extras to dress up the free veggies if you have trouble getting used to eating a lot of vegetables.
    Eat every 3 hours. Don’t go past the 4 hour mark while you are awake. It doesn’t matter if its 9 pm and you’ll only be up another hour. If its been 4 hours: EAT SOMETHING. Your metabolism needs fuel. If you push off eating you’ll start storing calories because your body will react as if it is STARVING.
    Listen to that hunger signal. It is important and should not be ignored. If you feel hungry, drink water first and wait about 20 minutes. If you are still hungry and meal or snack time is still an hour or more away seek out your free veggies. If you’ve eaten the veggies and are still hungry, listen closely to yourself and ensure you are not responding to an emotional need such as loneliness, or boredom. Do something you love, go outside and take a walk, call a friend and make plans. Losing weight makes no sense if you have no plans to live .
    Many blessings to you…

  5. Never done Nutrisystem, but without bariatric surgery, anyone who is in a caloric deficit will feel hunger. It comes with the territory. A lot of these type diets don’t include enough roughage – green and orange, preferably raw vegetables (aka rabbit food), whole grains (preferably not wheat), brown rice. These are difficult to digest keeping you full longer, and keeping your blood sugar steady. Prebiotic inulin (Benefiber) is a good source of fibre to keep you full and encourages the growth of bacteri…

    Victor Allen’s

  6. it might not actually be hunger. You could just be having intense cravings. When I give up sugar I felt like I was hungry 100% of the time for at least two weeks. But that passed and I lost my cravings. I was actually able to eat a lot less.

  7. You have to change what you eat for the rest of your life, losing weight by changing your diet for a short while and then going back to the way you ate that caused your weight gain is totally pointless. You need a way of eating that means you get all the macro and micro nutrients your body needs but doesn’t leave you hungry. The way to do this is to stop eating the foods that cause you to be hungry and cause you to gain weight, this “food” is any form of carbohydrate.

    Diet Doctor – Making Low Carb and Keto Simple

  8. Nutrisystem has around 50% carbohydrate. hence you will have higher insulin levels than on lower carbohydrate diets. This naturally means you will feel more hungry than on a lower carbohydrate choice,
    My comment. Carbohydrates are not required nutrients, so why include this energy source to the level of 50% of your energy?
    Interesting that you are paying someone money to feed you sugar.
    If is works, great, – for your weight loss. but look at the dietary source of that sugar, if it includes grain flours there are other health issues which the diet may exacerbate – Alzheimer’s, dementia, insulin resistance, Parkinsion’s

  9. Isn’t that all processed food. I would get off that right away. It’s simply portion control. That’s it. Portion control. Drink plenty of water in between meals; it will help with cravings. I don’t believe in the Nutrisystem. It worked for Marie Osmond….(allegedly)…. go back to real food.

  10. All prepared foods have too much salt and too many carbs to compensate for taste.
    You are probably not getting enough healthy fats and protein and could be the reason you are feeling hungry.
    Your should be getting about 30 grams of protein or more on average.
    Count your fat grams per day too and see if your are getting enough.

  11. Because you should be eating real food! Follow a plant based diet including legumes and lean meats to keep you satisfied. Make good choices and try to eat about 1200 – 1500 calories a day. Better yet, check out the Weight Watchers plan. There are over 200 zero point foods including fish, chicken, eggs and, of course most fruits and vegetables which can be eaten anytime you are hungry. My friends have each lost about 50 pounds on WW and never feel deprived! You should never be hungry!

    Eight O’Clock


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