Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

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  1. Nope.
    A lot, if not the majority – hate Phoebe.
    Let’s get started on why:
    1)Joey gives up eating meat for her :
    Her problem was not eating meat, but soothing her self-made principles and superiority. Also, when Joey did give it up, she was making a sandwich right in front of him – even listing out the ingredients in a quite cold manner.
    2)As an extra in Joey’s film
    She sucked at acting – but that’s okay. She wants a soul to an extra – but hey, okay. Now when Joey told her to act normally – she considers herself superior (than? to?) a professional actor. She claims Joey’s afraid.
    3)Dating two guys at once
    Just playing with emotions – sowing the field – hey, it’s alright.
    4)Donate my wedding money, wait – no. No, I have to.
    She wants to give her money as a donation but asks for it back. Then, she gives it back and takes it back. The orphanage guy refused to take the money. Perfect way to do it.
    There’s this and more. She was a shallow self-righteous idiot.

  2. See, I’ve always felt that the drama followed phoebe!
    When they were in London, there was only one problem, and it was only because the wedding venue got tore down! And Phoebe convincing Rachel that she still loves Ross! Had Phoebe been there: there would have been at least three fights among the friends and she would have insulted like every wedding guest.
    She’s always the one who “spills the beans”: Monica having lunch with Richard, when she found out about Monica and Chandler.
    Stirring the pot with Rachel and Ross all the time. She made Rachel realize that she still loves Ross right before his wedding! She wasn’t even there, and still found a way to shake everything up!
    She’s always making her friends feel stupid, little and “vanilla”: It’s like she thinks she’s the only one, who’s allowed to be quirky and weird! But when they act that way “it’s stupid” and she makes fun of them.
    I just think she’s very calculated and knows exactly what she’s doing! That whole naive, “Oh, I was a homeless girl and I love animals!” Crap is just a cover, so no one ever suspects her! She’s exactly like her sister… it’s just in a different way.

  3. I think she is a fairly shitty person, but that’snot the reason she’s my least favorite. She just annoys me so much and I only find her funny on rare occasions.

  4. Yes, I agree and I’ve been watching friends over and over again but didn’t notice it only up till now. Here’s why she’s the worst. (Not in order)
    She makes fun of everyone’s beliefs. Prime example, Ross has studied evolution for the whole of half his adult life. She didn’t believe in it and mocked Ross for it. She taunted him and made him give it up and suddenly when he did, she loses respect for him.
    Being truthful is important and all but not at the expense of your friends’ feelings. The one where she called Monica high-maintenance and Rachel a pushover. Not even bothering to come up with an excuse as to why she can’t/doesn’t want to help her friends.
    Blabbing her mouth so easily. Monica having lunch with Richard. She could never read the room. She assumes so fast and starts running her mouth instantly.
    She points out everyone’s flaws and expects them to suck it up but gets bloody upset when her flaws get pointed out. When Rachel mentioned that she didn’t want to run with Phoebe because the way she run was funny, she got upset.
    She got upset at Ross for something she has no idea about only to find out that it was because of a dream that never happened in real life.
    She constantly mocks Chandler and Monica’s relationship. Always making playful sexual advances towards him.
    She shoves her beliefs down other people’s throats. Not allowing Rachel to buy from pottery barn only then to be a hypocrite by buying the lamp form pottery barn by making up an excuse for it.
    Had two backups — Joey and Ross and only two because she already lost Chandler.
    Delusional. Believes that her dead mom’s spirit is in a cat. With so, when she found out that the cat actually belonged to a girl because Ross called her out on it when nobody else was willing to, she got upset and accused him of being a bad friend.
    She wanted to steal Monica’s engagement ring.
    When her house burnt down, she and Rachel fought over who gets the nice guest room in Monica’s house. At first it was Rachel because they thought it was Phoebe’s fault the house burnt down, then when they found out it was actually Rachel’s, Phoebe got the room. Rachel then starts to love living at Joey’s because of how easy and carefree the living environment was. When Phoebe realised that at Monica’s it was stressful and suffocating, she tried to trick Rachel into going back. After fighting for that room so much, she gives it up so easily to her own liking and disliking.
    Joey may not be a superb actor but we all know he does well. She thinks Joey felt threatened by her “effortless” acting skills and mocked his.
    Her jokes are rarely funny, often offensive and hurtful.
    Phoebe is a great friend but among all, she has the worst traits. She’s selfish, manipulative, delusional, heartless. Let’s not forget the time she wanted to donate money to the charity and have a small wedding but decided against it afterwards just because she realised she wants a big wedding. There’s so many examples depicting Phoebe as the worst character ever. But that’s what makes everyone different from one another.

  5. I dont think Phoebe is bad . She is a little quirky and sensitive. She shows empathy a lot.Most of the time she holds on to her values. She didnt have nice things growing up and knew the value of money. Even then she took up a job as a masseuse and didnt go bad like Ursula. She had to take a job at an MNC for a living despite her values since she had to pay for stuff like food.She didnt have a single parent whom she could follow morally. I have seen people with good parents turning out to be bad. Still she forgave them when she met them. The coat was the only good family heirloom she got. It was good looking . Obviously she wamted to wear it but she gets rid of it when the conscience pricks.when she got money in the thumb in the cola incident she couldnt accept it. Despite the fact that the living standards are bad she still teaches herself guitar and enjoys her life doing random good things unlike her sister.Rachel wonders why Phoebe was not in Oprah. Need i say more.
    Phoebe Buffay Rocks

  6. Personally I liked her. After seeing so many reruns, I’ve kind of gone off it all for now, but I’ll want to watch it again.
    I think sometimes she is the most hilarious, as you never quite learn her backstory.
    Why don’t you like her?

  7. Nope. I agree with that opinion. She was the worst, right behind Rachel . A little too out there for me, spacey and annoying. She didn’t quite understand the dynamics of friendship like keeping a small secret etc.

  8. I wouldn’t say the worst. She actually was designed to be so quirky and weird. Lisa managed to pull it off pretty well, convincing the audience that she is annoying, irritating but a part of the group. We all have that one friend in our group who is as weird as phoebe but yet is a part of the group because they aren’t bad as a person, and more importantly are genuine people who prove to be amazing friends.
    That’s precisely what the makers of the show wanted to include in the group. A really dynamic set of characters with extremely different cultural and social backgrounds who manage to put aside all social boundaries to make a meaningful impression on each other’s lives.
    Phoebe sure is not like you or me, and could seem to be so edgy and moody even, but such people do exist out there. For all I know, they think of us the very same way as we do of them.
    So, she sure was unique in her own ways and we might end up not liking her as much as the other characters who are more like us, but then that’s how it is, and was intended to be.

  9. First of all, NO you are not the only one who thinks so, but you definitely belong to the negligibly small percent of the population who hates Phoebe Buffay.
    My opinion, I find Phoebe to be the best character in friends. Let me tell you why:
    1. She is the most intelligent of all . There is no denying this. Her character oozes intelligence. She made a geeky palaentologist like Ross, who always wanted people to believe what he believed in, doubt something he was the most confident about – theory of evolution (something related to his passion).
    2. She is a cryptic person . Be it her jokes or her approach towards life. It’s never direct. It always reveals itself in layers. Just like her appearance. She might, at first, seem like another blonde girl whining about life, but the truth is that she had one of the most tragic childhoods one could have. Her pains in life are real. She had real experience of what it feels to have a dysfunctional, rather catastrophic background. Even the messages she gives, reveal themselves gradually. One of the best examples being when she makes Rachel realize whether she really wants a baby or not, by using a simple but genius method.
    3. She is selfless . She did surrogacy for her step brother, even though he was never really very grateful towards her. She loved him as he was the only proper family she knew. Not only did she suffer the pain and it’s after effects of giving birth to triplets, she was always ready to take care of them and help Frank Jr. and Alice whenever possible. She even went out of her way to ensure that the world wasn’t a place where Joey’s notion of ‘every selfless deed is selfish indeed’ is correct.
    4. She wasn’t attention seeking . When you compare and contrast her to the most attention seeking character on the show – Rachel, you would realize that Phoebe never really tried to seek anyone’s attention. People often didn’t care much about her presence, Rachel and Monica chose each other over Phoebe. One such example of not caring much about her would be the episode when everyone was very unapologetically late to her birthday dinner. Now imagine the scene Rachel would create if something similar happened to her.
    5. She is wonderfully weird . She wasn’t supposed to be a main character in the show and rightly so. She wasn’t really bonded to the other five the way they were to each other, like Rachel pointed out in S05, it was expected that Phoebe would be the first one to be thrown out of the group. But she stayed, all because she was so weird and wonderfully so.
    6. She isn’t afraid to be herself . I wonder how I forgot to add the most important reason why I love her. She embraces who she is. Loads of her acts may be pretty embarrassing for the “normal” people, but she isn’t afraid of doing them. A sparkling example being the whole episode of “The One Where Phoebe Runs”. All of us have some habits which we are embarrassed to accept, but she isn’t. She is a free life, which by all means is inspiring.
    I think I could easily say, I love all six characters equally, but Phoebe has a tiny bit of an edge above others for me.

  10. all these people saying she’s the best character are delusional. she’s a hypocrite, a liar, a complete psychopath hippie, what she did to david is beyond appaling.
    Just because she’s quirky and had her brothers babies isn’t enough for her to be a good person. if you go counting she’s done a lot more terrible things than good ones.

  11. Nope. You’re not alone.
    (In this answer, I talk about Phoebe, the character. None of this is directed at Lisa Kudrow. At all.)
    Let me preface this by stating that Friends is my favorite show OF ALL TIME. I found it hilarious up until the last one, which was heartbreaking.
    I’ve seen every episode at least twice, and some I’ve seen three times.
    As a character, Phoebe Buffay was brilliant.
    As a person, Phoebe Buffay was awful.
    What I mean by this, is that Pheobe Buffay, in the show’s universe, was a terrible person. She was rude, annoying, and even her ‘weirdness’ couldn’t excuse her actions. Here are some examples of why:
    She berated Joey for canceling plans to go on a date, then canceled on him for a date a mere day later.
    She is an active vegetarian who believes in animal rights, yet wears a fur coat because she likes how it looks.
    She attempted to ‘cut Monica out’ of her life.
    She chose to date Rachel in their hypothetical scenario, immediately blurting it out before attempting to backtrack and change her answer.
    She takes a little girl’s cat, convinced it is the spirit of her mom.
    She holds a grudge against Ross, even though she has NO IDEA why. We later learn that he called her boring in a dream. It never even happened!
    After Chandler gets her a job, she mocks him and teases him to look cool in front of her new co-workers. The ones HE got for her.
    She shoplifts melons. Seriously.
    She never helps her friends, often opting out because she “doesn’t want to”
    She forbids Rachel from buying furniture at Pottery Barn. Can’t Rachel buy what she wants + is appropriate for the apartment if she pays?
    She uses her Mom’s death as an excuse to get what she wants.
    She lies to get Sting tickets and screams at Ross to get her some.
    She annoys Ross for a whole day about how she doesn’t ‘believe in evolution’, and as soon as he admits she may be right, she doesn’t respect him anymore.
    She is just generally rude. There are many examples of this in numerous episodes, but in general, she has no filter. That is not appropriate for a person of her age.
    When she acts as an extra on Joey’s show, Days of Our Lives, she acts like a petulant child and refuses to do her part properly. (I am not talking about her fright – about her unwillingness to act as two separate parts because it would confuse her ‘fans’. )
    She dated two guys at once. She played with their emotions and lied to them.
    She stabbed a cop.
    All in all, I thought Phoebe was HILARIOUS. She added to the show and was a valuable character.
    She has values, sure, and was a good person. This, however, does not excuse her actions and her rude nature.
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Yes, her character and joey’s are too unrealistic. These two aren’t funny for being themselves, so they go exaggerated for being funny.
    Rachel isn’t that funny either, but being the most attractive one among the six, she feels like the leading role among the 6. The entire story is about her self achievements. How to grow up from a spoiled little girl who lives on daddy’s credit card to a fashion elite head hunted by world companies.
    Ross has a gift in acting. His sense of humor is deep and profound, and makes us laugh with his pathetic encounters and awkward silliness. He made people laugh without even noticing it.
    chandler, needless to say, always cracks the jeez out of us, almost head to head with Ross.
    Monica, being the glue that holds the group together, may not be the funniest, but her character is irreplaceable.
    Joey has a good friendship with chandler, which helps him back on track, but some scenarios for him do not make any sense. Maybe he is attractive, but not so much as to attract so many ladies with 6 dollars for a meal. And no one would be so dumb as not to be able to remember Thursday, or not be able to pronounce French word by word. It’s too unrealistic.
    the only good scene pheobe does is the one she went to bens kindergarten to find stings son.
    The teacher thought she was one of bens mother. She said carol is careless but what a sweet ass she has. It’s the only naturally funny scene for pheobe, but it’s the only one in the show!

  13. The problem with Phoebe is her weird sense humour which is not as direct as the humour from other characters of Friends. It’s too strange in the beginning. But the more you watch her, the more you will enjoy her.
    I don’t agree that character is shallow, as she is amazingly selfless, funny and intelligent. Becoming the surrogate for her brother’s kids ( season 4-5), seducing Chandler to accept he loves monica ( season 5) and my personal favourite – making Rachael feel good about having a baby (Season 8e1 )
    So to sum up. No she is not irritating or shallow. She is completely different from the other characters and her strange sense of humour puts you off place in the beginning, but the more you watch her the more you enjoy her

  14. I like Phoebe, but I do admit there are some things that really bug me.
    She has no problem being as brutally honest as she wants with her friends, but she gets mad at them when they say something they don’t like about her
    She ripped up Rachel’s gift certificate. That was not her choice to make, and she guilted her into it. In the end it turned out Phoebe worked at that spa even though she hated corporate massage places.
    She threw angry when Rachel bought things from Pottery Barn.
    She denied evolution, a scientifically proven fact, and when Ross admitted he could be wrong even after showing her PROOF OF EVOLUTION she said she didn’t respect him anymore. This wasn’t just a petty religion debate, this was concrete evidence of evolution and a proven theory vs plain denial. What if I said I don’t believe in air because I can’t see it? Sounds dumb, right?
    Regardless of what she said, she clearly disapproved of Monica and Chandler.
    Remember when she tried to set Monica up with a guy who she thought was her soulmate right in front of Chandler despite knowing how he felt? Remember how she often made jokes about Monica and Chandler getting divorced? Remember when she thought that Chandler had a crush on her even though he was happily married to Monica? Remember when she blurted out of the blue “tell him who you originally wanted to hook up with” to Monica right when she and Chandler were affectionately talking about when they first got together in London? Or the time she lied to David and Chandler after she called David her ex-boyfriends name, and told Chandler that Monica always referred to him as “Richard”? How about after Monica said “my feelings for Richard are certainly gone” Phoebe instead said “your feelings for Chandler are certainly gone”? Or when Monica tried to tell her that if she could meet a great guy, Phoebe could too, and Phoebe just said “yeah and we both will”? Monica was literally married when she said that too.
    Seems to me like she was sort of hoping to break them up, or wanted them to split sometime. She seemed to think Monica was too good for Chandler.

  15. Of course, she’s the worst. And not just on FRIENDS . And I’m not just talking about her doings or sayings or beliefs; but how she comes off on screen.
    People are making lists here to show her goods and bads. Lol, she’s not worth it. Not even her own creators did as much research. In two bold lettered words:
    Her acting is SOO CRINGE !
    Give credit to Kudrow for carrying a character she was told nothing about. Maybe her acting saved it or maybe it ruined it, we’ll never know. Anyways,
    She is one of those lazy written characters who try to come off as “ weird ” by doing or saying random things in order to make you believe they are unpredictable (Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer is also the same).They are so empty that they try and throw those random things as a characterization. Like, she is “complex” because there’s nothing complex about her. Or, it’s her thing to make you uncomfortable.
    Man, just bring some complexity instead of pulling this artistic bulls**t with deep meaning. It’s a sitcom. What appears on surface is what’s it’s all about!

  16. Nope. In fact, I recently Googled “Lisa Kudrow sucks” just to feel less alone, then I saw links that I had already clicked, like from a year ago when I apparently did the same search. If you want to inflict serious self-harm, check out her cameo on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt— the lowest spot in a brilliant show, even worse than the talking backpack. Godspeed, haters.

  17. I disagree that Phoebe is a terrible character. The problem for Phoebe is she is a little remote from the others. As Rachel points out to her, she has no historic ties with the others (neither does Joey) but more to the point she lives a distance away from them. Let’s put those ties like this:
    Ross and Rachel have dated for 12months before their breakup but knew each other at high school. They’re best friends with each other and still love each other.
    Ross is Monica’s brother.
    Rachel is Monica’s roommate, best friend and knew Monica from the age of 6.
    Chandler and Joey live across the hall from Rachel and Monica and are best friends with Ross and Rachel.
    We know a little of Phoebe’s background (certainly a lot more than Joey) but we don’t know why her mother and father split up and why he didn’t try to get in touch with Phoebe or Ursula. We know Phoebe went to jail but for what?

  18. I HATE Phoebe!
    She is a sabotager – someone who sabotages others for sport.
    Every time someone has a secret that can effectively ruin their life or someone else’s, Phoebe delights in loudly declaring it. She KNOWS that Chandler will be destroyed knowing Monica originally wanted to sleep with Joey instead of him. She says it anyway and makes a dumb comment nonchalantly even though Chandler is so upset that Monica is terrified he will call off the wedding.
    When she knows Monica met Richard briefly before her & Chandler’s ‘anniversary’ in Vegas, she pretty much yells DID YOU TELL HIM ABOUT RICHARD, knowing Chandler again will be horribly hurt and may break up with Monica.
    IMO a friend needs to be someone you can trust and rely on. You can’t trust Phoebe with your secrets because she will deliberately use it against you at the exact moment it’ll hurt you the most.
    You also can’t rely on her to do anything you really need her to do. She is told GUARD THE RING, and instead prefers to play dress up and let some random dude buy the ring again. It feels that she secretly resents Monica and Chandler’s relationship and wants to ruin it. She seems really heartless each time and hardly apologises.
    Her blasé attitude is kind of weird for an adult entrusted with life-changing things. I get that she had a really weird and traumatic life but being around normal people and having a steady massage job ought to chill her out and normalise her.
    Also Phoebe’s general hyperactive, screechy, jumping-up-and-down energy does my head in. The other Friends are also regularly annoying by her OTT high-pitched screaming and overexcited reactions to everything. Her predatory sexuality is also massively creepy IMO, how she comes onto Chandler, Joey, Ross and random guys. I love her confidence but I hate how gross it is that she makes them and their girlfriends uncomfortable. When someone I cannot trust acts like that around my partner, my alarm bells go off. Red flag!
    As someone else posted, Pheebs is a great character and sometimes is really nice (like when she let Joey down easy as ‘Ursula’ when he got hurt), but she is my least favourite character beside Monica: Season 4 onwards…
    If I had to choose one of the Friends to be my friend, I’d choose Chandler. He seems the nicest and most ‘grown-up’ overall, and more emotionally stable. Next would be Rachel, she has great drive and is confident and funny.

    Eight O’Clock

  19. Yes or maybe only two of you. I enjoy friends because the character combinations are so perfect and Phoebe plays the weird one. Every character in friends made the show complete.

  20. Hate her hate her hate her hate her! Here’s the deal, she’s totally hypocritical on everything! Oh she told Rachel she never lies in the first season but she lies all the time to get here way! She berates Ross about “Belief” when she says evolution doesn’t exist and when he caves ever sp slightly to AGREE with her she does nothing but mock and belittle him. She always has to be the center of attention by constantly bringing up her tragic backstory. If she even slightly feels like she might have missed some info she accuses everyone of leaving her out of the loop and that they hate her. She even spent an entire episode hating Ross for something that was a dream and she couldn’t remember…WHAT?! She spills the beans about Richard on the Vegas trip great going Phoebe! She constantly talks about how much she loves animals and trees, even going so far as to ruin Joey’s Christmas when he was selling trees by driving all customers away with her stupid antics! She also went back on all her views when she got a mink coat and tried to justify it by saying that Minks are mean and that some probably wanted to be turned into coats. Oh how holy thou art! She is…the absolute…worst!

  21. She is not the worst character, but there are times when I do hate her.
    She is supposed to be insightful; and “knows” what’s happening to her friends and what’s “best” for them before they themselves have “realized” it!
    (So I love that she is opened herself to the idea about the fur coat and the furniture; because she was letting her principles about the “christmas trees” get in the way of being a good friend to Joey.)
    I hated her when, she was not insightful enough!
    When she has already decided that Ross and Rachel are lobsters! (even though they are completely incompatible to each other; whenever they do go out, we see them only doing lovey dovey stuff and not having any common interests; Rachel’s “brainal” doesn’t come from discovery and paleontology; Ross’s “brainal” doesn’t come from the fashion industry, that he looks down upon! They never stimulated the other to become better versions of themselves or went down to see the “victorian era knob” museums together and actually enjoyed it!)
    That Rachel feels bad that Ross is marrying, and Phoebe has decided that it is because she is in love with him! how easy is it to see an ex move on for anyone? esp when you are still in contact with the other everyday?! Can’t it be that she is feeling the jealousy that he is moving on before her – she the popular girl, whom ross has loved for soooo many years, and yet he surprisingly moved on sooo quickly everytime after their “break” with Bonnie and Emily! Bound to hurt her ego! She is feeling the fear settling in – the fear that she let go off someone who was in love with her – ignoring all the problems they had and seeing it through rose coloured glasses – and the fear of not finding anyone else as she was hoping that Ross was her backup that she knew she could fall if she didn’t find anyone else better!… But no! she has decided it is love!
    When she couldn’t actually bring up all the issues that Ross and Rachel had, when Rachel was deciding to go break up Ross and Emily! She could have voiced those reasons of “we were on a break”/ jealousy/insecurity/a snobbish attitude towards what was important to Rachel
    Finally when, Joey was in love with Rachel, she offered to cheer him up; brought a happy dog, took him away after half a day for the sanity of the dog but didn’t come back to cheer him up!
    Whenever Joey brought up his feelings, she gave his this “judgemental” look instead of empathizing with him! Joey was always there for her, why can’t she have been there for him!?
    When Rachel has feelings for Joey; and it’s the first time that Joey has an actual shot at some kinda happiness, instead of again – being there for him – she is the voice that makes him or rather them guilty about what they are doing to Ross!!!?! (while Ross is busy going out with Charlie!??!) so much so that when they do come together, this guilt and this “noise, in the background” is not allowing them to just be!? Did she even want happiness for Joey?! I definitely don’t want a friend like her, because she was not there for Joey, even though she thinks its a big mistake, she couldn’t be there for 2 of her friends – ironically like when she believed the Cat was her mom; she tells Ross that “even though you don’t believe in it, who cares, act like a friend and be there for me!!!!
    I know she is just voicing the creator of the shows’ insight, and I think, that’s where it fell shot!…


  22. Nah, I feel that too. But then, all of the characters are flawed. But personally, I couldn’t bear Phoebe, though she kinda got better as the seasons went by. I mean, yeah she’s selfless, but this one particular incident…. Where she just does her usual crazy thing and doesn’t want to give a lost cat back to a little girl! I mean, what is that boohockey! Ross was the only one who stood up to her bullcrap, but then she again spewed her crap and made him apologize to THE CAT. Phoebe is quirky, but sometimes I just hate her character.
    I love Chandler Bing.

  23. No I’m totally with you. People keep saying she’s interestingly weird, selfless, kind and wise?! I never even related any of those words with her. I think she’s absolutely selfish and conspicuously unreasonable and pathetically sarcastic. People like Chandler and Ross are nice human being, treating her with love and kindness, yet all they get from her is endless mocking and ironic jokes. There are numerous times when she’s degrading her ‘best friend’ and some people find that funny (which I don’t get) She never had any talent or skills and always screwing around with different men but some people still like her. So believe me you are not alone. Sometime I wish she can disappear for a minute.

  24. Yes and dont forget when she had the idea (and didn’t make her self responsible for it) of telling the girls Monica and Rachel to switch all the stuff in their apartments behind Joey and Chandler’s back, when they had bet for it TWICE and the boys had won fairly both times. Pretty bitchy, plus its obvious she was like “If they complain just tell them you will kiss or something”

  25. I agree with you for the most part. I found her character,(and Joey’s) to be annoying and that, that amount of stupidity is too unbelievable. In the first season hers and joey’s characters were much more realistic though also less entertaining. But i felt that in the end they finally allowed both characters to become more than a comical filler. Pheobe, once she meets Mike and her story line finally gets the attention that Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler had been enjoying since the beginning of the series, Is finally allowed to have layers and emotions which prior to then had been missing from her role. Once that story line started she became a lot funnier too. Instead of laughing at her stupidity we were able to laugh at her own aknowledgement of her previous stupidity. Only thing wrong was that her character did aquire a new level of meanness that, at times, eclipsed all of the new character progressions that we were enjoying. With Joey his character followed a similar evolution when season 8 began, he and Rachel had already evolved into a close friendship that has never existed between any other male and female characters in the show. This friendship layed the groundwork for the romantic arch they would soon encounter. This was done brilliantly in my opinion as joey’s character finally was able to explore his emotional depths. Which again proves that both pheobe and Joey were incomplete characters due to the most part the fact that they lacked the most elemental components to which any sitcom character deserves. That the actors managed to stay somewhat entertaining despite these characteristics is a tribute to their abilities. Of course everyone of the 6 stars were amazing comedic actors, especially jenifer Aniston, the reason their individual abilities were never recognized and transferred to the big screen appropriately, was the fault of exceptional writers for the tv series and the fact that the show was so popular that the actors fell victim to something worse than typecasting. They became that show and found to their detriment that individual endevoirs were pointless. Perhaps if say, Aniston hadn’t been so famous and had sought rolls that weren’t the leading actress role she would have done better, showcasing her abilities to bring to life a new character that held a part of Rachel’s comedic timing instead of trying to completely separate herself with serious roles where again as a leading lady, should have realized she, no matter her performance, would be inevitable disappointment.I bet if she started small, with memorable but small parts she could’ve achieved her true dream. Maybe. So I’m done meandering again. Doubt that this answer helped.

  26. I honestly can’t stand her. In Season 8 Episode 8, when Rachel wasn’t ready to tell her that she is pregnant; she just butted in and told her father upright.For me, when a friend brings me for emotional support, I do the best that I can.
    BUT I KNOW FOR SURE, it is not up to me to say things especially when she’s not yet ready. What kind of friend are you to do that?
    Also earlier on, she blurted out about the stripper in Monica’s party. That’s not the only time she sabotaged Monica. She scoffed about Chandler and Monica’s relationship when she revealed Chandler wasn’t the one Monica intended to sleep with.
    I mean, girl, if you don’t like Chandler or your bitter about them having a relationship; it’s not their fault. It’s how you handle things.
    If I ever had a friend like that, I won’t trust her with anything. Why would I do that when she sabotages you like that. Don’t even get me started about the whole Monica and Chandler plus Phoebe Vegas trip when she effectively ruined the trip by blurting out about Richard.

  27. I don’t think so at all. Yes, she was ditzy and weird and had double standards but that was the whole point of her character. She never had a normal or conventional upbringing to develop a more steady personality

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

  28. Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    How can you say that!!!!.
    I guess You havent understood her well.
    Meet – –

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    she is not there to impress anyone

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    She is full of life!!!

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    she is smart–
    (& she knows that)

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    She is clever ;
    she knows what to ask fr om life – –

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    there are few things beyond her comprehension .. .

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    she is peaceloving adorable – –

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    she is one of a kind true friend – –

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    She even has some supernatural powers…

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    she is the best !

    Am I the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends (TV Show) is the worst character ever?

    ** thank you my babies **

  29. No I don’t think you are the only one who thinks Phoebe in Friends is the worst character ever. She is pretty annoying and sometimes very stupid.
    This article sums up 22 reasons to hate Phoebe Buffay.
    22 Reasons to hate Phoebe Buffay

  30. Absolutely. She was very critical & acted like she was so perfect yet she wasn’t very nice in reality. She was a had been a mugger & shoplifter, and lies often.

  31. Not at all! I think the whole series was awful, full of second rate annoying actors and stupid story lines. The programme was marginally better than Seinfield, which was another god awful series made slightly before Friends.

  32. Well clearly she is. I found her really annoying when she did something in Vegas that made Rachel and Ross fight, then I forgot about it for some time but then she flipped out on Rachel for going to a chain Spa, “feeding corporations”, tore up her 100$ voucher,as if other people need to sacrifice their interests for her beliefs,and it turned out she worked there herself and all her talk was a pile of BS. She stands for nothing and has no principles. The only reason she gets away with all this is that this is a TV show.

  33. I’m currently binge watching the series again and during its original run I loved it..
    Phoebe is complex as a character, her back story and flamboyant and out there personality adds to the character and makes her who she is.. she has more in common with her sister Ursula than she thinks
    I personally like her most of the time, however she can be an awful human being!! This could be because of her upbringing…
    She berates Chandler constantly.. a friend would not do this, there is banter and then there is bullying… she crosses the line more often than not..
    Although she does perform selfless acts, she can be ridiculously selfish!! When this manifests she disregards others feelings… (the cat in season 3 that she thought was her dead mother)
    She shows constant displays of narcissism…
    She uses the ditsy blonde persona to get her own way and again doesn’t regard others feelings..
    There is so much more but I can’t be bothered typing anymore..
    Phoebe is the worst friend of the bunch in my opinion… most of the time I can tolerate her but if I did know her in real life she would be very much kept at arms length and would definitely be informed of her flaws whenever they were on display


  34. You’re not alone.
    I was never a fan of Phoebe. She is extremely annoying and not funny. While I understand her role and why she was put on the show, I still feel her presence felt forced.
    There were many instances, particularly in the early seasons, when there would be a joke between a few characters and then Phoebe would butt into the conversation and say something completely unfunny and completely random. A lot of the jokes she makes are the sort of jokes I would have laughed at when I was 9.
    There are many episodes where Phoebe is not needed as most of the time, she hardly adds anything to the plot.
    Her friends all have jobs and ambitions – Joey as an actor, Monica as a chef, Ross working at a museum, Rachel in fashion and hospitality and Chandler in statistics. Meanwhile, Phoebe is a slacker who doesn’t even support her friends and their career choices, often making fun of them.
    I feel like she is far too dumbed down in the show and is almost socially inept.
    I can’t stand Phoebe.


  35. Reply
  36. Probably. But it’s fine.
    I think most Friends aficionados, like me, don’t hate anybody on the show, except for Janice maybe. Personally I feel she’s the best female character on the show. She’s pleasantly weird, believes in herself, self-made, beautiful, kinky and makes her own music. What more would one need in a woman?


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