Are there any Keurig K-cups that actually taste like fresh coffee?

Are there any Keurig K-cups that actually taste like fresh coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “k cups vs ground coffee

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  1. Well, to put a fine point on it, K-cup coffee is fresh coffee. But your point is well made, K-Cups generally don’t produce as good coffee as more traditional methods like the French press or Drip brewer. It’s really because the water is forced through the grounds under pressure, and the grounds only contact the water for a few seconds, which doesn’t make for the best flavored coffee.
    As you have no doubt found, there is as wide a variety of quality and flavor in K-cups (or other coffee pods too) as there is in traditional ground coffee. The quality of coffee you get out of a K-Cup depends on what coffee they put in it. I find the cheaper pods tend to produce flatter less fresh tasting coffee.
    So if you have brand or vendor who’s fresh coffee you like, see I they have coffee pods. Likely you’ll like them too.
    A personal favorite is Maud’s coffee from
    Steve Thomas

  2. I use the My K-Cup for practical reasons:
    Cost is less if you use your own coffee.
    Waste is minimal.
    Taste is infinitely better! (I use filtered water)
    I live by myself (retired) and I love rich full-bodied coffee which isn’t easy to get with commercial, disposable k-cups. Really!
    There are 2 brands of coffee that give a rich cup without costing over $6.99 for 12oz. Ground.
    I drink my coffee with cream (not milk) and sweet. Coffee #2 I use more cream and the 12oz or 14oz setting ( setting 2). Coffee #1 I use 10oz setting.
    I also have 2 My K-Cups that I can fill ahead if I want to or for a friend. Make sure your Keurig is on the ‘dark brew’ setting.
    Cost Plus dark Italian Roast (very good, not bitter)
    ***Seattle’s Best Post Alley (Smoky & Intense #5 Dark Roast)*** My Favorite*** very full bodied and strong but not bitter. This is that strong cup you’re looking for!

  3. Yes.
    This actually has very little to do with the coffee you’re brewing in the Keurig.
    1. Coffee is 99% water. Use filtered water to optimize coffee taste.
    2. Clean the water tank. Don’t just fill it over and and over as you use it. Remove the tank, put it in the sink and scrub that bad boy. Rinse it with hot water then cool water and dry it off. You can’t get fresh tasting water from a dirty container.
    3. Clean the top and bottom needles inside the Keurig brew basket. These metal pieces puncture the kcup on both sides to brew the coffee. Over time, coffee, calcium and god knows what else will build up on and inside the needles. All of your brewed coffee will taste like mud and forget about tea…it may as well have a dirty foot soaking in it. Clean the needles inside and out. Don’t stab yourself.
    4. Buy Kcups that are from Roast to order coffee brands, and buy from the bra…

  4. We make our coffee using a traditional mr coffee style electric drip pot and our favorite preground coffee. Sooouch much better than any kcup. The secret to keeping coffee is so simple. Do not keep on heat. Take off heat, reheat in micro when you want a cup. Pour off leftover coffee into glass jar and keep in fridge. Perfect iced coffee or reheat.

  5. By following the manufacturer’s recommended directions and using clean, fresh water, it is absolutely possible to get a good cup of coffee out of a Keurig machine.
    Check out They do K-cups that are not only fresh (they roast and ship per order) but are also recyclable – well the lid and the cup are. The filter and coffee inside are compostable.
    Are they as good as fresh roasted and fresh ground? No. Are they a step up from the stuff you get on the supermarket shelf? Very much so.
    Also, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they’re going to get a great tasting giant travel mug full of coffee from the same single K-cup that’s used to make a 6–8 ounce “normal” cup. You absolutely won’t. You’ll get a watery, over-extracted cup. You wouldn’t expect to get a good tasting pot of coffee using half the recommended amount of coffee grounds, would you?

  6. Coffee is such a subjective thing!
    I just adore coffee and I use a Keurig every day. I think it tastes fresh and delicious.
    I don’t fancy myself to be coffee snob, but I’ve also endured disgusting selections such as “freeze dried coffee” and other instant disasters. In comparison, K-cups are wonderful.
    That being said, I prefer Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, because it’s really great coffee and associated with the original makers of the Keurig, which I think results in a better cup.


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