Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants?

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants? Yes. Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, which plants use for growth. They also contain potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. You don’t need to dig out the dirt by the roots because these nutrients boost your plant’s health over time if they can seep through the soil you currently have available at hand.

So instead of tossing them into your compost pile or garbage can, put them under your plants! Around 1 cup of coffee grounds will be enough sustenance for one plant; however you should opt to mix this amount with other organic matter like leaves or shredded paper (not plastic) because coffee grounds alone may compact too much to get enough oxygen in there so it will rot without decomposing if left alone

5 Beneficial of Using Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

If you love coffee and you love plants, then the chances are that at some point or another you’ve thought about using coffee grounds in your garden.

There’s a good reason for that: Coffee is an incredibly beneficial substance for your plants! Here are five pros of using coffee grounds in your garden.

1) Improves Fertility

Coffee is a great source of nitrogen which stimulates root growth, boosts the health of the soil, and stimulates healthy bacteria populations. You can add it to compost bins or directly to the soil under trees and shrubs. There’s no need to limit yourself to one spot; use coffee grounds anywhere in your yard where other wastes might go to encourage plant growth . Youcan even put it right on your houseplants to give them a boost!

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2) Lowers pH and Improves Soil Quality

As you’ve probably already guessed, coffee is acidic. It doesn’t just affect the taste of coffee – it also has an effect on the soil around the plant. Coffee grounds will actually lower your soil’s pH level . You can use them under alkaline-loving plants like blueberries or azaleas to keep their preferred acidity in check.

3) Repels Pests

Coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a natural insecticide against ants, snails, slugs, aphids and other garden pests . To try this for yourself, sprinkle some used grounds directly onto any pests you find on your plants. The caffeine in the coffee will be a natural repellent and keep bugs from feasting on your fruits, vegetables, flowers and leaves .

4) Acts as an Organic Mulch

No one likes weeds (except maybe this guy ), but letting grass clippings, pine straw or other conventional mulches sit directly on top of plant roots can suffocate them. Coffee grounds make for an excellent organic mulch that won’t cut off oxygen to the roots. Apply them around shrubs , perennials, annuals and veggies to help control weeds without cutting off their air supply .

5) Acts as Insect Attractant

The smell of coffee is best known for attracting humans , but it also acts as an attractant for beneficial insects that will keep your garden healthy . Ladybugs, green lacewings and other insects are attracted to the smell of coffee. Try saving your leftover grounds in a jar or recycling bin near plants without strong scents to help these helpful bugs find their way!

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