Are Starbucks employees in grocery stores held to the same standards as employees in standalone Starbucks stores?

Are Starbucks employees in grocery stores held to the same standards as employees in standalone Starbucks stores?

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  1. It was the same for me when I worked for Starbucks inside of a Safeway grocery store. The company licenses the brand to be able to serve their products. So, Safeway/Target licenses Starbucks branded products and services, then employs people to work at the Starbucks kiosk. They work for Safeway/Target, so they get the benefits of those companies. I had the (prepare for ravaging sarcasm) privilege of being a member of a union, whose rules and regulations simply do not jibe with a quick service restaurant with so many of its own regulations. Oh, so the union mandates that it’s time for your lunch break? With this line? Yep. Whether customers like it or not. But, I digress. The reason is because they work for Target. When you are at the Starbucks kiosk at Target, you are NOT at Starbucks. You are at Target, where Starbucks brand products are being sold to you.
    Personally, from professional experience, it’s a horrible business model that comes back to bite Starbucks in the ass quite a bit. Working at the Starbucks kiosk inside of Safeway was hands down, bar none the absolute WORST job I have ever had by a long shot. The only camaraderie we had centered around a mutual hatred of the position. EVERYONE wanted to be moved out of Starbucks. There was a guy who worked in produce, and another in the deli who absolutely refused to even work a shift in there once they got out. The fact that they did was considered so epic it was the stuff of legend . We used to openly joke that we wouldn’t recommend it to our worst enemy. The most frustrating part is that since we didn’t get the food and beverage perks, we hadn’t tried the vast majority of items on the menu. I read our Yelp reviews once, and literally EVERYTHING people were publicly complaining about were things we actually couldn’t do, and they were brutal to boot. It was never ‘this location can’t redeem rewards’ it was things like ‘the blonde girl needs to be re-trained or something because this dumb broad couldn’t even ring up my reward’. The review that specifically mentioned me accused me of hating my job so much that I should quit because I acted like I couldn’t reload his app, and that I should be embarrassed to have the gall to say that it wasn’t possible with our equipment. One girl went on and on and on complaining that I refused to make her a sparkling beverage. She insisted that we had the equipment, and always had. The location had only been there for about four years, and we absolutely never had a Fizzio machine. But as she stood there with her boyfriend waiting for the elevator she was yelling that I was too lazy to make her the beverage she wanted, when you can clearly see everything in the kiosk , and nope. No machine.

  2. It’s true because they are technically Target employees, not starbucks employees. A lot of the time, anyone working at Tarbucks can get placed at another department of Target if needed.

  3. I started my career at Starbucks inside of a Vons in October 2006 and later worked at a standalone store starting in August 2007. I felt the expectations of me were very different which was evident in the training I received from both stores. I don’t know if Starbucks intends it to be this way but I definitely felt that way. I should note that things could also be very different now as it’s been ~8 years.
    Working at the Starbucks inside of Vons made me a Vons employee and not a Starbucks employee so I was held to their standards. This meant I was a part of the union, evaluated when the secret shoppers came in to the store and managed by people who had never worked for Starbucks.
    My Starbucks training during my time at Vons consisted of the basics: how many shots of espresso in each drink, how many pumps of syrup for different sizes, what temperature the milk should be steamed, how to brew the coffee/tea, etc. I kind of had a mentor but really I just figured it out on my own and made things work.
    After I was hired by the standalone store where I would work for about 2 years I was told I would need to go to a day of offsite training. This training was much more in depth. I learned not only how drinks were made but why they were made a certain way. I worked on a computer to construct drinks and learned how to “taste” coffee.
    When I got back to the store and started working I was given this coffee passport that I had to complete within a few weeks of working. I had to taste all the coffees that Starbucks carried and figure out the key flavors and which pastries they paired best with. I learned about the different regions our coffee came from and what that meant in terms of taste. I had to make drinks over and over so I could taste them and perfect them, learned the right ratios of milk/foam for a cappuccino, and how to actually make good foam.
    The level of knowledge I was expected to have at the standalone store where regular coffee drinkers were coming in was much higher than at Vons. I was also expected to know the off menu items which I never learned at Vons but could also be because no one ever came in and ordered a “black eye”.

  4. Because that Starbucks is not owned by Starbucks corporate.
    Target owns the Starbucks outright in their stores, however the products and methods are still to the standards of Starbucks quality and name.
    This is why the Target RedCard discount applies to the in-store Starbucks and the Starbucks rewards app also works. But online ordering does not apply to the in-stores.
    However the employees are technically Target employees and receive Target wages and benefits, not the same benefits their counterparts in corporate make.


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